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Dear Rep. Merrick,


That was the first word that came into my mind after I read your interview regarding budget cuts in the state of Kansas.  Here is what you said that prompted my response:

“Government employees produce nothing. They’re a net consumer. And you got that cost forever and ever and ever because they’re on the KPERS (pension) plan, they’re on all the government insurance and everything.”

Read more here:

The second thing that came to mind involved two words and they were screw you.

I say that enthusiastically on behalf of all of the hard-working teachers, fire fighters, police officers, people who run our prisons, judges, and all those working in social services who help our vulnerable populations.  Your insult to them really took my breath away.

Yes we find ourselves in a budget crisis in Kansas.  Yes there are government workers who are on the KPERS plan, but you and I don’t agree on who is taking advantage of the KPERS plan.

See I did a little Google research before writing this blog post and it turns out that the one group that is fleecing the state on KPERS and costing taxpayers in this state is actually……drum roll please……

The State Reps!

Although Kansas legislators work part-time and are paid only during the 90 legislative session and days their committees meet outside that window, lawmakers who choose to join the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System (KPERS) pay their contributions into the system as if they worked every single calendar day of the year plus one more week.


So this is kinda awkward.

Now, I’m no math wiz, but you work 90 days, but calculate it as if you are actually working 372 days per year.  Kinda weird given there are only 365 days in a year.  Tell me again who the drain on our resources are Mr. Merrick?  You work 90 days, but get benefits for over a year plus and you are saying the government employees produce NOTHING?  One thing I will say is you have some giant cojones.

I’m sure there will be a lot of people who read and share this blog post who agree with me that you are an embarrassment to this state.

Yours for getting paid 372 days per year and only working 90,





11 thoughts on “Ray Merrick says KS employees do nothing, but what I found will surprise you.

  1. Rex Carpenter says:

    What do accountants produce? Lawyers? Advertisers produce advertising, but does that count as a net contribution in Merrick the Dim’s warped world view?

    You know who produces billions of dollars in product every year? Pornographers. According to the depraved and materialistic Merrick position, state employees would regain their virtue if only they would shag for the cameras for retail consumption by all those salesmen, lawyers, and accountants in every business hotel in the country.

    So why doesn’t he just say so? Do porn, civil servants! Make Kansas proud! For a change!

  2. Jim Quigley says:

    Can’t remember who it was, but one Twitter user, on election night, dubbed Kansas “The United States of RayMerricka.” Nice job, Aimee.

    1. Aimee Patton says:

      Thanks Jim and I like that!

  3. Rob McKnight says:

    Another good job, Aimee …

    … I will ask around but think, unless they are out of Topeka for three straight days .. like MLK holiday when they are gone Sat, Sun and Mon, they might actually be PAID FOR DAYS THEY AREN’T IN TOPEKA. (Friday is typically a “pro-forma” day. One person sticks around to open and close the official day.)

    I’ve copied our friend, Trent LeDoux, on reply. He will definitely correct me.

    Trent is a long-time staffer, former State Reptile, and if you follow him on the “Book of Faces” you would see that he “pokes the bear” as often as you do.

    I will alert you the next time he will be in town.

    Keep up the good work!


    If you’re not busy the morning of Monday, December 1st you’re invited to join me in Topeka when the Republican caucus elects their leadership for the next session.

    Rob McKnight 5259 West 121st Street Overland Park, Kansas 66209-3538 Phone: 913-642-4559

  4. Thanks so much for this post. My daughter works with low income families providing education regarding health, nutrition, child development and parenting techniques to help their children thrive. I also have many friends teaching in Kansas. I just posted this on facebook so they would all see it. Hope to get you more followers!

  5. Rick Cooley says:

    Good post. Only thing I would add as an aside is that, considering the damage your legislature has been doing to the state the last few years, you should consider yourselves fortunate they only work 90 days a year. Imagine what damage they could inflict if they were in seesion full-time.

    1. Aimee Patton says:

      Oh believe me Rick – we do find ourselves VERY fortunate they are only in office for 90 days considering how much damage they are able to do in that short of amount of time.

      Take care and I appreciate your support!

  6. Greg says:

    Wow!! I cant believe it!! I actually AGREE with you on this!! Seems they are part time workers and what do the actually provide – more than any other state worker !! So why are they even in the Kpers plan!! Maybe we should start a petition to get them out of the Kpers plan!! Thanks Aimee – Excellent post!!

    1. Aimee Patton says:

      Thanks Greg! Every now and then you and I will agree. I wouldn’t bet the farm that it will be too often, but I do enjoy it when it happens 🙂

      Have a great day.

  7. tad says:

    It would be lovely if all these non–producers and their friends and family jammed the Statehouse on State of the State night and chanted “shame, shame, shame” so loud that Gov DipWad cannot give his speech to Speaker Numbnuts and all his fellow Koch-addled ALEC members who all have been led to believe (thanks for the cash) that government would not be missed if it was cut to the core and shut down. Those abused children can survive on their own. Those prisoners will just stay where they are and garden. Those kids can be homeschooled. Those fires will eventually burn out. Those aircraft won’t run into each other. No one will attempt to defraud anyone, ever.

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