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As we arrive at election day for the midterms, we are faced with the same problem we are faced with every midterm election – getting people to actually vote. On the level of importance, voting seems to fall somewhere between cleaning out your garage and scheduling your next pap smear.


I’m not making this up.  Check out this graph that proves my point, that the midterms are the less sexy of the two types of elections:




Let’s face it, people are busy and voting takes time away from other important items on one’s to do list like getting a pumpkin-spiced latte and attending spin class.  There just isn’t enough time in the day.


Then there is the other pain in the ass issue which is finding your polling place.


The polls are usually located in a  local church or elementary school gym.  You end up driving around like a crazy person looking for the red, white and blue “vote here” sign that happens to looks exactly like all the other political signs.  As you drive around the block looking for the Where’s Waldo of polling place signs you get distracted, because you are enjoying your pumpkin-spiced latte and singing the latest  Iggy Azelea tune.  Your tunes are interrupted every five seconds  from the Google maps chick saying, “turn left in 200 feet” and “turn right in a half a mile” to find your polling place.  You find yourself screaming back at her, “I know!”  It’s a very dysfunctional relationship.

Your ten minute trip the voting booth turns into a two-hour field trip through the neighborhood swearing to God about how horrible the political process is and how, because you are so fed up, you are going to write in the candidate “Harry Balls”everywhere possible once you finally arrive.


Or maybe that’s just me….


That bring me to my point.  Don’t you think that maybe, just maybe it’s time that we develop a voting app? In 2013, 50% of all adults in America owned a smartphone.  Here’s the bigger point, since we all know that voter turnout is a problem for people under the age of 35, 80% of people 18-34 own a smartphone.  I’m going to draw a huge conclusion here – if we develop a secure voting app, I have no doubt, that we would have a higher voter turn out for all elections.


Not only that, but listen up Republicans – the richer you are, the more likely you are to have a smartphone.


“For those earning $75,000 and up, 90% have a smartphone already.”

With that stat, you would think that the Republicans would be falling all over themselves to get a voting app rolled out to the public.


Yes, but Aimee I don’t trust voting on our smartphones.  Think about all the ways it could be hacked into?


Gimme a slight break.  While I was writing this, I checked my bank statement, filed my taxes and ordered a Panera’s all on my iPhone.  If we are cool with filing our taxes online, why aren’t we ok with voting online?


How about if we make a deal, if in this midterm we have a voter turnout of over 80%, I’ll be quiet.  If not, both parties will work together and roll out a voting app for the next Presidential election – the sexy election.




4 thoughts on “Voting – there’s no app for that, but it’s time.

  1. Speaking of apps, I wish there was an easier way to find information on ballot items. I am still studying my sample ballot, but I’m finding that there aren’t a lot of resources for items like judgeship appointments. Most websites only mention the really big items, like governors, congress seats, etc.

  2. GOPguy says:

    Well it was really easy for me to vote. I just went to the JOCO election office where you get two weeks of advanced voting time. I am not sure why they looked at if you are making 75K or more you have a smart phone. I know people making 30K a year who have the newest iphone and a large screen HDTV. Being poor in America is nothing compared to the global standard of poor I guess.

    The sad thing of it all in America is how passive and apathetic people are about voting. In Iraq during their first elections post saddam more people turned out to vote per capita under the threat of death than people here did in the following election.

  3. David Murphy says:

    Check it out Aimee… apparently the Dems are the rich folks! HA HA HA.–election.html

    Please don’t project “rich” … or did you really mean “evil rich jerks” on Republicans!

    I love technology and in theory.. I like the idea of an app. Just in the past 2 weeks though I’ve seen all sorts of hanky panky going on with people voting republican and somehow their vote gets converted into a Dem vote with some of the machines being used (let alone an app). That’s probably an app you can get behind!

    With all the hacking, credit card breaches, Snowden, Wikileaks twerp in the Ecuadoran embassy fella stuff going on.. it almost begs for using old fashioned quills and ink wells, no?

    If both parties can control and verify a lack of fraud.. then bring on the app I say.

    We agree!

    1. Aimee Patton says:

      Holy shit Dave, we agree! I’m writing this down….on 11/3 at 10 am, Dave and Aimee agreed on something. It is truly a miracle.

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