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I’ve been thinking and saying many four letter words when I heard the Hobby Lobby verdict from the Supreme Court this morning.



Son of a Bitch

Okay that last one wasn’t four letters, but I did say it.

In case you have been off the grid somewhere and just logged back into 2014, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby being able to exempt certain birth control coverage for their employees.  Specifically it’s A-OK for Hobby Lobby not to cover IUDs and Plan B.  The Supreme Court found that “closely held companies”  are not required to cover certain contraceptives if it violates their religious freedom.

This just in….  the “War on Christianity” in America is over.  Victory was declared today.

Moving on.

The four letter word I’m talking about to combat this horrible decision is not one of the words above  although it does make me feel better when I yell it.  Here try it.  Just yell one of those words.

See it does make you feel better.  It doesn’t change a damn thing, but it does make you feel better.

Back to the one thing that can make a difference.  It’s not going gluten-free or trying the latest juice fast.  It’s so simple – VOTE! 

Get your lazy ass off the couch and vote.  No excuses.  Don’t tell me there wasn’t enough time or you didn’t know who was running.  You have to vote.  The people who are voted into office appoint Supreme Court Justices and once they are appointed they are in there FOREVER!  Just look at Scalia for God’s sake.  The dude isn’t going anywhere and he has been in there since Reagan.  That’s before the internet kiddos.  That’s back when they were faxing their rulings.

Voting  matters.  Every election matters.  Even if they aren’t appointing Supreme Court Justices there is a program called Title X Family Planning that funds low-cost contraception.  Every year Republicans try to defund it.  That program is important now more than ever.  If employers are going to attempt to get out of covering contraception, we need to be sure the right people are in office who will continue funding important programs like Title X.

After you get done swearing about today’s decision – take the next important step and vote. Make sure everyone in your family votes.  Make sure your neighbors vote.

Oh and buy your craft supplies elsewhere.  Trust me – I stopped shopping at Hobby Lobby years ago and I’ve not been at a loss to find stickers and puffy paint.  Trust me your scrap-book of little Suzie will still look amazing.

I may have lost faith in our Supreme Court, but I always have faith in the American Consumer. We’ve buried bigger brands than Hobby Lobby.

Remember, swearing makes you feel better, but voting makes a real difference.





2 thoughts on “My reaction to Hobby Lobby is a four letter word

  1. I said it earlier today. It’s days like these that I’m glad I’m a straight, white guy with a good job.

    It’s hard to be anything else.

    1. Thanks for reading! I’m sure that sometimes being a straight, white guy has its problems. Cheers – Aimee

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