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Warning:  I am hopping mad today.  Proceed with caution into my rant.

What has me so upset?  Monica Lewinsky.

I never thought I would read about her again since her affair and all the press that followed.  We all remember, Ken Starr, the impeachment hearings.  Did he have sex with her or didn’t he?

I was living in Washington DC at the time and I’m only slightly older than Monica.  I remember the day the Ken Starr report hit the internet and everyone logged on to read it.  I remember clearly crashing the internet at our office as all of my co-workers logged on with the rest of the world to read all of the sexy details.  “CNN was scoring an as-yet-unheard of 300,000 clicks a minute. MSNBC tallied nearly 2 million hits — a one-day record — and about 20 million people read the report within two days.”

I spent a lazy summer reading her book.  I walked the same streets in DC that she did.  I shopped at the same mall.

So now she is back telling her story all over again to Vanity Fair.  What has me so upset isn’t that she wants to retell this story, it’s that she is claiming FEMINISM FAILED HER!

I was a young feminist back in DC during that time and I’m now a much older feminist.  The issue isn’t that feminism failed Monica, it’s that Monica failed feminism.

What did she expect us to do?

First, she may have been an “intern”, but I think that term is what is throwing people off.  She was 22 years old.  In other words, a grown ass woman.  We aren’t talking about a 16-year-old intern here.  At 22, my mother was married and starting a family.  Monica was old enough to know right from wrong.

Think about all of the young feminists out there working hard during that time.  Many got hit on by their bosses.  Many did the right thing and say no.  Feminists stand by those women who, with a clear head and regardless of the consequences, say no to inappropriate sexual advances.  Think about all of the other young women interns and how bad her actions reflected on them. Her actions resulted in people asking  “Are all young interns easy?  Do they all just want to sleep with their bosses?”  Monica owes feminism an apology instead of the other way around.

Do I feel bad for her and her hardships she has faced?  Do I think there was a double standard for Bill? Yes and yes, but ultimately Bill showed us that he is the master politician and able to recover.  That has nothing to do with feminism. That is the unjust court of public opinion.

There are many times that feminism doesn’t stand up when the time requires, but this isn’t one of them.  Feminism should have been yelling louder for the US to get involved when the 200 girls were kidnapped in Nigeria.  We owe those 200 girls an apology.

Feminism failed those 200 girls.

Feminism didn’t fail Monica.





10 thoughts on “Warning: I’m hopping mad! Find out the reason.

  1. stlouiscyn says:

    My thoughts exactly! When I read your blog I always think, I agree with Aimee 100%. I think we must be long, lost cousins!

    1. We must be! I’m glad you agree. Monica can buzz off.
      Cheers, Aimee

  2. Brian Jones says:

    Well put Aimee. Remind me to stay clear or you for a while.
    Nobody wants to deal with a angry Aimee.

    1. Amen brother, but remember even when I’m angry I’m still cute 🙂 ap

      1. Brian Jones says:

        You sure are. :o)

  3. Another prospective….not only is Bill the master politician so is his phony wife that has ridden his coat tails and surely the only reason she stayed married to him. Can’t say literally stayed with him, in name only.. Don’t get me wrong..these women were not right in their actions.and decisions, but they were wronged by Hillary and Bill whom never take responsibility for their actions. Just throw out the slander and threats. to intimidate.

  4. CJ Clare says:

    Hillary Clinton failed feminism too when she didn’t divorce that philandering jerk. I was volunteering at a battered women’s shelter at the time and took a hotline call. I tried to offer the woman on the phone a bed in our shelter and was trying to describe what services we could offer. I will never forget her reply when she refused. “If Hillary Clinton can’t get away, what makes you think I can?”

  5. bobarmi says:

    I will agree that Lewinsky was an adult at the time, but lets get real here. Bill Clinton is a sexual predator with a long history of abusing his position for sexual favors. We are talking about a 22 year old intern verse the President of the United States. Unfortunately for Lewinski, Mrs. Clinton has had plenty of practice of dealing with Bill’s appetite for young women. Hillary has proven time and again absolutely ruthless when dealing with anybody that could stand in her way. The Democrats hold the Clinton up like they rockstars, but in reality he’s just a dirty old man and she is a vindictive hag. I do feel sorry for Monica, she never had a chance against the combined forces of the Clinton, the DNC, and a liberal controlled media. You want to talk about a war on women.

    1. Thanks for your insight Bob and your use of the word hag. I haven’t heard that one for a long time. Have a great weekend!

      1. stlouiscyn says:

        Aimee, I’m not sure which made me laugh more….Bob’s post or your reply. Bob, if you think what happened to Monica rivals the republican war on women I’ve got some beach front property for sale in St. Louis. Let me know if you are interested!

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