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The Nazis are coming!  The Nazis are coming to Kansas City.



The National Socialist Movement will hold a rally Nov. 9 from 3:00-5:00 p.m. in Kansas City to protest immigration reform.  This is a national rally and they expect Nazis from as far away as Alabama.  This rally will be held in conjunction with the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht – Kristallnacht, literally, “Night of Crystal,” is often referred to as the “Night of Broken Glass.” The name refers to the wave of violent anti-Jewish pogroms which took place on November 9 and 10, 1938, throughout Germany, annexed Austria, and in areas of the Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia recently occupied by German troops.

I’m thinking Mayor Sly James had something else in mind when he was saying Kansas City should improve our convention business. Anyway, looks like the nasty trolls that spew hatred most of the time on Tony’s Kansas City blog comments section finally get to get out of the house for some fresh air to spew their hatred.


Who is the host of this little shin dig?  None other than Buddy Rumble.  I have to give a compliment, even to a Nazi, when I feel a compliment is due – the name Buddy Rumble rocks.  I bet there are porn stars who are J-E-A-L-O-U-S that they don’t have that killer name.  Anyway, ladies last time I checked, Buddy is separated.  That can only mean he may be available soon.  One can only hope.

Now, I can’t keep myself away from counter-protesting a good Nazi rally every 15 years or so.  I took t

Here are the details if you want to join me: the streets in DC when the Nazis showed up there on the National Mall and I will head out to counter-protest this rally as well.

I fully support the rights of the Nazis to rally.  It’s guaranteed by our 1st amendment.  I will go to attempt to out yell their nasty rhetoric with my own cheery chants.  Right now all I have is, “hey hey ho ho Nazis have got to go.”  I think it’s pretty old and tired.

Will you help me come up with some new ones?  I admit, this is a lot easier when I’ve got a nice, cold brew to help with my writers block.  If you are a local brewery and would like to send me a case of beer you could be the official sponsor of the anti-Nazi jingle.  I will give you credit in this blog with pictures, an audio recording and my endearing love.

Please submit your entries to me soon! Come out and support the counter rally.  Hope to see you there.

Yours in Nazi hatred,




3 thoughts on “Help me craft my anti-Nazi jingle

  1. shieldvulf says:

    Nazi, Nazi, pizza pie!
    One’s fucked up and one’s to die for!

    Burying the rhyme often provokes rage, I find. Repitition makes it grate. The insult could be anything (inbred, a c**t, reedik, etc).

    1. I love pizza so this works great! Well done! Thanks for contributing. I will share this on twitter and be sure to chant it this Sat. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Brian Jones says:

    I’ll be there with you Aimee. I pray that I will be able to meet you. I’ll see if I can get some of my facebook friends to come as well.

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