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A pleasantly eccentric take on politics

Dear Mr. President,

Just a quick note from your small cheering section from Kansas.  (I know..I probably didn’t think there were any Dems in the Midwest.  There are a few of us marinating in the land of Conservative Republicans.)  Anyway, just had to give you a shout out on the selfie at the Mandela funeral.

Yep..we all got a picture of it – thanks Roberto Schmidt of the AFP.


So there was some outrage that you took a selfie during a funeral.  I’m no Emily Post, but I’m thinking this wasn’t exactly Kosher.  I guess it could be worse…you could have been playing Angry Birds.

Anyway, cue Republicans freaking out  at your behavior during the funeral.  (BTW, Republicans “selfie” means self-portrait.)

Here is what I will say…America has one cool President.  Yes, there were two other world leaders in the selfie, but it really is all about you.

Why?  You forced every straight-laced, over-the-hill, white guy to say the word “selfie” during the news.  I mean Wolf Blitzer said “selfie”.  I guarantee you that we would have never had this if Romney had won.  If Mitt was there, Americans would have been talking about immigration reform or unemployment…but you took it to the next level and forced all Americans to become familiar with the word “selfie” and that is rock star!

Think about the influence you have.  Probably millions of Americans will now be taking selfies and they have you to thank.  No longer are selfies for Lindsay Lohan or Kim Kardashian.  Selfies just got all intellectual – I mean world leaders are taking selfies.  The whole photo-industry world should all run specials called “the Obama” – get your selfies printed on t-shirts, mugs and blankets.

Just in typing this blog, my spell check still thinks the word “selfie” is incorrect.  Catch up spell check, this is 2013 and selfies are here to stay!  You have a problem with that?  Take it up with the President of the United States.  

I’m hoping your popularity spikes with this move.  Healthcare?  Oh hell who knows?  Right now I’ve got to run and take some selfies just like my President.

Yours in favor of selfies and super cool Democrats,



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