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The state of Kansas, 153 years old,  died November 4, 2014 with the re-election of Sam Brownback as Governor.

The state of Kansas leaves behind 390,051 voters for Paul Davis who desperately tried to save the state.  On the flip side, 422,842 voters concluded that no matter how bad Brownback’s policies were, he was worth another term.

Just how bad are Brownback’s tax policies?  Stop for a moment and Google, “what’s the matter with Kansas?”  There are also variations of that search like, “now what’s the matter with Kansas?” and “seriously, what’s the matter with Kansas?”

Are you back? Yep – things are that bad here in Kansas.  Things are so bad, that I can’t even type about it all anymore. I’m just too worn downloadout by the whole thing.

I may have only had a  few hours of sleep, but don’t think I forgot about the other big loss last night for our state which was Greg Orman to Pat Roberts. This race I’m less surprised about, but still has me angry.  If there was ever a poster child for term limits, Pat Roberts is it.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had discussions about the need for term limits with Kansans and then they go re-elect a guy who would have lost his job years ago from what…

Alex, I’ll take term limits for $100!

If you look up “career politician” in the dictionary there is a picture of Pat Roberts.

New Rule for Kansas – no one in the state of Kansas gets to talk to me about the need for term limits and the problems with career politicians after re-electing Pat Roberts.  Try it and I get to yell, “zip it” back at you.

What’s the big take away in last night’s election?

It’s pretty simple really.  If you are a Republican in Kansas you are golden no matter what.  As you might know, I switched parties to Republican so I could vote in the primaries.  I was toying with the idea of switching back after the Midterms.  I think I’m going to keep my party affiliation and continue to be a RINO.


Brownback has bankrupted our state with his failed tax policies and let’s not forget about the millions he and our Republican legislature have cost us in legal fees defending their conservative social policies that have brought about costly lawsuits.

If this guy can get re-elected, I feel like keeping the R on my voter registration card will get me out of just about any bind in the state of Kansas.

Pulled over for speeding?  Yes, but officer I’m a Republican!  You are free to go ma’am

Didn’t bring enough money for my latte at the Kansas coffee shop?  I’ll just whip out my voter registration card with the R on it and I’m sure it will be taken care of.

If you need me today, I’ll be in mourning for my great state.  Chocolates and wine to ease my pain on this great loss are appreciated.



54 thoughts on “R.I.P. Kansas – Brownback re-elected

  1. Coco Johnston says:

    Thanks for all you’ve contributed to making this election something of a joyride. The results were a huge disappointment and a commentary on the state of politics today — the overthrow of moderation, the confirmation that monied power dictates the government we get, and that this is no longer a govt of, by and for the people. It is hard to see what lies ahead, now. I hope all those who voted for the Brownback solution enjoy that little bit of extra money in their bank accounts. They’ll be needing it when their children and grandchildren need to attend pricey private schools.

    1. Aimee Patton says:

      Thanks Coco! I appreciate your kind words. It’s a disappointing day today and we are all in a state of shock. I guess we can only hope for the best, but expect the worst.
      Thanks again for reading and taking the time to comment.

  2. stlouiscyn says:

    I woke up depressed so I put redi-whip in my coffee and ate leftover dessert for breakfast. Sam, Pat and the koch bros must have been laughing their asses off last night. I’m sad for my home state. If this craziness continues we won’t be moving back. If I want to live in a bankrupt state with a bunch of sheep for voters I’ll pick one that’s warmer with an ocean view.

    1. Aimee Patton says:

      I hear you sister! The only silver lining in this whole mess is that I have am guaranteed a ton of blog material for the coming years. I would trade that in a heartbeat for a state that would be thriving. Oh well….
      Here’s to eating dessert for breakfast!

  3. Michael McKee says:

    We voted early. I’m not exactly young at 46 but we were among the youngest in my polling place. The GOP played to that demographic. They played to them perfectly. 18-30 people don’t vote midterms at all. Until that changes (especially in KS), we get what THEY pay for.

    We (D’s) will lose to the ALL CAPS older relatives sending you those forwarded emails.

    Sorry for the bitterness, it will subside.

    1. Aimee Patton says:

      I agree with you! It’s a tough day to be a D in Kansas. You are not alone in your bitterness. There are a lot of people who feel hurt and disappointed.

      Take care,

    2. aeflinn says:

      I’m 29, my husband is 31. We voted and so did all our Kansas friends. Many of us donated our time to work on the Sherrow, Davis, and Orman campaigns. Kobach has made getting registered to vote exceptionally difficult for people younger than me, because of the new voter ID laws. We won’t be sticking around for long though; most of us leave because we can’t afford the fight in the short term. We need good jobs and healthcare and affordable, quality education NOW. Those things are all available elsewhere and maybe some of us will come back to Kansas when we’ve fought our way out of poverty, but many wont.

      1. Aimee Patton says:

        Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It makes me sad to hear so many people say that they are considering leaving the state based on the failed policies of these radical Republicans. I understand where you are coming from. Best of luck to you and keep up the good fight!

  4. I was going to click on “Like,” because what you wrote is smart, but I don’t “like” what you wrote. I’m disappointed that what you write is true. I was truly optimistic enough to think we have have seen at least a new face or two this election, because the dislike of Kansas’ current situation was so much more bipartisan. It is a sad day. But at least the robocalls from Mitt, Newt, and Rand have come to an end.

    1. Aimee Patton says:

      I’m glad the robocalls have come to an end. I think we were all hoping that a change was going to happen in Kansas. I think when it comes down to it, the fear of change is too much for a lot of people. I don’t “like” what I wrote either. I wish I could have been writing a thank you letter to Kansas voters for voting out Sam Brownback. Oh well…
      Take care and thanks for commenting!

  5. Argh. That was supposed to say “we would have seen a new face of two win during this election.”

  6. dcarmack says:

    If only you could convince all of the people that Brown Back is going to hurt for the next four years to vote. Thirty thousand votes separate the candidates. If you could have gotten every school teacher to vote, or every person that now has insurance that couldn’t get it last year you would have won.

  7. On the bright side, He will ride the momentum of this mandate from the Kansas voters and declare for Presidency in 2016. After becoming the President of the United States, He will have to leave Kansas to lead our great country. Praise be to God!

  8. Ken Jansen says:

    Time start something like vote riders dot org or get involved there. It seems to me that money would be better spent helping voters obtain ID and certification than one more ad trying to persuade the unpersuadable. If we add 50,000 voters and assist with $150 to cover each of their combined poll taxes, I mean ID fees, the cost would be $750,000. Plus 3-5 hours of time per person to help them through the quagmire of paperwork. 50,000 citizens needing 4 hours each is 200,000 hours, so a group of 1,000 volunteers or staff could make a big difference in 2016 and beyond.

  9. Jadeen Cook says:

    It really is a sad day in Kansas.



  10. sallybr says:

    Extremely disappointed. A bit shocked, actually that Brownback can ruin the economy of this state and still keep his job. I guess most people who live here don’t care about facts, or about performance. What matters most is to prevent a Democrat to be in charge. What matters most is to block any progressive thoughts and legislation.

    BTW just found your site today, took me about 5 seconds to become a subscriber… I am a food blogger, never write about politics, but nevertheless the subject appeals to me. Even if it means I will need to consume a lot of chocolates and red wine to recover from yesterday’s results.

    1. Aimee Patton says:

      Welcome to my site and I’m glad to have you. Yes, there are a lot of people in Kansas whoa are disappointed today. I guess time will tell on what will happen in Kansas. One thing is for sure, I’ll be here to write about it.

      Thanks for subscribing!

  11. Greg Singer says:

    I feel the truth is by re-electing Roberts we have upset the balance of power in Washington – Maybe now we can get some things passed or at least discussed in the Senate !! Harry Reid was the party of NO!! And it is also probably true that it is time to find a new conservative for our senator in kansas!

  12. Greg says:

    I agree with you on term limits!!
    Harry Reid has been in the senate since 1986 – his sons lobby in Washington for various companies and he is a big supporter of Acorn and has taken contributions from George Sorios !! Maybe if you didnt have blinders on you might have mentioned Harry Reid along with Pat Roberts when you brought up term limits!!

    1. stlouiscyn says:

      You forgot to mention Mitch McConnell when you were so wound up about Harry Reid. Both represent the need for term limits and campaign finance reform. Or is it OK if they get money from the Koch Bros and the Republican PACs and it’s one of your guys? Just checking.

      1. Greg says:

        I am sure there are more than Mitch McConnel and Harry Reid that should be mentioned when we discuss Term limits!!
        And I believe Obama had a lot of good ideas about campaign finance and lobbyists that he has never approached – maybe it is because he received more money from other sources much worse than the Koch bros?? George Soros for example!!

      2. stlouiscyn says:

        Thanks for the chuckle, Greg. Worse than the koch bros does not include many humans. Soros is no saint but those two disgust me. JMHO. And if you think Harry Reid held the system hostage I have some beach front property in St. Louis for sale. Please let me know if you are interested!

      3. Greg says:

        Ok – How is the system supposed to work?? The house passes a bill and they send it to the senate !! and of course the senate does not like all of it so they make changes and send it back – sometimes that goes on forever and nothing happens !! but sometimes the house and senate can finally agree on the pros and cons enough to pass a bill!! Well from what I understand – Harry Ried would not even bring to the floor the bills that the house passed !! Some were even Bi partisan !! and Harry still didnt bring them to the floor!! And since Harry Reid was the senate majority leader -he had the authority to do this or not do this!! So that is what I base my statement on – can you honestly disagree??

      4. Greg says:

        And YES!! I have been wound up about how Harry Reid has held the entire system hostage for the last 4 years!! The system is supposed to be a dialogue and compromise – and Harry Reid has not allowed this to happen !! He has done an inservice to both the Democrats and the Republicans!!

  13. stlouiscyn says:

    You think McConnell, Boehner and and the republicans have been willing to cooperate and get things done??? For six years they have said no to everything in order fight the president. They have been the definition of gridlock. During the worst financial crisis since the great depression their first concern should have been the people they serve. Instead they chose to do nothing so they could tell their big donors they said no to Barack. Not sure how they sleep at night. What an embarrassment to our country. I’ll close with that. Enjoy your evening!

    1. Greg says:

      Sorry – No I do not believe that the republicans and democrats have the same solution to our problems!! But it is all a compromise !! and with Harry blocking the discussion there was no chance – of reaching a compromise – Now maybe they can at least discuss these things!! Even before when things were not so Polar – change was slow – and it is best for change to be slow!! it is difficult to see all sides of a problem – but it is impossible if rushed and many mistakes will be made!!

      1. Aimee Patton says:

        Kids…kids…I leave my blog for a day and an episode of Crossfire breaks out!

      2. Greg says:

        Maybe I do not understand the blog thing?? Are we all supposed to agree?? That does not sound very constructive!

      3. Aimee Patton says:

        Greg, I’m kidding.

      4. Greg says:

        Well GOOD – I have not participated in a blog before and it seems many dont want to discuss each side of the issues – But it seems that many here will be will be happy to discuss both sides!! I do try to look up the issues I state – so I am accurate – but on the internet sometimes I am not sure of the reliabilty of the sources!!

      5. Aimee Patton says:

        It’s all good….I’m glad you feel comfortable participating in discussion on my blog. I’m all for open dialog and enjoy a nice cocktail while doing so!

        Have a great evening!

  14. Greg says:

    I remember Obama telling Boehner what he wanted on one of the spending bills – Boehner twisted arms and made concessions and finally got his house to agree – when he presented it to Obama – obama said!! Good now let us raise taxes another some much % !! Boehner left in frustration and didnt return Obamas calls for a week!! It is sad that the news media has covered up so much and gave the wrong impression to everyone out here!!
    No I dont expect complete agreement – and frankly I do not want complete agreement whether republican or democrat !! But at least now the discussion can be open !! So only time will tell!!

  15. Michael Box says:

    You’ve had three days since the election. I anticipated your acerbic retort to the Kansas electorate by now. And no, I didn’t think you’d wimp out by saying something trite like “the people have spoken”. We both know that Big Money has spoken. No Aimee, from you I expect pearls of wisdom like “We’ve got the GOP where we want them now, boxed in between their failed polices and magical thinking. Their only exit in 2016 is to wade waist deep through angry voters who realize the state of Kansas is broker than a bum.” But of course you know that’s the ALEC goal, to bankrupt Kansas. Then and only then can they privatize the schools, the prisons, the highways, and anything else they can think of. So dip your quill in the ink my lady and let the wrath and fury of your comic wit shout the warning as though you were Paul Revere. “The Koch Brothers are coming The Koch Brothers are coming.

  16. ERnest Evans says:

    Dear Ms. Aimee: In evaluating the reasons for the massive GOP wave last Tuesday, both here in Kansas and around the nation, please be sure to take into account what I call “The Ferguson Connection.” In exit polls there were two groups that shifted massively to the GOP compared to 2012: Asian-Americans and married women with children. For Asian Americans the 1992 LA riots were a terrible eeperience–a number of Asian Americans were murdered by rioters and their stores were burned. So, when Asian Americans see lots of local elected Democratic state officials in the Saint Louis area openly calling for race riots if they don’t get their way on the Michael Brown tragedy this turns them away from the Democrats and towards the party of “Law and Order”: The GOP. As for married women with children, they too are voters very sensitive to violence issues because of their protective feelings about their children–so when the news is full of people calling for race riots they turn also to the party of Law and Order. Now, for any of your readers about to start screaming that “No one in Ferguson is calling for violence” please don’t insult my intelligence and the intelligence of everyone in the country. The slogan “No justice, No peace” is not even subtle. What a lot of people are trying to do with respect to Ferguson is subvert the justice system by threatening race riots if the officer involved is not sentences to life in prison. Whatever people’s feelings about the Michael Brown case, most Americans are not going to stand by and have our justice system pervented by the 21st Century version of a lynch mob. If you asked me, the Republican National Committee ought to send a bouquet of roses and a bottle of champagne to people like Toni Bones of Copblock for all of the help she gave them in their big victory last Tuesday. Take care and God bless. Sincerely, Respectfully and In Christ, Ernest Evans

    1. Wendy Marie says:

      Sadly, I think you have hit the nail square on the head. Add in a solid dose of Ebola and ISIS panic and ta-duh, you have a nice fear salad which often leads to support for conservatives. The Ebola and ISIS panic was for the most part phony but the so-called liberal media played right along just as you would expect from corporate entities that benefit from GOP policies.

  17. Greg says:

    I have been reading the reasons stated here for the Dems loss on tuesday!! and I have talked with some friends who supported the presdients policies in the past !! Maybe at least part of the reason for the loss was because many Americans are tired of nothing being done in congress – Maybe a vote for Pat Roberts was as much as a vote against Harry Reid!! Maybe with a change in the senate – maybe we can at least hope for a chance discussion and something being accomplished!!
    After the last election I remember President Obama saying – I won!! implying I will not compromise – We will do it my way!!
    Well seems that maybe that didnt work well!!

    1. Larry says:

      When the Bond Traders (if you even understand that) on Wall St. flush your state down the toilet so you can’t borrow 5 cents the idiots you elected can’t save you…………Wall St. owns them………….

      1. Greg says:

        The way the government – for the last ?? 10 years has been borrowing money !! I can see how our money will be worthless!! and maybe by taking back the senate – we can at least slow the rate of our debt!
        Idiots that you are referring too?? I can think of anything more stupid than Nancy Pelosi statement about Obamacare!! ” Let us pass this so we can find out what is in it!!”

  18. Wendy Marie says:

    Greg –

    I have some serious questions for you:

    1) Are you familiar with how Republicans have been using the filibuster in the Senate?
    2) Are you aware that Obama has nearly halved the deficit and has increased the debt by far less than previous Republican presidents. During a time when a depression was a real possibility but was averted by many of his fiscal policies.
    3) Are you aware that the US spends more on healthcare for lesser outcomes than any other developed country?
    4) Are you aware that the ACA has reduced the cost growth curve for health care while simultaneously adding coverage for millions of Americans?

    I appreciate hearing viewpoints from those from the other end of the spectrum but it is best to first agree on some facts.

  19. Wendy Marie says:

    Additionally Greg –

    If you are concerned about government debt, does it not make sense to vote against Gov Brownback as his policies have created a huge deficit in the Kansas budget that threatens the basic services that a state is supposed to provide.

    1. Greg says:

      I believe that reducing taxes will bring more jobs and opportunity to Kansas!! and the USA!! and that is what I believe Browmbacks policies are!! We can see through the federal government that having the highest taxes in the world has driven companies away from the USA!!
      You failed to mention how Obamas policies have undermined Kansas’ economy! Especially in the aviation industry !! Or that that the American economy has not rebounded either!

      1. Aimee Patton says:

        Greg – it’s been proven that tax cuts don’t do anything to bring more jobs and opportunities to Kansas. There are many things that drive businesses overseas and the tax rate is a small piece of the pie. I would say that low to almost non-existing daily wages would rank higher than our tax rate as the #1 reason why businesses look to go overseas.

        The American economy has significantly rebounded since Bush left office. In the end the fact remains that the trickle down thought of the tax breaks does little to nothing to stimulate the economy and ends up hurting the state in the long run. You can blame Obama all you want, but the economy is in much better shape, people are finding work, gas prices are down. The problems with Kansas are Brownback’s fault alone.

  20. Greg says:

    Hello Wendy – I didnt realize you had posted the previous until I posted the response above !! But I will respond to your previous comments after I have a chance to check their credibility !!
    But off hand – I believe either side will fillabuster to benefit their sides –
    2- Congress locked in spending so I give no credit to Obama for reducing any spending!
    3-Yes I have heard that – and what did ACA do to help the cost of that?
    4- We honestly have no idea how many people were helped with ACA – since it also cancelled many policies and those people had to get their insurance somewhere!! Also did you not find it interesting that the cost of ACA was not released till after the elections?? and has the costs for next year been released yet for next year??

    1. Greg says:

      Morning Aimee – I have to admit that I am surprised about what I read about lowering taxes does not stimulate the economy – But honestly the more I read I realized that it is much more complicated than 1 thing can take credit for!! With Reagan – they claimed that it was also the increased spending that helped to boost the economy !! and with Bush it was the housing boom!! And I agree I am sure it is more complicated than just raising and lowering taxes!!
      Now do I want to give Obama credit for the better economy !! Haha!! I realize that the unemployment number is down to 5% but lets look a little more deep into this number !! how many jobs are lost I know where I worked they were down to 50% now they have hired a couple more back – but that is still just 70 % of the employees that there was at the peak!! and the supporting areas are probably worse !! So 5% unemployment is really not a very good number to base anything on!! And he-Obama- has done everything he could to stop energy production and that is responsible for much of the economic gain we have had!! So no I do not give the president credit!!
      So lets discuss what caused the recession – my brother was a sheetrocker – he calls it a depression!! from my perspective the collapse of the housing market and the banks selling groups of bad loans to other banks throughout the world was the cause of the collapse – along with the rise in gas prices and people choosing the variable rate mortgage loans and the speculation on the increase in housing prices!- and probably some other things !! But basically those things caused the collapse of the housing market- from my perspective- I did some research on this before – and it came to my attention that during Clinton presidency that pressure was put on the banks to give loans to most everyone!! and that is what allowed the housing market to boom like it did!! People borrowed more than they should and many probably took advantage of a variable rate mortgage which eventually took advantage of them!!-but as interests went up slightly that caused the house that had been bought to raise out of their price range !! and then the large banks sold this bad loans to other banks and then everything got really bad!!
      Now lets go on with that nasty Bush giving Obama such a mess to correct!! Actually I read that early in his presidency Bush tried to change the law about being so open with the loans !! But the democractic congress would not allow the change to be made!! I also read that later McCain tried to change this law – but the democratic congress would not allow it!! So in reality whose fault was the crash !!

      1. Aimee Patton says:

        Hi Greg,

        You are wearing me out this morning! So much to cover in this comment! I guess we could have a lengthy discussion about whether or not trickle down economics actually works or not, but then that would require you buying me massive amounts of cocktails. Talking about the economy in that much depth requires me to be pretty drunk. Each person decides the level of responsibility the President has over what happens in our economy. I feel like when it’s a President we like, we applaud him for when things go right with the economy. When it’s a President we don’t like, we don’t give him any credit at all. It’s funny how that works and I feel we are all guilty of it. I think in the end it comes down to the fact that the economy is incredibly complex and no President has that much power to control it entirely. No President is all to blame and no President is all to applaud when things go well.

        Have a great day and stay warm!

      2. Greg says:

        Sorry -I should thank you for giving me the chance to vent!! but it is hard to give credit when I disagree with the changes he has tried to make and with how he has covered up everything so much as he says he is the most opinion President every!!
        He did get obamacare passed – but with Pelosi saying to pass this bill so we can find out what is in it!! What type of leadership is this!! makes me wonder about term limits!! How long has Nancy been there?? hah!!
        you can refresh me on his accomplishments – if he really deserves credit for them!! Greg

  21. Greg says:

    Opps – Open President ever!!
    We all would have liked some change!! and I guess he gave us hope !! even if it was for only an instant!!

  22. Wendy Marie says:

    I have concluded that Greg is a parody account!!

    1. stlouiscyn says:

      Wendy, I agree or else an employee of fox news hired to spread the crazy.

      1. Greg says:

        Actually I listen to both Fox and CNN and it seems that fox gives both sides of the discussions !! So what can be more open than that??

      2. stlouiscyn says:

        Greg, if you think fox presents both sides I’ll have to again offer that beach front property for sale in St. Louis.

      3. Greg says:

        I was hoping that maybe we could all learn something from a discussion – But maybe some are just right and dont want to discuss it!! With global warming why would I want to buy some ocean front property??

      4. Greg says:

        Ok I just looked up Home mortgage default – and BLOOMBERG states that Clinton went too far on loosening purse string of banks to loan money to people that were bad credit risks!!

  23. Greg says:

    First – Do we agree that the down turn in housing market – was the main cause of the recession??

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