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We all know about HB2453 – the anti-gay bill that was proposed and the House passed in Kansas.  The bill eventually died, but Ray Merrick, R-Stillwell and House Speaker recently responded to increasing criticism that the Kansas house is a circus:

“How many bills do we deal with in a year’s time? And to say that we got one hiccup so therefore we don’t know what we’re doing,” Merrick said. “I don’t sit here day after day after day going through bills that we passed and all the mistakes in them.” Read more here:

Cue him unfurling his fan and saying in his deepest southern drawl…”well bless our little hearts, we just got a wee bit carried away. Silly us.” Giggle. Giggle.


One hiccup?  One hiccup?  He is calling a bill that would allow people to deny service to a group of people solely because of who they love a “hiccup”? I would call it a lot of things a belch or maybe even a fart, but a hiccup?


Lets not forget that the bill PASSED.  It was much more than a little oopsie daisey.


Representative Merrick, I’m sure there is nothing that you would like more than to have this whole nightmare go away, but it won’t.  Voter like me and others in the state of Kansas who are outraged over HB2453 will make sure that this won’t go away like an innocent little hiccup.


There is rumor that this bill is going back to the draft stages and will be reintroduced at some point.  I hope you remember this little “hiccup” as a painful, chronic condition that keeps you up at night.  This type of ugliness has no place in Kansas.

2 thoughts on “HB2453 – one person’s “hiccup” is another person’s belch

  1. Jim L says:

    It’s easy to make fun of the pinheads in Topeka and elsewhere who move this type of legislation forward under the guise of creating a more “fair” environment. Excepting those whose minds are warped and closed completely to logic and empathy, I find it’s mostly a cynical attempt to curry favor or profit.

    Nevertheless, it is a very sad situation not excused by the recent turmoil of economic troubles and burgeoning social change but, rather, maybe explained a bit by all that. People are afraid of a lot of things right now and I believe it is fueling a psychology of hate. The recent book by Nicholas Epley – Mindwise: How We Understand What Others Think, Believe, Feel and Want – does a very good job of making the case that closing our minds to understanding others, relegating those who may in some way be different from us to a level of “mindlessness”. It means that by not seeing the humanity in others, by disregarding their brains, we lose the ability to empathize. It’s disengagement that creates a dehumanizing disconnection with others.

    And what it means for those who do care is as Amy said, “Voters like me and others in the state of Kansas who are outraged over HB2453 will make sure that this won’t go away like an innocent little hiccup.” We can’t give up trying to help others make the connection of engagement and understanding.

    1. Thanks you for this thoughtful comment. Aimee

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