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Thank God it’s Friday!

After looking back at this week in Kansas politics, all I can say is, “can we talk?” Yes that’s a special shout out to Joan Rivers, but it also sums up the hot and I mean H-O-T mess that is Kansas politics this week. With all this drama, Andy Cohen from Bravo has his eye on the Kansas political scene this week and is getting ideas for his next show.

Go mix yourself a Friday afternoon cocktail, come back and get comfy, because we have a lot to go over….
Where to start?
What’s the rule? If you don’t know where to start, always start with the sex scandal.
The Paul Davis Campaign Ad Gone Bad!
It was bound to happen – a bump in the Davis campaign. Paul Davis who is running for Governor against Sam Brownback has yet to really have a misstep in his campaign, until this week. He’s done pretty much everything right almost to a boring point. zzzz…..See I fell asleep just writing about his campaign. This race is “ABB – Anybody but Brownback”and is super close.That is why the Republicans couldn’t wait to jump all over the Davis “mistake” this week.
The Davis campaign put out a campaign ad that had an actor in it with a criminal past.  The actor had solicited sodomy in a Topeka park in the 90s.
The Davis campaign immediately pulled the ad once they found out about the actor’s past, but not before the Republicans made this monumental leap…
Wait for it…because it’s so insanely awesome…..

​”The use of an actor with this sort of background raises serious questions about Paul Davis’ judgment and what kind of people he would surround himself with if elected,” said Clay Barker, executive director of the Kansas Republican Party.


Bam!  Oh Clay, really?
Do you actually believe this bullshit?The guy was an actor in a commercial, not running his campaign.Davis didn’t have him pegged for a spot heading up the Department of Children and Family Services.Give me a slight break.


Ad has been pulled and “scandal” is over.


On to the next shit show – the run for Senate.


Have another sip of your cocktail and stay with me, because this one is complicated.


To catch you up, Pat Roberts beat Milton, I’m barely related to President Obama, Wolf in the primary in Kansas.It was widely known here that Roberts campaign staff had to drag him over the finish line.Fast forward to now and go figure, his campaign is struggling against an Independent challenger – Greg Orman.


This campaign is an ABR – Anybody but Roberts.I think we all know that Roberts should never have run again.Can somebody say term limits? Anyhoo…the Orman campaign is gaining ground. Orman is an Independent with whispers that he used to be a Democrat, switched parties and now is an Independent. Gee…where have I heard this party switching thing before? (see me)


This is where it gets good – like Bravo Reality Series good – there is also a Democrat running. I don’t even know his name and it doesn’t matter (nothing personal), because the guy didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of ever winning. Remember this is Kansas and the last time a D won the Senate I think Andrew Jackson was President. Somebody let this guy in on the secret that he didn’t have a chance and he decided to do what my prom date did and withdraw early (oh calm down – it was a joke).


The Democrat submitted his Dear John letter to withdraw from the race and with the thinking that all of his votes would go to the Orman campaign securing the win, but then….dum…dum….dum…..


Enter Kris Kobach stage right in dramatic fashion, “not so fast! I will foil your plan and save the race for the Republicans.”O.k. maybe he didn’t exactly say that, but that’s how I have it my head in a Cold War era, villain voice.Turns out the Democrat may have submitted his withdraw letter by the deadline, but didn’t submit the reason for why he would be incapable of serving in office. This is the state law.


What I would like to know is what reason would be considered valid? For example could the candidate have said, “I hate wearing suits therefore I cannot serve as a Senator, because Senators wear a lot of suits.”Would that have qualified as a reason he would be incapable of serving in office? If the candidate would have submitted a reason, could Kobach still have said no? Aren’t we all just playing politics now?


Either way, Kobach said the Democrat’s name has to remain on the ballot since a valid reason for withdraw wasn’t provided. Kobach added the Democrat is a lawyer and should have known the law. He left out a fabulous twirl and a “SO THERE!”


As of today, the Democrat’s name stays on the ballot….


And that ends a cray-cray week of Kansas politics.

Anyone else need another cocktail after all that?

5 thoughts on “When it comes to Kansas politics, “can we talk?”

  1. Kobach is either desperately showing his ass here to appease his benefactors or he actually thinks he can get away with this.
    Neither one would surprise me.

    1. Aimee Patton says:

      Oh it’s Kobach – he thinks he can get away with this. No doubt in my mind.

  2. Charlie says:

    The reason the Rs didn’t press the “actor scandal” was because of this picture. This phot is the Davis campaign actor and Kim Borchers, Sam Brownback’s appointment secretary. They appeared in a Topeka Community theater production of Mary Poppins. All that Clay Barker said about the actors appearance in the Davis commercial ​”The use of an actor with this sort of background raises serious questions about Paul Davis’ judgment and what kind of people he would surround himself with if elected,” said Clay Barker, executive director of the Kansas Republican Party.

    could be said about the BB administration.

    So, they dropped their full court press on Davis. Nifty, huh?

    Charlie Roth

    Cell 785 643-1758

    1. Aimee Patton says:

      Hi Charlie – thanks for commenting. Yes I read that. Even without that, the quote from Clay was hilarious at best and pathetic at worst. Such a stretch. I do love that the new picture came out with the Republican acting with the same tarnished actor. Poetic justice some might say….
      Have a great afternoon.

  3. Keith says:

    Proud Virginian Pat Roberts again wants to be the Congressman from Kansas.

    You would think they could find a home town guy.

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