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I am dedicating this blog post to the following letter  I received from Leanna.  I think her words sum up beautifully why free day at the zoo is so important.  Please help me share her words so that the Zoo and the Mayor hear her and keep free zoo days in the future.

I appreciate any reposting and retweeting of this letter.

Thank you for commenting on my blog post Leanna.  Let’s see what we can do when we work together!



I wanted to go to the zoo that day. im 13 and my mother was in the hospital the spring day week and my dad is nowhere. i have a brother and a baby sister and my grandma to watch me, and she cant drive. we have to take busses and walk many dreary hours just to go to the zoo and walk some more…

but there’s a difference…

we see the lovely animals we traveled miles for hours for.

But since we couldnt take busses and walk from my apartment home by the Quick Trip by barry road to the Kansas City zoo early in the morning, even though the previous day we walked approxonatley 20 miles (walking and taking busses, then walking back more and taking less busses) to visit my mom, who has been sick since i was born, out of sergery and into bed.

So i guess what i am saying with all of this is, they cannot close the Kansas City Zoo free days because of a shooting… my mom can’t go to the Zoo on a paid day. its a tradition we go to the free days. a tradition crushed and never seeing the penguins and the polar bears (which, the giant polar bear statue, my mom’s, friend’s, dad made it… or someone in their family) and i dont think it’s fair. i just wish people managing the zoo can hear from a kids point of view that taking away free days is ruining bonding time (wich me and my mom never do much anymore) and fun to see new animals. my 5 year old sister was so excited about possibly going to the zoo she couldn’t keep her mouth closed. “Now Tati,” i’d always say, “We have to wait until next year for the zoo to have another free day.”

I can’t say the same ever again if they take away free days.

See her dissapointed face and tears makes my heart ache.

I am aboslutely greatful there are blogs and posts like yours that can express the feeling of the free days vanishing that i cannot express because i cannot find the words to tell.

Im glad there are some people who can fight for zoo rights for the little kids, ages 1- 18, because lets face it, i can even admit, kids being kids is the only thing kids do to have the zoo think twice about taking away free day… adults that an do more than me (which, if i was an adult, i would go to the government or whoever and do something about it) andi am a kid, cannot drive, know no direction to the zoo… …all i am saying is, for someone like me, we look up to the “heros of the zoo.” the zoo that brings our families together and the fascinating sights of the animals some kids have never heard of or have only seen on tv like Animal Planet and Nat Geo Wild.

You have my thanks for trying to save the free days.



One thought on “Please Share! A 13 year old’s letter on why free zoo day in #KC is important.

  1. Brian Jones says:

    Thank you Aimee for sharing this.
    I was in favor of ending free days at the zoo, but now after reading this, ending them would take away the enjoyment for others.
    I think we are dealing with a flash mob that is there and at the plaza to just cause trouble for others.
    this needs to stop, but what can be done.
    Let us not end free day and the zoo.
    Let us not let idiots take away the fun for everybody else.

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