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Another day, another super weird situation in Kansas politics.

First it was the 100 Republicans endorsing Paul Davis – Democrat for Governor of Kansas.  Hell must have been very cold that day, because I have no doubt it froze over when those Republicans (gasp) endorsed a Democrat for Governor.  Now we have this little gem that came to my attention on twitter last night:

IMG_1594First let me say it was confirmed that this was indeed a mailer – not some photoshopped internet hoax like this one from Hurricane Sandy:

fake sandy hurricane picture

I have confirmed that it was mailed to at least two people.  How many people I have no idea.  So let’s break down the pros and cons of this mailer and the impact it could have on the election.

1. Who ever wrote this is as bad at grammar as I am – “vote yes on Greg Orman” – on Greg Orman?  Shouldn’t it be FOR Greg Orman?  Call me crazy, but don’t you vote “on” an issue and “for” a person?  Hell, I might be wrong.  Maybe that’s why I’m blogging for free and they pay people big bucks to write these political mailers.

2.  Greg Orman delivers.  Doesn’t sound like a bad thing to me, however, I’m not exactly sure what’s in those boxes.  Maybe its boxes of votes supporting Harry Reid and Barack Obama?  Maybe it’s implying that  Barack Obama and Harry Reid are in the boxes?  Maybe they are going to jump out of those boxes and yell “surprise” like a cake with a stripper in it?

3.  I will have to give two thumbs down on the photoshopping of the face on the UPS delivery guy body.  That’s pretty bad.

4. And the most important issue with this mailer is the “Paid for by the Kansas Republican Party.”  So was this mailer paid for by the KS GOP meaning they are endorsing Greg Orman over Pat Roberts for KS Senate?


I reached out to them via twitter and asked if they had anything to do with this mailer and they said they didn’t.  I believe them.  It just doesn’t make any sense for them to mail this.  Even if they did mail this as an anti-Orman mailer and there was supposed to be some sort of typo on the front – where would it be?  How would you rearrange the wording to make it look like an anti-Orman ad?  I can’t figure it out.  Maybe “Greg Orman Won’t Deliver” or “A lot from the left, nothing from the right, 100% Kansas.” That still doesn’t make much sense.

So who would do this so close to the campaign?

It’s no secret that I want Orman to beat Roberts, but I don’t endorse tactics like this.  If the KS GOP didn’t mail this out, who did?

I will say that this is very uncool and  tactics like this have no place in Kansas politics.  There are so many other ways to win elections the way everyone else does – with negative ad after negative ad.

I’m curious – did you receive one of these mailers?  If so, what did you think when you got it?

Now I’ve got to run.  Pat Boone is calling telling me to vote for Pat Roberts.  Roberts, way to reach out to voters under 80.  I heard Zsa Zsa Gabor has some free time.  Maybe she can do your next robocall?





4 thoughts on “BREAKING: KS GOP Endorses Greg Orman or do they?

  1. Michael Box says:

    Your confusion is understandable, about the grammar I mean. Once you get comfortable with the Kansas Republican Party’s education policies, you’ll realize that grammar is just too expensive to teach to kids who’ll be working as menial laborers. The Koch Brothers don’t need an educated work force in the future. The GOP doubles down on the resistance to teach the meaning of those blue squiggly lines with which the word processor is underlying such errors. And thank God they made it possible for Teachers without degrees to tell the students this stuff isn’t important. Welcome, they hope to the New Dark Ages.

    1. GOPguy says:

      Hey Michael Box, I am a product of Kansas public education and I went through two MBA programs, looking at law just for fun. All my friends did very well too. I guess it depends on how you look at it. Do you believe in education beyond the state classroom, or do you just throw the kids there and hope they get something out of it. Koch brothers? They have given countless millions for education, arts, and scholarships. How many college degrees have you funded for other people?

  2. James Quigley says:

    Hi, Aimee,

    I’m really disappointed that I didn’t get to meet you at Stand-Up, Speak-Out. Grandfatherly duties prevailed. Any way, I love your blog, and your “Take No Prisoners” attitude. Perhaps coffee sometime?

    Jim Quigley

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Aimee Patton says:

      Hi Jim,

      I was disappointed as well, but CONGRATULATIONS! Such an exciting event – the baby and the Main Stream Coalition political dinner. Lets get together very soon! Check your calendar and let me know. Maybe the 2nd week in November?


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