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Dear Governor Nixon,

Like the rest of the world, I’ve been following events in Ferguson.  I’ve been reading the twitter feeds, following the Facebook posts and watching the news.  I’m following it all from a safe distance away – far away across the state of Missouri in Kansas City.  Full disclosure, I live in Kansas, but like many people from Kansas City, I work in Missouri, went to college in Missouri and spend a lot of time in Missouri.  Missouri to many in Kansas City is like our second home.  We may not rest our heads when we go home at night in Missouri, but most of our daytime hours are spent in Missouri.

That is why what I am watching is so absolutely unbelievable. Riots in the streets of Missouri.  Journalists being arrested.  Children being tear gassed.  The whole thing is mind-blowing to me.  Night after night I watch the live feeds and I just keep repeating..”unbelievable.”

If you look at my blog homepage you will know I am white.  I am really white – I drive a hybrid, drink Starbucks and shop at Trader Joes white.  I’m not going to analyze the racial issues in Ferguson in this letter to you.  I’m going to leave that to the African-Americans who are living it.

What I will do is say this – you are epically blowing this.  I mean this is a HUGE political fail.  I am writing this to you as a Democrat.  The protests flared up on Sunday and NOBODY heard from you until Wed.  The twitter grilling was worse than when Robin Thick did a twitter Q&A.

The hashtag #whereisNixon was trending. As tensions were boiling between the police and the protestors people were issuing a Silver Alert for your whereabouts.  The silence from you was as deafening as the sound canons being deployed against the protestors.

I understand you stayed back to see if local authorities could work it out on their own.  News flash – nobody in this situation is able to work anything out on their own.

Before this you were a pretty popular Governor.  You were holding your own as a Democrat in a Republican state.  Some said you had a pretty promising future.  I feel like I just watched your political career implode in the last week.

Here is a little bit of advice –

Treat Ferguson as if it had been hit by a tornado.  Tornadoes are common in Missouri.  You and every other Missouri politician can’t wait to beat each other to the podium to provide updates on emergency response when tornadoes hit.  Take off your suit jacket and roll up your sleeves.  Get out there on the streets and see how the people are doing.  It’s an emergency – just a man-made one.  Treat it the same way.  Provide an update every damn day until this thing calms down.  It’s like when the local weather guy breaks into the Big Bang Theory to provide a weather update and everyone complains.  He’s doing it to keep people safe, but people find it annoying.  Be that weather guy.  Annoy the crap out of us.  Provide us with too much information instead of not enough.

Why?  Because people are afraid.  The protestors are afraid.  The police are afraid.  The people in the entire state of Missouri are afraid.  The situation in Ferguson could easily spill outside of Ferguson into other Missouri cities.  Things are that tense.

I, like all of America, pray for peace and safety for those in Ferguson.

Please provide strong political leadership in this time of need.






3 thoughts on “Gov. Nixon – My advice – pretend Ferguson was a tornado

  1. Michael Box says:

    To sum this up, a police officer lost control, a kid was killed. local police appear to be making up disparaging remarks about the dead kid, the cop appears to have finally made up his fictional account of the events, the independent autopsy revealed the kid wasn’t just shot – he was really really shot, police muck up crowd control, the Constitution is frequently disregarded by law enforcement, reporters get arrested, national guard comes to town, a gunfight breaks out between the lawless and law enforcement at an apartment building where kids are living, and oh yes Jay Nixon’s political career died.

  2. Erik Keizer says:

    I believe your blog did a very nice job of telling Gov. Nixon a different approach is needed. In your blog you mentioned that the “police in Missour is afraid” . Frankly they should be; if you took a cross section of all police in Missouri I would predict that the average police officer “highlight’ of their life” was graduating from high school. When a person’s worldview is limited to 250 miles radius of where they grew-up anything new and different is going to be scary? Their world view is to shoot first and ask questions later.

    The other element is straight out of the “sixties”. “Whitey is afraid of a black man with a gun”. I believe that the NRA preaches a lot of “fear an loathing” about the diminishing “white population” and that “whites need to arm themselves” . Here are several questions for you to think about- “what would happen at a Tanner Gun Show if 100 African Americans showed up with $1000 each to buy guns? I would guess that each gun dealer would tell them their prospective African American gun buyer they would need a “back-ground” check first. What is your take?

    Here is another take- What would happen to the NRA if 10,000 African Americans joined the NRA tomorrow… do you think the NRA would start coming out for sensible gun laws?

    What I am trying to say is that this is really about too many guns in the white community who is fearlful about race. And this white community police force being represented by people who shoot first and ask questions later.

    1. Aimee Patton says:

      Hi Eric,

      Thanks for taking the time to write. I agree with you that the NRA has been suspiciously silent. You can’t ignore the issue in regards to race when it comes to a crowd uprising, a military/police response and the “right to bear arms”. I too often wonder if this was a group open carrying arms what would happen. I’m glad that most of these protestors are peaceful. Every night I am anxious thinking of what could happen and hope that things don’t get any further out of hand than they already are.

      I guess we will have to see what unfolds tonight.
      Thanks again,

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