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Dear Kevin Yoder,


I have to applaud you.  You managed to take my attention away from the Royals  with your “Special Ebola Virus Update” (dum…dum…dum….) that you issued.  This isn’t just a regular Ebola Virus Update, this one is “special” so I had to pay close attention.

Special Ebola Virus Update

In recent weeks my office has received numerous contacts from constituents regarding the potential for an Ebola Outbreak in the United States. The current Ebola outbreak is a serious threat to the American people, and I believe that it is important that the President take certain commonsense steps to protect U.S. citizens from this Ebola epidemic.

Immediately restrict travel of foreign nationals attempting to enter the United States from any country with an Ebola outbreak.
Suspend any previously issued visas for U.S. travel for those coming from or having been to those countries during an outbreak.
Test, monitor, or quarantine as necessary for any individual who has traveled to or from affected countries in West Africa or who has been exposed to the virus for the 21 day period afterwards.

This is not a political issue. This is a human health issue, but I’m concerned the administration has underplayed the risk associated with exposure to Ebola in the United States and that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) were woefully unprepared for this deadly virus to reach our shores. We must act to make sure further exposure risk is eliminated. In addition to health related concerns, our State Department and Customs agencies must act deliberately to make sure that this virus can not be shipped over our borders again.

Further, allowing our nation to continue to have a porous northern and southern border is symptomatic of our inability to prevent diseases and other dangerous threats from finding their way into America.

This week I sent a follow up letter to President Obama calling for him to implement these simple changes to protect our nation from Ebola:

Click here to read my full letter to President Obama…

Kind of like most campaign promises, the link to President Obama’s letter was broken.  Oh well…I can only imagine what it said.  It probably went something like this-


Dear President Obama,


You are probably surprised to hear from me right now since most of the time, Republicans spend time being a pain in your butt, but we need something from you right now. No, it’s not just a chance to gain valuable points from our constituents looking like we are trying to do something about an “outbreak” that isn’t really an outbreak since it’s only infected a total of 4 people in the United States.  We really need a coordinated government response for this Ebola crisis.  I know, I know that Republicans spend countless hours yelling about less big government and more states rights, but that’s only when it gains us popularity and not in times of crisis when in actuality big government serves a purpose.  I won’t go into how it makes me look like a hypocrite in this case, because that’s besides the point.

We need a coordinated government response to this outbreak of Ebola.  Well, like I said earlier it’s not really an outbreak in the United States more like a few people infected that we’ve actually been able to cure all, but one.  So, we can’t have anyone traveling from West Africa here without testing, monitoring and quarantined all people from West Africa.  I know that is super expensive, and Republicans yell all the time that we need to cut government costs, but in this case I guess that doesn’t matter.  So give  the United States a blank check to make this happen please and then when the next Presidential election comes around we will again yell about wasteful government spending.  I know, it doesn’t make sense, but that’s the GOP for you.

I’m also fine with the fact that we have cut spending to the CDC, but now we can yell that there hasn’t been a coordinated response to this effort.  Had Ebola not shown up in America and had the CDC spent money on a coordinated effort, I’m fully aware that the GOP would have been screaming about the wasteful spending by the CDC on an Ebola outbreak that never arrived in the US.  Details….details.

Also, we will ignore the fact that we want a ban on travel from West Africa here, but we are in no way calling for a travel ban of Americans to other countries even though we have an “outbreak” of Ebola in the United States.  Again, it doesn’t make any sense, but I’m fine with that.  I’m also fine with the fact that I’m calling out an issue of our “porous borders”, but in no way has Ebola come through our borders and infected anyone.  I just thought I would make another political point for the sake of making a political point.  I’m hoping it will gain me a few more votes come election time.

Anyway, thanks for listening to my concerns even though they don’t make much sense.  I guess that’s politics!

Yours for a coordinated, big government response to Ebola.

Kevin Yoder

Of course, that’s just my take on this.  I could be wrong.




10 thoughts on “My take on Kevin Yoder’s Letter to President Obama regarding Ebola

  1. kansasvoices says:

    *”Kevin Yoder has changed political philosophies more times than the number of people who have died from ebola.”*

  2. Jack Mayer says:

    Great writing!!! I wish I could by a newspaper chain so I could publish your work!!!!


    1. Aimee Patton says:

      Thanks Jack! You made me smile! 🙂

  3. David Murphy says:

    HI A,
    I know you where you stand on Yoder. But what’s your take on the NJ/NY State action and subsequent backing down to White House demands? Were NY/NJ way off base with that 21-day quarantine concept? Was that extreme?

    As to wasteful government spending.. it’s a completely legitimate thing to talk about, no? I work for a big corporation.. and we’ve had layoffs for the past 5 years. I see everyone scrambling, doing the work of 2 or 3 folks vs. a decade or two ago. Shouldn’t Big Government be subjected to the same belt tightening? Aren’t we all in this together? The big fat union OR corporate slush funds should both be things of the past.

    And though I know a couple of weeks ago the Dem talking point was a bunch of utter lies (even that ridiculous ad that was put out!) about CDC and related health agencies being cut in the past decade when the reverse was true!

    Who’s Obams’s Ebola Czar anyway? What’s his background? Are we ever going to hear from him?

    Honestly, you seem to know a lot about this topic.. I seriously think they’d have been smarter to appoint you in that role.


    1. Let me help you. Yes NY/NJ were way off base.

      Aimee, calling this an outbreak lends credence to the hysteria machine. We need to be smart at the point of contact as it has been proven that our health infrastructure is able to not only contain the virus but to cure it as well.

      30,000 people will be killed by guns this year in the United States, one person has been killed by Ebola. If there were any money in it there would be a National Ebola Association and we would never hear about it from Kevin Yoder.

      1. Aimee Patton says:

        I agree Scott. I think gun violence kills thousand more people every year, but we have no problem ignoring this fact and our politicians do absolutely nothing to stop this chronic problem, however, they can’t seem to get enough of a virus that has killed 1 person in the United States. It drives me CRAZY!

        Thanks for responding!

  4. David Murphy says:

    Gun control has been implemented in certain parts of the U.S. Shall we discuss how that turned out and what the results have been? I’m all ears!

    1. Go buy a gun and let us quarantine you for 21 days until we are sure you won’t be dangerous with it. How does that sound?

  5. David Murphy says:

    What exactly is your point Scott? I don’t follow.

  6. My point is that we are going crazy trying to control something that isn’t as big of a problem as those we try to ignore. People think a 3 day waiting period for a gun is a violation of their rights but not a 21 day semi-incareration.

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