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My favorite story of the day comes from Senate candidate Dr. Milton Wolf.  The super-distant cousin of Barack Obama, Milton Wolf is running against Senator Pat Roberts.  (Obama can still be heard asking, Dr. Milton who?)

Dr. Milton Wolf is a practicing radiologist and running as a Tea Party candidate in Kansas.  The self-described “The Arch Nemesis of ObamaCare” can be found providing tweet after tweet about the problems with Obamacare and even wrote a lengthy book outlining his problems with Obamacare.  Wait, the book is only 38 pages.  Strike the word “lengthy”. He wrote a book outlining his problems with Obamacare:

Let me save you the 15 minutes it takes to read the book.  Here’s a summary:

I’m related to the President. I hate Obamacare. I’m an authority, because I’m a doctor and I’m related to the President. The End.

So now Dr. Wolf finds himself in hot water over a series of Facebook posts of x-rays that he found either 1. funny or 2. educational. Evidently he posted pictures of gunshot victims on his Facebook wall and people provided colorful commentary regarding the posts.

From the Topeka Capital Journal:

“In a separate Facebook comment, Wolf wrote that an X-ray of a man decapitated by gunfire resembled a wounded alien in a “Terminator” film and that the image offered evidence people “find beauty in different things.”

Uh oh….

Now I haven’t seen the Facebook posts, but now might be a good time to review Aimee Patton’s 2 rules for social media:

1. What you think is funny, may actually not be funny.  A person’s head blown off is funny?  Hell, I’m not a doctor, so I’ll take your word for it.  Doesn’t sound very funny to me.

2. Whatever you post on social media, be prepared for it to come bite you in the butt.  I’ll use myself as an example.  I cut my middle finger on a can of beans not too long ago.  I had six stitches in my finger.  I took a picture of myself flipping off the camera and I thought I was HI-LAR-IOUS!  Turns out some people didn’t think I was so funny.  Oopsie – I took the picture down.  Lesson learned.

What’s the big difference here? Oh that’s right – I’m not running for US Senate.

Now it seems the hits to Dr. Milton Wolf just keep coming.  His practice was named in a lawsuit about price-fixing.  A former employee is suing the company.

“His lawsuit accuses Alliance of an illegal “price-fixing scheme” designed to prevent competition and drive up costs for health care services such as X-ray and MRI diagnoses.”

Now may be a good time to review Aimee Patton’s 2 reasons people hate healthcare:

1.  It’s so expensive.

2.  It’s so expensive.

Healthcare is crazy expensive and finding out that a potential Senate candidate is allegedly involved in price-fixing to drive up pricing on a service that some people may need is a BIG problem.  I’m speaking from experience after paying for 3 MRIs this past month for a total of $1,000 out-of-pocket costs with insurance coverage, so you can see why I have my panties in a wad after hearing this.  (If you enjoy reading this blog, please consider donating to the Aimee Patton fund c/o…)

Dr. Wolf, this might be a great  time to take a break from running for Senate and take up a hobby like writing another book. How about this time try writing one that is longer than an average college essay.

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3 thoughts on “Dr. Milton Wolf – My 2 rules for social media

  1. Maury says:

    My oh my! He is a piece of work, isn’t he? Oh wait! He’s an arrogant physician. Case solved.

  2. It always captures my attention when a flaming liberal writes an attack piece about a Republican candidate. I have found usually it is to demagogue the candidate that is least favorable from a liberal perspective. What could it be that worries you so much that you actually did some background research on Dr. Wolf; which is interesting in itself as usually you shoot from the hip.

    1. I think you paid me a compliment Bob – if I’m reading that correct Thank You! I don’t think Dr. Wolf has a snowball’s chance in hell to win, but I really can’t stand that he is using his family ties to Obama as a political platform. Cheers! Aimee

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