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Tonight is Governor Sam Brownback’s state of the state speech outlining Kansas priorities for the 2014 legislative session.  An anticipated part of the Governor’s speech will be a proposal to extend Kindergarten to a full day in Kansas schoolsdownload

The new plan will cost Kansas taxpayers $80 million dollars over 5 years.  The governor and other lawmakers understand the importance of a strong foundation in the importance of education that comes from a full day of Kindergarten.

“Kindergarten is a formative year,” said David Smith, chief-of-staff for the Kansas City, Kan. School District. “Their brains are young, they are forming. If we can get them in school and teach them well, that really creates a foundation. That’s a foundation for their education for life. So it’s the right thing to do. Most states already do it and our kids need it so we do it.”

Overall, the program will teach a more valuable lesson to our Kansas youth, how to handle major disappointments in life.  

I mean what is life really if not for a series of major disappointments as we get older?  Brownback’s plan is perfect for instilling that very serious feeling of let down that most of us only get to experience as adults.  Lets give our kids the finest Kindergarten education and then when they hit first grade they will really be able to understand and absorb the disappointment when they realize that Brownback has cut back on public school education to the point where the Supreme Court in Kansas actually found it to be unconstitutional.  Since 2007, school funding has DECREASED by 13%.

Most people only get to experience disappointment in their government when they become adults.  Now, Kansas kids will be able to lead the nation in understanding and accepting massive disappointment when they get to 1st grade and see the impact of the cuts.

“Class sizes have increased, teachers and staff members have been laid off, and essential services for at-risk students were eliminated, even as the state implemented higher academic standards for college and career readiness.”

Think about what an important life lesson it will be when our well-funded kindergartener find themselves in a 1st grade class bursting at the seams because of over-crowding.  It really just toughens them up early on for the workforce where only the strong survive.

“I am proud to live in a state that under funds education.  I mean where else in the United States can my child go to school and know that the her state is one of the leading states in under funding education.  Now my child will have more opportunity with implementing a full day Kindergarten to get the important life lesson of handling disappointment.  Art, I mean who really needs art?  Or how about full-time janitors.  Really?  Our kids don’t need such luxuries.  Life is full of germs.  Get used to it,”  said an anonymous Kansas parent.

Kansans will learn more of Brownback’s plan to fund a full day Kindergarten in tonight’s speech.




4 thoughts on “All day Kindergarten in KS sets kids up for a valuable life lesson – disappointment

  1. Doug says:

    In a strange coincidence, the Governor of my home state of New Jersey, Governor Yells At People, focused his state of the state address on extending the school year. After years of slashing state funding for education and being rather belligerent to the teachers union, the Jersey barrier is suddenly concerned about our children’ s education. Oh and he has a congested bridge to sell you.

    1. Not sure which is worse…your thug governor or our holy roller governor. Thanks for commenting!!

    2. Doug says:

      Amiee I can not understand why if I one is religous they are viewed as inherently moral or why being an obnixous bully is a leadership trait. Now about changing the name of your blog to Pleasing to the eye ….

      1. You are sweet! Have a great day.

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