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As I continue to wait for the to send me my rate quotes for my health insurance (see previous post), I am surfing the news online.  My news surfing today is suffering from a severe case of ADHD.  I blame an over-indulgence of candy corn yesterday for my inability to focus.  So strap in for my wild ride…

Story #1 that caught my attention is that Kraft is changing the formula in some of their mac & cheese to include less artificial flavoring.  I noticed this story on the CNN website while I was watching a live stream of the shooting at LAX on the right side of the screen. The headline on the left is in 8 point font – I stop and I’m like…”oh no they didn’t.” with full head shake attitude.  I was totally distracted from a SHOOTING.  Yes, there is something seriously wrong with me.

Kraft will have less dye in their mac and cheese and added nutrition in their “character” noodles.  From the story:

Kraft has revamped its character-shaped product line for 2014, according to company spokeswoman Lynne Galia. The new versions will have six additional grams of whole grains, be lower in sodium and saturated fat, and will use spices instead of artificial food dyes to recreate the pasta’s famous yellow-orange color.

“Parents have told us that they would like fun Mac & Cheese varieties with the same great taste, but with improved nutrition,” Galia said in an e-mail.

Ok, I call bullshit on this.  Who are these parents?  No parent says to themselves, “I am going to make a nutrition meal tonight for little Johnnie.  What to make…gee…let’s see.  I know!  How about if I make a healthy pot of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.  I just wish the Sponge Bob Square Pants Macaroni and Cheese was a little bit healthier.  I wish the cheese powder didn’t have so much yellow die and was more of a pale, yellowish die instead.”

It’s now going to use “spices”?  What types of spices exactly instead of artificial food dies?  Are these exotic spices from the east indies?  Anything that creates “cheese” out of cheese powder isn’t healthy.  It never was and it never will be.  Parents go to Kraft mac and cheese because it’s fast and it tastes good.  That’s it.  Now it will have 6 MORE grams of whole grain – so that will probably make it to 7 grams total.  (full disclosure – I’m guessing at the total whole grains.)

Story #2 in my headline ADHD from the Topeka Capital Journal

Slugger from the Royals is getting sued!  A guy in 2009 got hit in the eye by slugger tossing a hot dog behind his back.  It hit the dude in his eye and he had to have 2 surgeries.  The guys is suing the Royals for the cost of the surgery plus quite a bit more and it’s going all the way to the MO Supreme Court. (I can’t get Marsha’s, “oh my nose” exclamation out of my mind – you’re welcome.)Image

Coomer, of Overland Park, Kan., says he was injured at a September 2009 Royals game when the team’s lion mascot, Sluggerrr, threw a 4-ounce, foil-wrapped wiener into the stands that struck his eye. He had to have two surgeries — one to repair a detached retina and the other to remove a cataract that developed and implant an artificial lens. Coomer’s vision is worse now than before he was hurt and he has paid roughly $4,800 in medical costs, said his attorney, Robert Tormohlen.

If a baseball or bat would have hit the dude – it would have been sorry charlie you are out of luck.  It’s the risk of going to the game, however, because it’s the mascot he may have a case.  I have a huge issue that the guy is suing for a ton more than the cost of the surgeries.  

Baseball franchises all over America are watching this case.  It may change the “baseball experience” since Americans can’t be entertained anymore by the game alone.  We must be entertained with our favorite pastime with so much more – fireworks, dazzling jumbotrons, little K’s, mascots throwing free stuff, running condiment races, etc. etc.

I am one of those people.  I “like” baseball (I mean love it if you are a cute, single guy who loves baseball 😉 I get bored easily – note see my twitter feed when I go to the Royals Game and my determination  to bait the Royals social media people with posting my inappropriate tweets on their twitter feed.

What do you think?  Do you think you should have a right to sue Slugerrr if he damages your eye with his flying hot dog?  That last sentence sounded kinda wrong and yet so right at the same time.


Have a great weekend!





2 thoughts on “Slugerrr getting sued because of his flying hot dog and other news

  1. Brian Jones says:

    Hi Aimee, I believe that a person does not have the right to sue for stupid reasons. By the way, I am a cute single guy who loves baseball. I had been meaning to go back to Royals games. Maybe we could go together. :o)

    1. You’re sweet… Look me up next spring.

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