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Senator Kraus,

I am writing to ask you to officially step down.  That’s right, you need to step down effective immediately.  What did you do to require you to step down? It’s very simple.  You are to sane and rational for Missouri politics and we simply can’t have that.


I understand that you took the time to ask the opinion of the Attorney General on constitutionality of a pending gun nullification law that Missouri has proposed.  The new law would nullify any past, present and future gun control legislation from the federal government.


This is my favorite part:

“Under the measure, federal employees who enforce or aid in a potential enforcement of certain gun-control laws would be disqualified from any state and local law enforcement jobs in the future. Missourians could also sue if they think a law enforcement officer was employed after being involved in the implementation of a federal gun law. If the lawsuit is successful, the agent would be fired and the state or municipality would be required to pay the resident’s court costs.”

Read more here:


Before voting on this “Second Amendment Preservation Act”, you took the time to inquire to see if this new law is constitutional.  Now that is just crazy talk.  When has constitutionality EVER factored into a decisions passed by the Missouri Legislature?  Missouri is known for passing bills that they know won’t stand up in court costing Missouri taxpayers millions.  Now you have stopped to ask these very logical questions BEFORE voting on the bill.  That sir will not be tolerated.


“Nullification is a rarely used concept. I think an official opinion would be helpful to those of us in the General Assembly who will be voting on these bills,” Kraus, from Lee’s Summit, said in written statement.


I mean our second amendment is at risk of being abolished which is why Missouri NEEDS a Second Amendment Preservation Act.  For example, the federal government has taken giant strides to outlaw the 2nd amendment like…like…oh heck this is embarrassing.  I can’t think of any proposed federal law that “abolishes” the 2nd amendment.  The government has proposed improving background checks and regulating certain gun sales. That’s about it.  Pesky facts.  That stuff doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that Missouri is taking strides to protect itself against a possible threat that doesn’t exist.   This is just the kind of politics that Missouri needs to continue practicing.  It’s why we elected our officials in the first place.


Now you come along and threaten this deceptive dance by asking questions about legality before voting on the measure.  Just do like all of your fellow Missouri politicians do and just vote on the dang thing.  It doesn’t mater if it’s constitutional or not, what matters is how it will look on your next campaign commercial.


I can already hear the deep voice booming out of my television, “Obama wanted to take your guns and I voted against it.”


It doesn’t matter that Obama never threatened to take guns away, what matters if people believe it.


Proving my point,

“What we hope it accomplishes is for there to be a healthy degree of pause before anybody takes an action that could be unconstitutional,” said Sen. Brian Nieves, R-Washington, and the Senate bill sponsor.

Read more here:

There is nothing better than a healthy amount of pause legislation.


Anyway, Missouri taxpayers have oodles of extra money they could be spending in lengthy and unnecessary court proceedings.  Just today I was working hard at my job and thinking, “I hope the money they take out of my paycheck can go towards unnecessary and lengthy court proceedings over a bill that never had a leg to stand on in the first place. Forget improving schools or roads with my tax dollars.  I love working hard to support lawsuits.”  I’m sure I can’t be alone in my thinking.


I think the message is clear.  We can’t have sanity in Missouri politics.  Please stop asking questions that muddle this very clear voting process for your fellow politicians.  Now lets move on and continue with the regular way of passing bills that is rooted in crazy logic.


Yours in dysfunctional Missouri politics,








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