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I’m not sure what you are up to today, but I’m waiting by the mailbox for my invitation to….drum roll please…..

The Chris Christie fundraiser for Sam Brownback!

That’s right all my Kansas friends.  I don’t know you what you are doing on August 20th, but I’ll be putting on my pantyhose, fastening my pearls and heading out to swanky Mission Hills, KS to hobnob with Chris Christie and Sam Brownback as we all throw back a few Manhattans and sing “My Way” on the grand piano.  It’s all in the name of fundraising for Brownback’s campaign for Governor.

I mean of all the people to campaign for Brownback, Chris Christie is peerrrfffeecctt.

I’m sitting here thinking about what an amazing evening it’s going to be.  Just think…..

First up we all gather round and play “who is the bigger bully – Chris Christie or Sam Brownback?”  Chris Christie may win this one, but let’s not count Brownback out.  I mean there was the  famous Twittergate scandal of 2011 –

If you don’t remember, it involved a high school girl at a Brownback event who tweeted:

“Just made mean comments at gov. brownback and told him he sucked, in person #heblowsalot.”

Brownback’s social media manager contacted the director of the Youth in Government organizer and alerted him of the tweet.  That led to an official written apology from the girl.

First – well done on the hashtag my young friend.  Second, Christie may just yell at you  to your face, but I don’t think he’s taken so far as to demand an apology letter.  Score one for Brownback on this round.

After we finish, “who is the bigger bully” we can enjoy a few more cocktails and move on to “who has the biggest scandal?”

This one will be tough for Brownback with the whole Bridgegate scandal, but don’t count Brownback out in this one.  He does has a FBI investigation:

“The Federal Bureau of Investigation is exploring whether confidantes of Gov. Sam Brownback operated influence-peddling operations in Kansas pivoting on personal access to the Republican governor and top administration officials.  The Topeka Capital-Journal learned the months-long inquiry involves Parallel Strategies, a rapidly expanding Topeka consulting and lobbying firm created in 2013 by a trio of veteran Brownback employees who left government service to work in an environment where coziness with former colleagues could pay dividends.
Unfortunately, I think Christie is going to win this round.  Bridgegate was a major mess and did kill his chances to be President.  That one trumps influence-peddling any day.
Moving on….
Finally we will end the evening with the fun game of who can blame Obama for our own mistakes.  Both states have crumbling economies from failed tax policies.  Both guys have come out vocally yelling that it’s not their fault for their states’ economic disasters, but it’s Obama’s fault.  It’s kind of like the 16-year-old who crashes his car after running a red light.  The kid blames the parents for buying him the car in the first place and takes no responsibility for running the red light.  I think that round will be tie.
Oh what fun we will have.  All this for the minimum suggested donation of $25,000.  Wait $25,000 as in thousand dollars?!  That’s more than my car is worth.   Well this is awkward, it turns out that’s my bowling league night.  I’m sad to say I’ll have to pass on the fun and games.  I’m sure I will be missed.



4 thoughts on “I can’t wait to attend the Brownback/Christie #KS Fundraiser! Here’s why….

  1. dcarmack says:

    Take your barf bag!

  2. Christie is a crooked thug – he may very well be indicted before he leaves office. He has made a lot of enemies.

    1. Thank you. That is very sweet. Aimee

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