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Kansas City has Obama fever!  In the last 24 hours he landed in KC, ate some BBQ and now he’s giving a speech about the economy in Midtown.

100 lucky people are watching that speech. Strike that 99 lucky people are watching that speech.

How do I know?  Because I had a ticket and I’m writing this blog as he’s giving his speech.  I’m not there.10443511_10153047534804552_1937506879404835464_n


Well it’s a long, sad story.

Gather round friends for a story of a simple, Kansas City girl with a dream of seeing President Obama and the day that didn’t go her way.

It started as any other day.  I got up and looked at my ticket first thing.  “Doors open at 8:30 am” the ticket said.

I bound out of bed and decided what to wear.  I picked a crisp bright red top and blue pants.  Perfect for standing out in the crowd and some might say a political uniform for women.  If I had a Hillary pantsuit I would have worn it.  (Note to self – get a political pantsuit for future events.)

As I got ready I came up with the best possible scenario that could happen to me today:

Obama looks out in the crowd and notices me in my bright red top.  I catch his eye and he comes to talk to me.  I tell him that I’m a political blog writer with snarky undertones.  He said he’s read my work and he is a fan.  He says it just so happens that they have a position open on his cabinet for a sarcastic blog writer.  He asks if I want to quit my day job and move to DC for a six figure salary.  I say perfect!  Deals done.  Moving van shows up and I’m getting the hell out of Dodge.  My first assignment is Boehner’s lawsuit.  Easy breezy.

As I peel off my Crest white strips I head out the door with my golden ticket in hand confident my scenario could come true.  I read The Secret.  All you have to do is believe it could come true and then wait for it!

I arrived at work.  The clock is ticking.  I know doors open at 8:30, but he doesn’t speak to 11.  I’m not going at 8:30 to sit there for hours in a hot theater with a hundred of my closest friends.  I’m going to be smart and leave at 10.  I’ll get there in plenty of time for his speech at 11.  I pat myself on the back for my smart thinking.

I glance at my watch.  9:45.  I head out the door and jump in my car.  Got to love KC.  I zoom up to the theater where Obama is speaking and get one block away from the venue.  I parallel park (thank you for my time in DC for crafting that skill) and get out of the car.  The police already have street blocked off.

I get up to the crowd and flash my golden ticket.  The police wave me over to the yellow tape area. “Up there ma’am.”  It was almost like they rolled out the red carpet for me.  This was too good to be true.  I felt like a Hollywood A-lister.  The protestors are on the other side of the street.  I’m sure people are green with envy as I glide the final few steps up to the theater.  I was walking on air.

I got so close to the venue that I could smell the excitement and then it happened.

“Sorry ma’am, venue’s closed.”

Somewhere I heard a sad trombone playing in the background.

“The venue is what?”

“The venue is closed.  It closed 30 minutes ago.  You aren’t getting in,” the very hot, but stern policeman said.

“But…but I have a ticket and I’m supposed to be discovered.  This is my big break.  What do you mean I’m not getting in?”

“Ma’am step away from the theater and stand over there,” the cop said point to somewhere behind a police horse’s ass.

That’s exactly how I felt at that moment – like a horse’s ass.

No amount of sad, puppy dog eyes or begging was getting me past those policeman.

Another group of people with tickets tried to get in.  I slinked my way up with them trying again.  The policeman caught me.

“I told you that you aren’t getting in,” said the still hot, but now angry policeman.

So I had 2 choices – stand with the protestors or head back to work.  I picked the 2nd choice.  I went back to my perfectly parallel parked car and left the venue completely defeated.

And that was how the 2nd most disappointing day of my political life ended up.

What’s the 1st you are asking?

(See Bill Clinton and the Monica Lewinsky scandal).










6 thoughts on “My KC Obama Fail – the 2nd most disappointing day of my political life

  1. Sorry to hear you missed the show, may be this is God’s way of saying, “you can do better”. My advice is next time tell them you are an illegal alien, r even better a Palestinian refugee. That will guarantee you a spot on the stage.

    1. Thanks Bob. I appreciate your kind words. Hope you are doing well! I may have missed the show, but life goes on. 🙂 Cheers, Aimee

  2. Bob Sailler says:

    I did not miss the speech. I arrived early and had a great view of one of the most powerful speakers in the world. It was very cool inside the Uptown, just as it was very cool outside this morning. I took great pictures of President Obama and thoroughly enjoyed myself today. I hope you are happy for me.

    1. Well Bob – I’m excited that you got it. Sounds like an amazing event. I’m sure you had enough fun for both of us (currently licking my wounds, but I really am happy for you.) Thanks for reading and commenting! Aimee

  3. Brian Jones says:

    Hi, I’m sorry you didn’t get to go in the watch President Obama in person.
    You must have been bouncing up and down the walls.
    I did see the President go by my work place as his motorcade came to and from the Uptown Theater.
    I work at Penn Valley Community College so, at lease I can say I got to see a President Of The United States.
    By the way, don’t mention the “I” word (Impeachment). It is going to work for Republican and once again leave them with egg on their face.
    Rush Limbaugh said yesterday that the Republicans are suffering from PTSD.
    I agree.
    What a mess.

    1. Got to love the GOP suing the President. Just a quick due diligence would tell them that the lawsuits never fly. Oh well – good luck and God bless them. Aimee

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