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Dear Mr. Wills,

We all know that the nation is closely following the events that have been unfolding the past week in Ferguson, MO.  First let me start by saying that I didn’t think it was possible for a political figure to come off looking any worse than Governor Jay Nixon this past week.  He has made one misstep after another possibly ending his political career.  Nixon was winning the award for what not to do in politics and I believe is ultimately going to end up a political science case study second only to those who botched the Hurricane Katrina rescue efforts.

Then you came along….

In response to the outrage the citizens of Ferguson are feeling, a voter registration tent has gone up encouraging people to vote.  In response to that effort, you gave an interview in which you said,


“If that’s not fanning the political flames, I don’t know what is,” Wills said, “I think it’s not only disgusting but completely inappropriate.”




So lets list out things that have happened that are inappropriate in Ferguson this past week:


1. A young man is dead.
2. Tear gas has been fired on children.
3. People have been denied their right to assemble.
4. Members of the press have been arrested.
5. Rubber bullets have been fired on unarmed citizens.
6. People have been encouraged to register to vote.


For some reason that song, “one of these things is not like the other” keeps playing in my head.


Anyway, I did a little research to find out who you are, because I’ll admit I’m not very familiar with you.  Turns out you are relatively new to the position as Executive Director heading up the MO GOP just this past April.  I came across this article in the St. Louis Business Journal where you were quoted saying this,


“Wills, who had been serving as communications director for the Missouri Republican Party since June, said his priorities are to strengthen ‘get-out-the-vote’ efforts and the index of voter information that is available to Republican candidates.”


So does this mean you are just not interested in strengthening the get-out-the-vote efforts in black neighborhoods?  Is that what makes this so “disgusting”? 


In my opinion there hasn’t been anything more constructive in this whole thing than the voter registration effort.  Encouraging people to get involved and vote to impact change is the BEST thing that can happen.  I don’t recall anything preventing your group from also putting up a tent and encouraging people to vote since that’s one of your “priorities.”


The only thing disgusting in the whole voter registration push right now is your statement.


Yours in encouraging people to get to the polls and participate in elections,




8 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Mr. Matt Wills – Executive Director of the MO Republican Party

  1. Coco Johnston says:

    As always, Aimee, you nailed it. Thanks for picking out those little quotes and details that miss the big news stories. These are the things the public needs to know. You do a great service to this area (MO/KS)

  2. stlouiscyn says:

    Spot on, once again. Thanks for calling out this bozo.

  3. Jim Quigley says:

    Awesome post. You nailed it.

  4. randyattwood says:

    Aimee, you are so right. When I read that Ferguson was 67 percent African American my reaction was that good ole fashioned democracy was the cure. Vote, run for office. Take control.

  5. Sheldon Weisgrau says:

    Brilliant. Thank you.

  6. You know what really get to me Aimee, There are people in Ferguson are registering blacks to vote for the Democrats. I remember when I first heard about this 2 weeks ago, I told myself “this is going to bad”. And it is. What is to people being innocent until proven guilty? There are blacks that want Darren Wilson’s head and won’t be satified until they get it and his family’s as well.
    Martin Luther King is rolling in his grave right now.
    He believed in non-violent protest.
    It is as if the blacks of today are telling him “F-you”.
    This is not okay.
    This is giving good blacks like me a bad name.
    Well, as a black man, I say again, this is not okay.
    This is not what President Lincoln, John and Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther died for.
    John Lennon was right, “can we give peace a chance”?

  7. James Brown says:

    Brian Jones is of course misinformed, comically so. He is also a very young white man who thinks his nonsense will shame African Americans and liberals alike if he claims to be black. This is because he makes the white racist’s mistake of believing (wrongly) that black Americans are immune to political opposition and criticism because of “white guilt.”.

    (Only white racists believe this, because black Americans and everybody else are, in fact, immune to their racist nonsense.)

    Let’s count the ways: People are registering Ferguson residents to vote, yes. However, not all of those registrants are black, as BJ asserts in his racist fantasy. Ferguson is about a third white, and white residents have participated in the protests all along. Further, people are not registered to “vote for Democrats.” They are registered to vote for whomever they want. If Republicans or Constitutionalists or some other White Panic party want to calm down, smart up, and advocate for policies that serve the entire community, then they will earn votes from across the entire community. They will never get votes from constituents to whom they remain openly hostile. Duh.

    (BTW, we KNOW BJ is white since he asserts all black voters will vote for Democrats AND he claims to be a black Republican himself. We know he is very young because that is such a stupid and transparent mistake to make, which betrays his unearned sense of superiority and lack of successful lying experience. Then, of course, there is his claim to be one of the “good blacks,” a phrase that only the most ignorant and inbred white racists ever use.)

    BJ conflates the very few trouble makers in Ferguson with the hundreds of peaceful, disciplined, resident protesters. Last I heard, the looting and violence arrests were mostly people from out of town (many of them white radicals of the sort who are as useless to their communities as BJ is to his). BJ can’t quite imagine INDIVIDUAL black people in all their variety, but sees the people of Ferguson as a single mass of thieving violence that can only be restrained by force. You would have to ask BJ how this describes the ministers, mothers, children, full time employed, and other members of a community that hadn’t had a homicide for years until a cop shot a jaywalker.

    We’ve lately seen ignorant white racists try to dismiss black speech and action by scolding with racist white fantasies about Abraham, Martin and John. This betrays the racist delusion that black Americans are incapable of independent thought, are driven by ungoverned emotion to act, usually irresponsibly, and only ever have their bestial natures reined when one of the rare “good blacks” turns up to tell them to behave themselves.

    We can all see what a failure BJ is. He has not read. He cannot reason. No one in his life has ever asked him what he thinks about anything, because it is manifest to them that he is a useless excrescence. Which makes him the most ordinary and unremarkable kinds of racist. He has no attractive qualities and no marketable skills. He lives under the very bottom rung on the social ladder, alone and without hope, because he has been, so far, unwilling to do the work to make himself useful. He has chosen to do the easier thing, to pretend to himself that he is at LEAST better than black people – because black people – most of whom, of course, accomplish more before they get out of high school than he has in his life to date.

    It’s no wonder he tries (and fails) to persuade us he is black. It is perfectly natural to be jealous of your betters and wish to be more like them. If only he was brave enough to envy those qualities of character that separate him from black Americans, rather than such a superficial quality as melanin. He pretends the difference is color because, that way, there is no point in trying to improve himself. The game is rigged against poor, white BJ – because white – and in favor of those privileged black people who get all the breaks these days.

    In BJ’s honor, and entirely because he pulled this stupid, clumsy prank, I’m writing a check for $1,000 to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

    I wonder what color he thinks I am….

    1. Darla Jaye says:

      James.. Brian Jones is a 50 something Black Man who lives in Midtown. Ask Aimee. So, your apology begins in 3..2..

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