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Alex, I’ll take things that annoy me for $500.buh bye

What is waiting until 4:30 pm on Thursday for the Kansas Supreme Court ruling on Chad Taylor’s name coming off the ballot?

Nothing like waiting until the 11th hour there folks since the ballots are printed on Friday!  Either way WE HAVE A RULING and it’s official here in the great Sunflower state – Chad Taylor, the Democrat,  is officially off the ballot.  Woohoo!  Pop the champagne and kiss the person closest to you, it’s finally O-V-E-R.  This ridiculous power play between Kris Kobach and well…everyone else has come to an end.

The KS Supreme Court ruled that Kris Kobach overstepped his bounds when he said that Chad Taylor’s name had to be added back onto the ballot after Taylor thought he had followed the rule to remove his name from the ballot.  It’s funny that when I google “abuse of power” Kobach’s name is the first to appear on the search results.

Of course this is bad news for Pat Roberts since it’s expected that all of the Democratic votes will go to his challenger Greg Orman.  Roberts put out a press release after the ruling:

“Today, the Kansas Supreme Court deliberately, and for political purposes, disenfranchised over 65,000 voters. In a bow to Senators Claire McCaskill and Harry Reid, liberal activist Supreme Court justices have decided that if you voted in the Democrat Primary on August 5th, your vote does not matter, your voice does not matter, and you have no say in who should be on the ballot on Election Day. This is not only a travesty to Kansas voters, but it’s a travesty to the judicial system and our electoral process.”


What’s his deal with Harry Reid?  News flash Pat – if you polled most Kansans I doubt most of them would even know who Harry Reid is. The guy from Duck Dynasty – yes, but Harry Reid – negative.  Between McCaskill and Reid you are a Obama short of a trifecta of liberal-based fear mongering.    Your sincerity for the concern of the 65,000 voters has me gagging just a little.

You and I do agree, it is a travesty, but I think the travesty is to your campaign.

Moving on…

Rumor on the street is that Kobach is going to push the Democrats to put another candidate on the ballot to replace Taylor.   Someone tweeted out the statute that says this is the case, but it was in 3 point font and frankly I’m too lazy to read it.  I still find this hard to believe given that a large percentage of state races went unopposed last election.  If it is true, then I am going to make the bold move to throw my name in the ring.

That’s right ladies and gentlemen!  You heard it here first – if the Kansas Democrats need a name to replace Taylor, I will happily volunteer myself as the candidate that no one should ever vote for.  Yes, I changed parties and became a Republican in the primaries, but I can easily change back.  Accordingly to my profile, I’m wildly unpopular so no one would ever vote for me.  Also, just think of the added bonus of how annoying I could be to Kris Kobach.  It would totally be a win-win.

I think there is one thing that Kansas Democrats, Republicans and even Independents can all agree on – it doesn’t get any crazier in Kansas politics than this and I LOVE it.






2 thoughts on “Buh Bye Chad Taylor – KS Supreme Court Rules In Your Favor #KSSEN

  1. Terry Dahl says:

    I would vote for you Aimee. 🙂

  2. Maribeth says:

    You are a bright spot in this crazy world! Love your commentaries- I think you are Jon Stewart in a woman’s body.

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