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Kansas politics, I’m so over you right now.
I swear that if the Great and Powerful Oz asked Dorothy if she wanted to go home to Kansas right now she would stop and think and then say, “I’m good.”
If you aren’t from Kansas, let me brief you on how our television looks right now:
political ads
political ads
political ads
Mention of the Chiefs
political ads
political ads
political ads
More Royals
Creepy Rob Lowe ads
More political ads
Local News – talking about the Royals and politics
More political ads until the next Royals Game
Every ad from the Republicans has the worst picture they can find of President Obama linking either Orman or Davis to Obama and his “liberal policies”. I have a drinking game that every time I see Obama in a political ad, I have to take a shot. I’m drunk most days before 11 am.
If you are a sports fan, it is an exciting time to be from Kansas. Politically, being from Kansas can best be described as annoying.
Why all the ads? Because two of the most watched races are going on in Kansas – the Brownback/Davis race and the Orman/Roberts race.
I’m not going to go over the Brownback/Davis race, because Bill Maher did it best in his recent episode of Real Time. Check it out:

So moving on to the Orman/Roberts race. Orman was leading Roberts in the polls until recently. Now it seems that Roberts is back ahead of Orman. OK, Kansas, let’s be frank – what the hell? I have had lots of political conversations with people in this great state and almost all of them start with, “I hate politics as usual.” If you opened a dictionary and looked up “politics as usual” there is a picture of Pat Roberts.
Why? Because Roberts has been in public office since 1981.
Come on people and think about that – in 1981 the Los Angeles Dodgers won the World Series (baseball trivia dedicated to Royals fans). MTV had just debuted and communicating efficiently was done via fax. Quick millennials, Google “fax” and you will know what I’m talking about.
“Yes, but Aimee, Greg Orman is basically a Democrat running as an Independent.”
Lean in real close, because I have a little secret to share with you. People’s political views change all the time. I know it’s shocking, but it does happen. Just look at Kevin Yoder, Republican Congressman from Kansas. Rumor has it that he was the President of the Young Democrats in College. (Insert shock) Kevin Yoder – this is a guy that if there was a Tea Party parade today, he would be leading the parade down Main Street, USA.
Kansas, you have an opportunity to show the nation that you don’t like politics as usual by voting in an Independent. You have the opportunity to take a career politicians and not re-elect him again. You can show the nation that there is a place for a third-party in this country by electing an Independent.
Don’t pass up this chance.
I’ll make a deal with you. If you do re-elect Pat Roberts, every time I hear ANYBODY in this state say anything about hating politics as usual, you all owe me a dollar. Hey, I don’t make any money off this blogging gig anyway – see below.
(I feel like I should tell you that I am not paid by any campaign to write my blog. In fact, I don’t get any money from anybody to write anything. I just do it because I love politics and Kansas. Oh what we do for love. Thanks for letting me share!)
Go Royals!



6 thoughts on “Kansas politics, I’m so over you right now.

  1. Susan Mayer says:

    Great blog!


    Susan Mayer 74 Harley Street 913.244.4900

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  2. dcarmack says:

    Just vote. You only get the one. Live on in the faith that they will continue to make things worse and that someday a majority of your voting state-mates will demand a change.

  3. David Murphy says:

    G’Morning Aimee,
    I found this interesting on Brownie:

    I also liked this (I can’t believe I posed something here from Huffpo!):

    The Tea Party is more a state of mind than anything else. It stands mainly against “wasteful government spending,” which is something I think you can even get behind Aimee, no? Welcome to the Party!

    As for Maher.. I think he’ll never get over the reaction by the masses against him, and the advertisers that destroyed his talk show at the time.. when he uttered the stupid line about the 19 911 terrorists being brave. Poor fella!

    Did you catch Ben Afflect getting ripped to shreds on Twitter after his Maher appearance! I did enjoy that and for that Bill, I’m grateful!

    Did Brownback stop the bleeding (as the WSJ implies) or did he make things worse. The voters will decide I suppose.

    Oh and as to Obama being inserted everywhere… doesn’t this mean something:

    I think it does.

    Strippers, skinny dipping, adult toy sales, etc. aside.. I prefer to look at links and details and stories about the issues and vote accordingly.

    Roberts looks perfectly healthy and intelligent to me and I think he actually appeals quite a bit to the moderate Democrats out there.. sort of a Bob Dole type of fella.

    Enjoy the ramp up to the election and go Royals.. take the final 2 games guys, you can do it!
    David Murphy

  4. Michael Box says:

    The problem with your hypothesis is that Orman is just as big a part of politics as usual as is Roberts. Remember Orman didn’t sprout full grown from the head of Zeus and he’s been running, in stealth mode, for six years. I took a look at his first financial campaign report filed six years ago.
    Now Orman wants Kansans to rely on their intelligence when making the decision for whom to vote this year. Greg’s problem there is that we are intelligent enough to know that in six years he had plenty of time to stake out the good Republican ideas and the good Democratic ideas. He should have started off with a library of White Papers detailing these plans he’d support.

    So it gets back to follow the money. Remember Todd Aiken? Yeah that anti-woman throwback 2006, when McCaskill let him commit political suicide? So a “top contributor” to Todd Aiken was a couple by the name of Bonnie and Richard Weinstein. The folks that backed the ultra conservative Aiken with his magical thinking that a woman can’t get pregnant if she has been raped, they are giving to Orman this year. Oh, and also to another radical right wing Congresswoman from Missouri, Ann Wagner. So far they’ve given Greg a little bit more.

    I’d love to see a livable minimum wage. So I don’t feel secure voting for Greg Orman because of the money flowing into his campaign from Madrone Capital Partners. Never heard of them? They manage the money from Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. The donor in this case is the grandson-in-law of the late Sam Walton. This year Madrone is listed as a “top contributor” Orman. See more about him at

    The next Congress needs to pass the Robin Hood Tax. That’s basically a sales tax on each transaction on the stock exchanges. There are thousands of exchanges, swaps, trades, buys, and sales each day. That money taken back from those who collapsed the economy can be used to bring the recovery back to Main Street. But here we go again with the addiction to big money. This takes us to Joseph Gleberman, an advisory director at Goldman Sachs & Co., where he has worked in investment banking and merchant banking since graduating from Stanford Graduate School of Business in 1982. See, But Gleberman is just the tip of the iceberg. lists well over a dozen similarly situated financial fat cats giving in to Orman, so he’ll be as beholden to big money as every other politics as usual Representative and Senator.

    Plus Orman tells us, in his one true remarkable show of clarity, that if it serves his interest best he’ll caucus with the Republicans. He is an opportunist out for himself.

    But I feel your pain. We didn’t fall off the turnip wagon yesterday and we know when things don’t smell right. Somehow Chad Taylor is capable of prosecuting cases in Shawnee County but is incapable of serving in the United States Senate. Clare McCaskill was persuasive in getting Taylor to back out of the race. Then the leadership of the Kansas Democratic Party breaches its duty to place a candidate on the ballot. Instead they go to court arguing against putting a candidate on the ballot. Look, I can’t abide Democrats who don’t take stock in democracy. The worst episodes of my party’s history was written in the same backrooms where you now find Clare McCaskill. We are Democrats not Dealocrats, and some major house cleaning is in order if my party wants to win in Kansas again.

    And like I said, we didn’t fall off the turnip wagon yesterday and we know when things don’t smell right. Nobody is going to convince me that Orman wasn’t party to McCaskill’s backroom deal making. If federal law has been broken, and if Taylor got offered something for his quitting the race, then those who are guilty need to go to prison.

    I am going to write in Chad Manspeaker from Topeka. He won’t win and I won’t have to take a shower afterwards.

    1. Aimee Patton says:

      Hi Michael,

      Thanks for writing. Interesting thought about following the money. I think we followed all of the political donations to all politicians they would all lead us to places that would make us feel a little dirty. Show me a politician who isn’t “out for himself” and I’ll show you a liar. Just look at Kevin Yoder for example. This guy no longer even resembles his younger self. Once upon a time, he was a sensible moderate, now the guy is so far right he is about to fall off the face of the earth. Why did he move so far right? Answer – because he wants to stay popular in Kansas and to advance his political career. No other reason.

      I actually liked Chat Taylor and I’m not stupid. I know that Clair McCaskill and the D’s had a lot to do with him coming off the ballot, however go to prison? I don’t think so. Deals like this have been going on since this nation was founded. Stop and watch the movie Lincoln for a taste as to how slavery was ended in this country. It was backroom deals and bribery at its finest back in the 1800s. Not much has changed and not much will change. What’s the saying – don’t hate the game, hate the players.

      Anyway, I guess time will tell if the people of Kansas believe Greg Orman when he says he’s an Independent or if they also can’t stand the way this whole thing has played out. Only a few more weeks!
      Thanks again for your comments. I really appreciate it!

  5. Charlie Roth says:

    Good one as per normal!

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