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A pleasantly eccentric take on politics

Bet you thought today was just another normal day in America.  You woke up, fed the kids, grabbed your Starbucks and headed off to your 9-5 job.  Little did you know something big was going happen.  Today is the day of a BIG uprising in America.

They call it Operation American Spring.  It’s happening right now.  Like right this second.  Don’t believe me?  Check your twitter feed hashtag #AmericanSpring.  To be fair, it’s not very big. They were expecting millions.  I think by crowd estimates, it’s more like 20 or so and that’s being generous.  I bet they are pretty let down that people aren’t as pissed off as they thought.

You know they are serious when they title it “operation”.  Think about other operations – Operation Iraqi freedom.  Operation Desert Storm.   One thing is for sure, if you name something Operation, you mean business.  I might retitle my blog, Operation Aimee Means Business.  Forget Pleasantly Eccentric.  Operation Aimee Means Business is totally bad ass.

American Spring – it is eerily similar to Arab Spring.  We all remember the violent uprising that all started in Tunisia when a fruit vendor was upset when a corrupt Tunisian police force confiscated his fruit cart and imposed fines in order for him to retrieve it.  So upset by the fines, the young man set himself on fire out of protest.  That set off a series of protests that toppled many Arab governments and left many Arabs dead in the process.

Let’s compare the similarities between the Arab Spring and the American Spring.  The Arab Nations have crippling poverty, hunger and corruption in government that would make our heads spin.  We are upset over healthcare, curriculum standards for our children and background checks for guns.  Yep – it’s almost the exact same thing.  (And we wonder why the rest of the world hates Americans.)

Republican and Democrats aren’t safe from this group.  Both are guilty as charged according to the coordinators of the American Spring.    This group wants to clean house and replace it with….with….I don’t have any idea.  I guess we will cross that Chris Christie bridge when we come to it.

So American Spring, could you send me a quick message once your successful overthrow is complete.  Based on your intelligent tweets, I’m sure you will do a bang up job running our nation.  If you are really successful, I’ll be buying a one-way ticket to Canada.


Operation Aimee Means Business






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