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Dear Rep. Paul Wieland,

Rarely do I read the news and laugh out loud.  That is why after reading an article about you and a lawsuit you filed, I felt the need to reach out.

Let me get this straight – you receive state health insurance.  You are pissed because Obamacare has coverage for contraception. You believe that you deserve the same rights as Hobby Lobby to have a plan that has contraception exempt, because these are your beliefs.  According to the article you have three teenage daughters and you believe that covering contraception is against your religion.

Ok, I’ve stopped laughing long enough to write this blog post.  Here’s the deal, two words come to mind that sum this whole thing up –  “frivolous” and “lawsuit.”

Here’s why, I’ll let you in on a little secret….

There are a whole host of things that my insurance covers that I don’t actually ever use.  For example, my insurance covers penis performance drugs and guess what?  I have a little secret.  I don’t have a penis! No penis means no need for penis performance drugs.  Now I could be outraged that my insurance plan covers Viagra and I could sue the plan so that they could be forced to design a plan specifically for me and the fact that I don’t have a penis….or…..wait for it….

I could just not use that benefit.

It’s kind of like the fact that it’s the law that sixteen year olds can get a driver’s license, but guess what?  Here’s that logic thing again.  As a parent, you don’t have to let them drive or get their license if you don’t think they are ready.  It’s this crazy thing called parenting.  Just because your insurance plan covers contraception doesn’t mean that the girls actually are forced to use it.

Can you imagine if they actually find in favor of you and every insurance plan had to be specifically designed around every person’s individual wants and needs?  That gasp you just heard were the insurance companies having an anxiety attack.  For example, once I took Ambien to sleep and I ended up sleep eating an entire bag of iced animal crackers.  I’m outraged at Ambien.  I don’t think my insurance plan should ever cover a sleeping drug that makes me eat a bag full of animal crackers.

Before we start designing individual plans based on everyone’s individual religious beliefs and iced animal cracker episodes, here’s an even better idea – if you don’t like the insurance you are provided, get another plan.

Thanks again for the laugh.  Now tell me again how the Republicans are always saying they are against frivolous lawsuits.

Yours for not sleep eating ever again,








2 thoughts on “MO lawmakers sues Obamacare – two words “frivolous” and “lawsuit”

  1. randyattwood says:

    Love reading your posts, Aimee. SPILL, my political comedy, has been released. Happy to send you a free digital copy if you think there’s a chance you might review it.

    Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2014 17:56:16 +0000 To:

    1. Aimee Patton says:

      Thank you! Sure – send it my way. send me a direct message on twitter and I’ll send you my email. Cheers! Aimee

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