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I was reading the headlines overnight when something unusual caught my eye…

“Obamacare tanking”
oprah“Obama changes mind on insurance”
“Oprah: Skinny, Naked and Screaming on your dress”

Hold it.  Stop at #3.  Oprah is a lot of places – she’s on my magazines, she’s on my television and most recently she was on a movie, but I didn’t realize she was on my dress.

Turns out Oprah is on a dress and in all of her glory!  Well, not exactly her God-given glory.  It’s Oprah’s face on another person’s body.  See image unless you are under 18.

How did Oprah end up on a dress?  This is the creation of fashion designer Peggy Noland.  Peggy Noland made it in the fashion world, creating styles for Miley Cyrus and Rhianna.  Did I mention Peggy Noland is from Kansas City?  Dial our Kansas City coolness factor up a notch.

Most hip people probably already know that Peggy is from KC, but this suburban mom is floored to find this out!  Peggy Noland has her flagship store here in Kansas City and I will be taking a little shopping trip there very soon to get out of my Chico’s comfort zone.  Anyway, here is an interview where Peggy explains the vision behind the dress in New York Magazine:

“For me, it originated as kind of the age old [red] carpet question: Who are you wearing? And this clearly is: You’re wearing Oprah instead of a designer. Sally mentioned from the onset of this collaboration that one of Oprah’s most effective qualities is that she’s a placeholder, she’s a stand-in for you with her foibles and her failures — especially with her public weight issues. I’m interested and sensitive to this increased access that we have to celebrities and to all of their ups and downs, for better or worse. I feel like it’s kind of my own personal exploration and exploitation of just that.”

I’ve been reading a lot of reactions about this dress. The biggest outrage starts with an “r” – RACIST.  Peggy is a white designer who used a black woman’s body as an object.  Peggy also decided to use Oprah, the most powerful black woman in Hollywood and media, and expose her completely.  It has many crying racism.  So here’s the question…

Would it have been different if she would have used a white woman’s body instead?  Say…Barbara Walters or Katie Couric?  Who the heck wants to see Babs naked, but I couldn’t come up with anyone like Oprah to compare to Oprah.  You get my drift. (No offense Babs.  If that position comes open on the View call me.)

There is one thing for sure-Peggy has the fashion world talking.

Do I think it’s racist?  No.  Do I think it’s extreme? Yes.  Fashion is art – I’m talking real fashion, not the fashion I frequent in the malls.  Sometimes it’s going to appeal to many and other times it may strike out.

Now where can I buy this dress so I can wear it to the next PTA meeting? (Can’t stop laughing at the image of me showing up at the PTA meeting in this dress and my crocs.) Peggy – I’m packing up the minivan and coming to visit your store!

To see more of Peggy’s fashions visit:


One thought on “MUST SEE – Oprah is everywhere and now she is naked on a dress!

  1. You said the word “black.” You MUST be a racist! So sick of hearing/reading that term misused so much..

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