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Dear Gov. Brownback,brick

I owe you a thank you.   See at my age most of my “firsts” are over.  I already drove my first car, had my first kiss, worked my first job.  I even ended my first marriage.  Really the only “firsts” left are collecting my first social security check, getting my first senior discount and having my first colonoscopy.   Not exactly an exciting list of “firsts”.

Well yesterday I got to experience a first.  Voting in my first Republican primary.

And it was all because of you.

I believe in giving credit where credit is due.  I will always remember you fondly when I think of my first – Republican primary that is.

You may have heard me yelling from my voting booth  “take that” when I voted for every moderate I could find.  To say I was enthusiastic was an understatement.  Turns out the moderates held their own in the Kansas primaries.

I don’t think it will come as a surprise that I voted against you in the primary.  Don’t take it personal – it’s just politics.  The other candidate’s name escapes me right now as it did yesterday.  I think the ballot read “not Brownback”.  I hit the button.  I have no idea who the other candidate was, but it wasn’t you, therefore a better option in my book.  In fact, it could have been a picture of a muppet and I would have picked the muppet.

I’m that fed up.

Why?  I give you exhibit A…..

Here’s a quote from an interview with KSHB that you gave as to why voters are so unhappy with incumbents:

“I think a big part of it is Barack Obama. That a lot of people are so irritated at what the president is doing, they just, they want somebody to throw a brick,” Brownback told 41 Action News.

Throw a brick?  What the hell?  Are we a bunch of hormonal teen girls in this scenario and you are the cheating star quarterback?

I need you to lean in  close, because I’m going to share a secret with you.

Here’s the deal.  Barack Obama has been a so-so President, but you have been a horrible Governor.  I’m not into throwing bricks to make a point, but it’s not him you should be pointing fingers at.  Kansans are pissed and the person we are most mad at is you.  Our economy is in the toilet and it’s not Obama’s fault.   You won your primary by 63% to a person that nobody heard of.  That’s nothing to celebrate.

Again, I will think fondly of my first Republican primary and I give you the credit.  Now that it’s over, I will start campaigning like crazy for Paul Davis to defeat you in November.

Yours in helping Kansas recover and see better days,




11 thoughts on “Brownback gets credit for one of my “firsts”

  1. lindiana55 says:

    Aimee, this was also my first GOP primary. I wanted to vote for moderates as well. Why do I feel so empty inside this morning? Maybe it was the governor’s statement (the one you pointed out) , but also because Pat Roberts’ people will think they scared me away with the Wolfe Xray-gate, or because Pat promised to be a little farther to the right. Or because he praised the Koch brothers for being such amazing patriots. (Putting an ice pack on my head now.)

    1. Aimee Patton says:

      You know things have gotten weird when I was cheering on Pat Roberts. Oy…I tell ya I needed a drink last night. We are lucky that Pat remembers which state he represents let alone that he is now a right-wing Republican. The whole thing gave me the creeps.

  2. Michael Box says:

    After two years into the term of the next Kansas Governor President Obama will no longer be President. What are supposed to do with our bricks then?

    1. Aimee Patton says:

      Great point. Probably use them all to build a poor house.

  3. lindiana55 says:

    I have no idea how the date ended up in my previous comment!

  4. Robert says:

    I am also upset with President Obama for stripping due process rights from Kansas teachers. I can’t wait to vote for Mitt Romney in the next presidential election. Maybe he can implement a health care system like the one he had in Massachusetts.

  5. Coco Johnston says:

    I get a smile on my face when I see I have another letter from Aimee in my inbox. I always look forward to seeing how she will express my feelings. The first letter I received was the “thank you” note to Brownback for the talk he gave at a car dealership on July 14. I had been to that gathering, just to find out why anyone would vote for Brownback — what kind of charisma does he have? — but I came away from there scratching my head. Then I got Aimee’s letter forwarded to me by a friend. I was delighted to read it. Thanks, Aimee. Keep up the good work of putting the campaign craziness into perspective and making us laugh instead of cry over it.

    1. Aimee Patton says:

      Thanks Coco. I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment! Blogging is such a nice outlet for me to express my frustration with what is going on here in Kansas. I really have hope that things will turn around.


  6. Jim Quigley says:

    I really like your style, kiddo. This was a terrific post. I’m just sorry you waited so long to try to help stop the Brownback driven “intra-party fratricide.”

    1. Aimee Patton says:

      Thanks Jim! I appreciate your comment. I may be late to the dance, but the party isn’t over.


  7. Sooo, you’re a Republican now?….Hell hath frozen over.

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