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Dear Dr. Oz,


There once was a girl named Dorothy from Kansas who went on a journey to the land of Oz.  She met a wizard who she thought had the power to take her home.  You know the story.  Turns out she had the power all along.  I was reminded of the story from the Wizard of Oz when I heard about your testimony to Congress last week.  Maybe it was your name, maybe it was because I am from Kansas, but it seemed all too familiar.   A little like life imitating art.

I remember when you came bursting onto the television on the Oprah show.  I was a faithful viewer back then.  You in your green scrubs seemed to have all the answers.  You talked about things that were happening with my body that I was too embarrassed to talk about.  You had all the answers to all my questions.  How much should I exercise?  What should I eat?  When should I call my doctor?  What was that tickle at the back of my throat?  Was that headache normal?  How much should I burp during a normal day?  Did my poop look normal?  Me, Oprah and the rest of America couldn’t get enough.

Then there was the book, “YOU on a Diet.”  It was the capital YOU that stood out.  Me on a diet?  Of course I’m on a diet.  I’m always on a diet.  Since I was menopausal at 33, I’m almost always on a diet and always struggled with my weight. Stay on the outside of the grocery store aisles you instructed and I did. You introduced me to this foreign substance called Greek yogurt.  I’ll admit, I still hate it, but I eat it every day because of you.  Almonds as snacks?  Sure, I’ll snack on almonds because you say it’s what I should eat for my heart and for my body.

You are the great and powerful Dr. Oz.

Next your own show.  I’ll admit, I didn’t see it all the time, but it wasn’t long before I heard about it.  My girlfriends were always talking about the latest Dr. Oz episode.  Just scrolling Facebook and there was  the latest Dr. Oz miracle cure.

Raspberry Ketones to aid in weight loss? Yes please.  I couldn’t get them fast enough.  You said it was “fat burning in a bottle.”  You said it was the same as eating 90 lbs of raspberries.

I took the Raspberry Ketones and….drum roll please.

Nothing happened.

I didn’t lose a pound.

Only through the congressional testimony did I find out that you don’t really believe the claims either.  What a disappointment.  I find myself to be a pretty intelligent person, but I wanted to believe it.  I wanted to believe it because you told me so. Oprah believed in you so while shouldn’t I?    Shame on me for not investigating it further. It’s my body and my choice so the saying goes.  I take responsibility for that.  However, shame on you for having such influence on a national stage, being a medical doctor and still being seduced by the entertainment value of it all and giving people like me what you know we want – the easy way out.  That’s exactly what we don’t need in this country – more convenience.  The really message may be boring – exercise more and eat less, but as a medical doctor it is your responsibility to deliver that message.   If the message is too boring for TV then stay true to your profession and get out of entertainment and back into the exam room where you belong.

Now I’ve got to get back to my healthy lunch of Greek yogurt and almonds.

Yours in the constant journey to maintain a healthy weight and active lifestyle,





One thought on “A letter to the great and powerful Dr. Oz from a girl from Kansas

  1. bobarmi says:

    If only you could apply this indignation to your obsession with President Obama.

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