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imagesAlert! October is National Bully Prevention Month
In keeping with the spirit of buddies NOT bullies, I thought I would focus on some really interesting things happening in Kansas politics.
It has to do with the biggest race in the country – the Roberts/Orman race.  No it isn’t about the latest Republican star coming to town to campaign for Roberts.  Last week it was Palin, then Jeb Bush, now I hear it’s going to be Ted Cruz.  Roberts has more stars tap dancing for him than the opening reel of Dancing with the Stars.  Can you imagine how pissed these people have to be when they get the memo that they have to go to Kansas to campaign for a guy that should have been elected by a landslide.
But that’s not what I’m talking about today.  Today I’m talking about bullying and how often times the Republican party in Kansas eats their own.
I can hear your objections already, “Yes, but Aimee, so do the Democrats.”
First, there are only about three of us in the state of Kansas, so there isn’t much to feast on, second it’s NOTHING like the backstabbing going on within the Republican Party.  It’s bad enough to make the stars of Mean Girls look tame.
I give you Exhibit A of how Republicans in Kansas Eat Their Own…..
There was rumor a few weeks ago that Milton, I’m barely related to Obama, Wolf may be throwing his support behind Greg Orman.
Now think about that for a moment.  Greg Orman is an Independent.  What in God’s name would make Milton Wolf, a Tea Party Republican even think about throwing his support behind Orman and not support Roberts in a race as close as this Kansas Senate race?
Is he still sore that he didn’t win the primary?
Maybe, but that can’t be enough of a reason to throw his support and all of the votes that bring with it to Orman .  That kind of endorsement would definitely secure the win for Orman.
So what gives?
Well, lets jump in the time machine and go back to the primary race between Milton Wolf and Pat Roberts.  Remember when Wolf, a radiologist, was accused of posting inappropriate x-rays of deceased patients on his private Facebook page?  It became a huge issue during his campaign.  Then at a critical time in the campaign, the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts launched an investigation and the investigation was leaked to the press.  Now it’s alleged that the person responsible for launching this investigation is Anne Hodgdon board member for the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts.  Anne Hodgdon is a big Republican player and a Pat Roberts supporter.
Coincidence? Seems kind of unlikely if you ask me.  So the question remains was Anne put up to it to help secure the win for Roberts?  Was she just so power-hungry that she acted alone in a lone wolf scenario?   These are questions that have me up at night.
Fast forward to today and Wolf threatened to throw his support behind Orman.  Conservatives are still pissed X-raygate and have approached Roberts will a list of demands.
Interesting one of the demands includes removing Anne Hodgdon from any position of power in the state of Kansas.  (See bully)

“Conservatives are also demanding Anne Hodgdon, a member of the state organization that launched the investigation — and who conservatives believe not only triggered the investigation but leaked the news of it to the press —be removed from her post and barred from ever working again in any state agency.”

Now I’m no fan of Milton Wolf’s politics or what he posted on his Facebook page, but I don’t agree with politically motivated investigations either.  I think that sounds like a bully to me. Let candidates win or lose on the issues, not perfectly timed investigations that influence a campaign’s outcome.
I guess time will tell if the Roberts campaign gives in to Wolf’s demands.  With the polls showing that Orman is up, Roberts may have no choice, but to give in to Wolf and Anne Hodgdon may be hung out to dry.
Remember – hug a buddy and say no to bullies in Kansas!




9 thoughts on “Welcome to KS, the state where Republicans really do eat their own

  1. ERnest Evans says:

    Dear Ms. Aimee: Great posting about the GOP eating their own!! This sort of behavior is not surprising; we have an old saying in the Catholic Church that “the heretic is always much more hated than the infidel.” That sort of mindset explains why Wolf would even consider endorsing Orman. Take care and God bless!! Sincerely and Respectfully, Ernest Evans PS: At sundown tomorrow it is the beginning of Yom Kippur; may you have a most spiritually renewing Yom Kippur.

    1. Aimee Patton says:

      Dear Dr. Evans,

      Thanks for writing. You and I both agree. It’s really amazing to me what’s going on right now. I still can’t believe that Wolf would even consider siding with Orman. I guess nothing should really surprise me in the state of Kansas these days.

      Take care,

  2. David Murphy says:

    You guys are all ridiculous. Did you watch the ’08 Obama Hillary Primary? It’s called politics! Keep rubbing your hands together and laughing it up. The radical lefty agenda is wearing quite thin on the masses… let’s see what 2016 brings!
    Just curious, does the Star employ 1, single, solitary conservative contributor, let alone editorial board member? As if I don’t already know the answer. What joke!

    1. Aimee Patton says:

      Oh Dave, I wish you the best. I don’t like statements like “you guys are all ridiculous.” I love differences of opinion. I welcome debate, but leading with that leads us on the path to nowhere. So I will just end this something that can unify us-Go Royals!

  3. irony much says:

    Dont you think its a little ironic to point out that dave is lumping all libs into one group, when you do it in nearly every post on conservatives

    1. Aimee Patton says:

      Thanks for the comment. I think my comment back to Dave was to point out that there isn’t much for me to go off of with comments like that. I guess that’s what I was looking for. Now I have that Alanis Morissette song playing in my head. 🙂

  4. David Murphy says:

    Didn’t mean to offend with the “ridiculous” comment! I was referring to Aimee and some of the commenters who it seemed were basically calling all conservatives ridiculous! We can all probably agree that around 50% of the U.S. disagrees with us on the issues.. so let’s continue to debate! Go Royals! P.S. Are there any conservatives on the Star Editorial board or general staff/contributors currently? I honestly don’t know. (full disclosure: I don’t subscribe (sorry Aimee) to the paper.. but I do try and read a lot online!).

    1. Aimee Patton says:

      HI Dave,

      No worries! I don’t believe that all conservatives are ridiculous. In fact, I understand where conservatives are coming from even though I don’t agree with them. I feel that you can’t fully understand how you feel about an issue unless you can understand the other side and how they feel. One of my best friends is a conservative so I totally get it. Anyway, yes the Star does have conservatives and in fact a main one s the editor of the Op-Ed section.

  5. David Murphy says:

    Yeah the funny thing is.. the core principles of dems and repubs are mostly good on both sides. The question for me is usually about whether either side is going too far with those particular principles. (e.g. MLK good… Al Sharpton.. not-so-good) Hey, at least I can say I liked your “that looks like Kansas” photo up there. Pretty picture!

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