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In a place that is a few hours away from where I am writing this, a drama unfolded yet again involving…you guessed it women’s bodies.

The Saline County, KS Commission rejected a state grant for $6,064 to fund IUDs.

Why did they reject the grant for IUDs?  One word: ABORTION!

Hold on.  Before you log off and roll your eyes thinking, “not another abortion debate.” Hang with me as we take a stroll down logical lane.

First lets start with IUDs 101   IUDs are a form of contraceptives called LARC or Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives.  IUDs are a form of birth control.

From a very neutral source that we a use when we are trying to self diagnose our latest ailment on the web.

From WebMD:

How it works

Both types of IUD prevent fertilization of the egg by damaging or killing sperm. The IUD also affects the uterine lining (where a fertilized egg would implant and grow).

  • Hormonal IUD. This IUD prevents fertilization by damaging or killing sperm and making the mucus in the cervix thick and sticky, so sperm can’t get through to the uterus. It also keeps the lining of the uterus (endometrium) from growing very thick.1 This makes the lining a poor place for a fertilized egg to implant and grow. The hormones in this IUD also reduce menstrual bleeding and cramping.
  • Copper IUD. Copper is toxic to sperm. It makes the uterus and fallopian tubes produce fluid that kills sperm. This fluid contains white blood cells, copper ions, enzymes, and prostaglandins.1

IUDs are gaining in popularity because of their safe and effective means of preventing pregnancy.

Before an IUD is inserted, a pregnancy test is administered to be sure that a woman is not already pregnant.  An IUD will not be inserted if a pregnancy test comes back positive.

The key player in this birth control drama was Commissioner John Price.  Commissioner Price said he wasn’t against birth control, but against abortions.  However, he did go ahead and reject the grant because, “I am not going to stand before my God, and he is going to point his finger and say, ‘You aborted those kids.”

“I think it is murder to take this from the federal government,” he said. “It’s only $6,064. To me it is murder, and I am not standing for it.”

So he’s not against birth control, just against abortions, but this isn’t an abortion its birth control, but he went ahead and rejected the grant anyway. Whew….that was one long sentence and I’m still lost.  I’m going to make a huge assumption that Saline County, KS accepts federal funds for birth control.  Who does Commissioner John Price think he is deciding that certain types of birth control are ok and other types aren’t ok?  Is he a doctor?  No he is not a doctor.  John Price’s expertise in making decisions on birth control comes from owning a recycling plant.  I guess because they recycle copper he is suddenly an expert in IUDs.

Here’s the kicker in all of this.  The biggest obstacle facing a woman obtaining an IUD is cost.   An average IUD costs approximately $500.  The grant for $6,064 could have provided (getting out calculator) approximately 12 IUDs for the women in Saline County, KS.

You might be thinking, what’s the big deal if it’s only 12 women?

What if you were one of those 12 women?  What if you were desperate for long-term birth control so you could go get a job or go back to school to get a better life?  Or think of it another way.  How many times have you heard the same argument from people complaining about women having children on welfare?  Here is an opportunity to offer long-term birth control to women in need with a low failure rate and this Commissioner turned it down.  Why?  Because of a weak pro-life argument and “being right with his God”.

If Saline County, KS accepts money for birth control then it isn’t fair that they don’t accept money for all birth control.  County Commissioners shouldn’t be deciding what birth control is the right type of birth control for the women of Saline County, KS.  That is for the doctors and women of Saline County, KS to decide.

Commissioner Price, you did a disservice to the women of Saline County, KS.






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