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Good morning Kansas,


First, I’m well aware that you aren’t going to pay attention to anything right now that doesn’t involve the Royals so I’ll try to weave something about baseball into this blog post to keep your attention. Grab your coffee and join me for a second, because you and I must have a serious heart to heart chat.


We all know that the race for Senate and for Governor in Kansas have been close, unlike the Royals who kicked some serious baseball ass to make it to the World Series. (See what I did there?) Davis has run a successful campaign for Governor against Brownback mostly leading in the polls against Brownback until recently. Now there is news that Brownback has fought back and leads against Davis. Unlike most of the Royals games, this election doesn’t have the option to go into extra innings. This is all decided on election day.


That said, let’s cut the shit Kansas. Brownback has been an embarrassment to Kansas and we need to stop this momentum immediately! Let me jog your memory by linking to this great article by Barb Shelly about all the lies that Brownback has been feeding Kansas about his great tax plans:
Do you really want to re-elect Brownback and have another term where there will be article after article written that asks, “Now what’s the matter with Kansas?” or “Today what’s the matter with Kansas?” or “Holy hell there is so much the matter with Kansas!”
Here’s clue #1 that he’s been a disaster. Just look at his campaign tag line – “Leading the Kansas comeback!” He’s been governor for 4 years – Kansas shouldn’t have to “comeback” – we should have arrived. We should be prospering. It’s like he’s calling out his own failings in his campaign slogan.
Here’s the deal. Brownback gambled on his tax plan hoping that it would be a success. If it would have worked, he would be running for President right now instead of holding on for his political life as Governor. His tax plan ended in a giant LOSS for our state and now our state suffers.
“It had been widely speculated that Brownback’s ambitious agenda of cutting income taxes and reducing government spending had been part of an effort to set him up to run for president in 2016.”
Read more here:
Like the Angels and the Orioles, Brownback is a big loser in this baseball game of tax policy for our state.
We move on to Pat Roberts.
This race shouldn’t even be close. Just stop for a second and look around your office. How many people over the age of 70 work in your office? If I had to guess the number is zero. Why is that? In this country our seniors RETIRE! There comes a time in this country when it’s time for seniors to step down and out of the workforce. We see it in private business, why don’t we expect the same in government and public office?
You are probably screaming, “Aimee that’s ageism!”
Yep and I’m A-OK with that. In 2010, only 8.6% of the population over 75 was in the workforce.
Let’s break it down like this. You are the boss at your company. You have two candidates applying for a job opening at your company. One is 78 years old and has basically had the same job for 33 years in public service. The other is 46 years old, a multimillionaire after running many successful businesses. Which one would you hire?
You are the voter. You should look at this the same way. These guys work for YOU.
This race shouldn’t even be close. For those of you Republicans who can’t stand the idea of voting for a Democrat, this is an easy one – he’s an Independent. Wonder where he stands on the issues? Go to his website. It’s all there. This one should be a grand slam home run for Greg Orman.
Come on Kansas. Support Orman and Davis like you support our Royals!
I’ll stop with my sports analogies now. There is a reason I don’t write about sports. I’ll leave all that to @thefakened.
Like the Royals in the World Series, yours for an Orman and Davis win,


12 thoughts on “KS Voters Need to Hit a Home Run with Orman and Davis

  1. Coco Johnston says:

    EXCELLENT! Well said. I wish this message could get into each home in Kansas. Thanks, Aimee. You need a MUCH wider audience.

    1. Aimee Patton says:

      Thanks Coco!!! I appreciate it. Such kind words. I hope Orman and Davis win. I’m doing what I can. 🙂 Have a great weekend.

      1. Greg Singer says:

        As far as Brownback goes – his deal is to cut taxes and attract more business to Kansas!! Sounds like a working idea to me!! Well the Obama Administration awarded a big airplane contract to Brazil – which hurt Boeing and the Kansas economy – and the Kansas economy was hurting before Brownback took office after Selbilous!! It would be a shame to raise taxes and hurt any positive things that Brownback has done for the Kansas economy !! Rome was not Built in a day!!

  2. Mike Box says:

    Orman = Roberts, neither is independent of big money and each beholden to the enslaving power of greed. I am a Democrat and I will not side with Democrats who do not value democracy. Whatever the back room deal struck between Chad Taylor and Claire McCaskill to benefit Orman was, I want no part of it. Orman filed his first campaign finance statement, for the U.S. Senate, six years ago, yet we no nothing of this flimflam snake oil salesman. He had six years to tell us which Democratic ideas he’d endorse and which Republican plans he’d embrace. He hid from us for six years and now has the gall to ask for our votes. We’ll he won’t get mine, and I am pretty sure that I think he’s what Harry Truman would have called him. Sometimes it is better to stick with the devil you know than hire a brand new younger one. And Joan Wagnon and Jason Perkey at the Kansas Democratic Party can pack their bags and move on. The only reason we have political parties is to have candidates and compete in elections. Apparently the KDP line is not use the authority granted in the statute to place a candidate on the ballot. That is a breach of duty. In the meantime Chad Taylor claims to be perfectly capable of being the District Attorney over in Shawnee County. Did he lie to the Kansas Supreme Court or should his capacity be determined by the judges of the Third Judicial District? And even though Kansas has a punishment that is effectively life in prison without the possibility of parole, Taylor appears to be trying to resurrect his political career by charging the suspects in the dastardly murder of a Topeka police officer with capital murder. He committed political suicide by entering into whatever deal he made with McCaskill, He should just go away. No this thing stinks too much to be worthy of my vote. Thanks anyway.

    1. Aimee Patton says:

      Sounds like you have a very passionate opinion. Well, not participating and not voting for Orman just means you are happy that Roberts will be elected again. I’m not thrilled that Orman is an Independent, but sometimes in politics – especially in politics, we can’t have everything we want.

      Thanks for reading and commenting! I appreciate it!

      1. Mike Box says:

        I have no choice, my party failed to do its duty. When the choice is the same, and Orman is no lock to caucus with the Democrats, then the vote is frustrated. Greg filed as a Democrat this February, withdrew, and the games began. This guy takes thousands from Wall Street and the Financial Sector, thousands from the family that owns Walmart. He is not going to give us the Robin Hood Tax, Elizabeth Warren style student loan relief, or a livable minimum wage. You don’t have to parse his words to know where he stands you just have to follow the money. And no, clearly I am not content with Roberts, but at his age this should be his last race, win or lose. And Orman will be just another rich kid making laws to benefit other rich kids.

      2. Aimee Patton says:

        Show me a politician that isn’t a “rich kid”. They are all rich kids. I have often thought of running for office and then I remember – I’m broke! That’s how the game is played. I wish I could change your mind and have you vote for Orman. In Kansas, he is going to need every one of our votes. Oh well. Thanks again! Best wishes – Aimee

  3. Terry Dahl says:

    I couldn’t agree more Aimee. 🙂

  4. Ernest Evans says:

    Dear Ms. Aimee: Definitely going to vote for Davis, and not yet sure whether I will vote for Orman or the Libertarian candidate (blocking on their name, having a “senior moment”), but one quick comment on “rich kids.” Yes, it is true that most members of the Congress are “rich kids”: A majority of the members of the Congress are millionaires, and the average worth of a member of the House and Senate is $950,000. So, most of the time in elections we have to choose between two millionaires. That is most unlikely to change, so we voters just have to accept that ugly reality and choose which millionaire has a social conscience (which many do) and which does not. Take care!! Sincerely and Respectfully, Ernest Evans (YOur No. 1 Fan!!)

  5. David Murphy says:

    Aimee, The Democrats have failed at so many things in the past few years on a grand scale, why the hell would we want to impose that sort of thing on the state of Kansas? And with the Roberts election, is control of the senate something worth mentioning? I don’t you think you did at least in this last piece. Do we want to help the senate remain in control of the Democrats since it’s highly likely that this race will determine that course?

    Why beat around the bush with Orman? He’s a Dem, clearly. Who exactly are you trying to fool?

    Back to my point about The Star, irritating as it may be for you, out of all the pundits, writers, editors at The Star, what percentage of them are liberal? Is it 97%? 99%? Doesn’t that ever give you pause? Why does The Star have to stack the deck so heavily in one direction? Why not mix it up a little! What are they afraid of?

    Have a great week!

    1. Aimee Patton says:

      Hi Dave,

      Happy Monday! Yes, all of those Democrat failings – are you referring to gas prices going below $3.00 or maybe the economy rebounding since the Bush recession? Maybe you are talking about more people having health insurance now than ever before in history? I’m not sure which failing you are describing. Maybe you can enlighten me?

      As far as Orman, he’s an Independent. His statement and filing as a political party candidate, not mine.

      Lastly, if you are irritated by who writes for the Star, please contact them. I’m sure they would be happy to hear from you!

      Thanks for commenting. Have a great week and GO ROYALS!

      All my best,

  6. David Murphy says:

    Hmmm, interesting.. nice tries with all of those points, but they don’t bear scrutiny too well. As to the low gas prices, your very own NY Times claimed years ago, that no president has any impact (though I think presidents can have a large impact for decades to come for things like blocking the Keystone pipeline). As to the “economy rebounding”..give me some proof? How about the record # of Americans who are completely out of the workforce. Obamacare is a disaster on so many fronts, but even if I was a fan of it – it continues to be one blunder after the next! And “more people having health insurance now then ever before” seems a little spurious! I seen a lot of fodder proving the reverse. As to Orman, why bother with the independent thing (I guess I’m speaking to him..not you!).. he’s clearly a democrat.. why not be proud of that? What is there to hide? I’ll get off your back on the Star’s ridiculous bias…it’s so “settled” for decades now. Will just shrug my shoulders on that one. It’s not your fault! Yes and go Royals we can all agree! -David

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