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Watching the news these day is like watching the latest Bravo reality television hit – The Real Mayors of Major Cities.

It is all about one mayor to be exact Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto…mayor ford 2

To sum it up…mayor Rob Ford of Toronto is part cartoon character, part high-school football coach and part mayor of a big city.  One thing is for sure – he is a hot mess from up north. Rob Ford is setting standards so low in politics that he has politicians all over the U.S. uttering, “at least I’m not pulling a Ford.”

What has he done?  (allegedly)

  1. Smoked crack (check)
  2. Drove while intoxicated (check)
  3. Propositioned a female staffer to perform oral sex on him (check and excuse me while I go wash out my brain to remove that image.)

Mayor Ford isn’t the first mayor to smoke crack.  Lets all think back to the 90s and remember  Mayor Marion “bitch set me up” Barry of DC.

The world is transfixed on Mayor Ford like we all turn to watch a car crash.  Just a FYI journalists on every major television network who have interviewed or plan on interviewing him:


We got that message loud and clear about a thousand times now.  It’s not like just because you, Mr. Journalist from another network, asks the question slightly different that you are going to suddenly get him to admit he has a problem and the addiction pros from A&E Intervention are going to swoop in and get him on a plane to the Pacific Heights Treatment Center.

Dude doesn’t think he needs help.  This very public display of crashing and burning is something that all families of addicts can relate to – you can’t force someone to get help who doesn’t want help.  In the meantime, the City of Toronto has assumed the role of parent and is turning “scared straight” on him.  They took away all most of his powers the other day.

What powers does that leave the Mayor of Toronto?

1.  The key to the city only opens strip clubs.

2.  The power to offer the Daily Show new material almost hourly.

3.  The power to take the place of Amanda Bynes for the most public meltdown of 2013.

That’s about all that’s left of his “power”.  As much as I love to watch the comedy in all of this, I have to acknowledge it is sad.  Mayor Ford, for what it’s worth remove yourself from power, get some help and then like Marion Barry start on rebuilding your career.  Right or wrong, people tend to be very forgiving when it comes to politicians.  If you can’t do that then just please stay away from a vehicle, television camera, women, cell phone, or anything else that leads to a P.R. disaster when you are drunk.  The city of Toronto will thank you.

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