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Gimme an O!

A grown woman running around yelling,  “gimme an O” gets a lot of interesting looks.letter o

The first O I’m yelling about  is for Greg Orman, the Independent running against Pat Roberts.  In the latest poll from Public Policy Polling has Orman up 41 percent to Roberts 34 percent.  This is without the anticipated Kansas Supreme Court ruling on Democrat Chad Taylor coming off the ballot that should happen any time.  Orman has been running a strong and well-funded campaign against Roberts.  Even with Roberts campaign shake up, the mud-slinging hasn’t stuck and Roberts continues to slide in the polls.

The second O I’m yelling about is for the word O-V-E-R which is what Pat Roberts campaign will be when the Supreme Court rules about Chad Taylor coming off of the ballot.  10% of votes are still polling for Taylor.  If the Supreme Court rules today that Taylor can come off of the Senate ballot, those votes will likely go to Orman, giving him an even wider lead against Roberts.  It’s unlikely that Roberts will be able to come back after a blow like that to his campaign.  I don’t care how many comparison’s to Obama his campaign ads to try to make.  People in Kansas are tired of Roberts.  We want a change.

The third O I’m yelling about is obstruction – for Kris Kobach’s role in all of this.  Nice try Kris in trying to sway the election for Roberts.  I read the line of questioning from the Kansas Supreme Court yesterday and my biggest take away from the whole thing is they can’t stand Kris Kobach as much as I can’t stand Kris Kobach.  The term “loosey goosey” was used during yesterday’s hearing.  Now I’m no lawyer, but you know things have gone off the legal cliff when that term is thrown into a line of questioning.

Here’s the deal Kris – I know you went to the finest Ivy League schools and you think you are all that a bag of chips, but abusing power is abusing power.  The word OVER applies to how I feel about you.  I have faith that our Kansas Supreme Court will find against you and I am glad to see that you are also in a tight race against Jean Schodorf.

The final O is off my rocker.  I’m completely floored by the house of cards that is crumbling.  First Brownback is polling behind Democrat Davis, now Roberts is falling to Orman and finally Kobach is neck and neck against Schodorf.  I never thought in my lifetime that a state as Republican as Kansas would be polling like this in an election.  I guess it’s pretty chilly in hell since it must have frozen over.

I guess we will wait and see what the Kansas Supreme Court rules.  Even without the ruling one thing is for sure, Orman has a great shot at beating Roberts and Kansas politics is the hottest ticket in town.

What do you think?  Why the sudden change in Kansas?





7 thoughts on “Gimme an O! The many O’s of Kansas politics

  1. blogenfreude1 says:

    Ha! Just googled you to see if it was up yet. Will link.

    Now I’m going to go Yahoo myself …

    1. Aimee Patton says:

      That sounds like a personal problem 🙂 Have a great day! Thanks for your support. Aimee

  2. Roy Inman says:

    I think it has not been a sudden change. The political unrest has just now reached the tipping point after years in the making. Maybe, perhaps maybe, some folks are finally figuring out that voting the same way again, again, and again and expecting different results hasn’t worked. Just as BARWEFS say that it is time for Obama to stop blaming Bush, those very same people may be realizing that it is time to stop blaming The LIberals when the only ones in power, and the only ones who have BEEN in power are The NeoCons.

  3. Liberal AND Proud says:

    “What do you think? Why the sudden change in Kansas?”

    Oh, I don’t know. Maybe being “a crazy and economically, educationally, and psychologically bereft State” is not really working for a lot of Kansans.

  4. Wint Winter Jr. says:

    What has happened?
    We “moderates” have had it…we are now “Radical Moderates”!
    We have to win this!!!

    Wint Winter, Jr.
    Chief Executive Officer and General Counsel
    Peoples Bank
    4831 W 6th St
    PO Box 1795
    Lawrence, KS 66049
    Phone: 785-842-4004
    Fax: 785-842-5842

    I wish to have as my Epitaph: Here Lies a Man who was Wise
    enough to bring into his Service Men who Knew more than He”.
    Andrew Carnegie


  5. Coco Johnston says:

    The sudden change is because Brownback and his gang have just about bankrupted Kansas. I think people are worried that if he is left in place to continue his “plan”, we will be back in a financial Dust Bowl. Kobach made a big mistake in raising such a stink over Taylor pulling out. It was just TOO apparent that he was trying to save Roberts, but Roberts has expired, like month-old fish. The man can’t even put out a decent debate anymore.

    1. Aimee Patton says:

      Thanks for commenting Coco! You and I always agree. Day old fish…made me laugh 🙂

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