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imagesI know it’s been a few days since the controversial immigration speech by President Obama. I owe you fellow political nerds an apology, because I’ve been meaning to write about this, but I’ve been super busy managing the insanity which is my life right now. I’ve got 13 coming for an awesome Patton Friendsgiving, I’ve been traveling for work, all my favorite stores are having killer sales right now, I’m swamped with my daughter’s homework (seriously Mrs. Baker a 100+ page book report for an 8-year-old? I don’t read that much in a week) and guess who is in charge of the 2nd grade “winter party” this year?
I’m accepting activity suggestions for the winter party in my comments section. All you crafty moms out there please feel free to help a non-crafty mom out. The only thing I’ve come up with is a throw down of Crimes Against Humanity and virgin Martini Bar, but I’m thinking that might prompt some angry letters from the PTA.
Focus…focus….Obama’s immigration speech. The only time 15 minutes of television was this controversial was when Teresa Guidice flipped a table on Bravo yelling, “whore” and “prostitute” at a family dinner.
I’ll admit I listened to the speech on the radio on my drive back from the airport so I can’t offer any color commentary about his wardrobe selection. I’m sure he killed it with a nicely tailored suit and a tie in one of three colors – red, blue or (gasp) the fashion risk….purple.
He’s offering the “a” word…amnesty to illegals. Wait, the political correct police just rang me up and I’ve been cited. It’s undocumented. He’s offering amnesty for undocumented immigrants who have been here for 5 plus years.
Alex, I’ll take things that make you go hmmm for $100.
How are they going to know who has been here for 5 years if the immigrants are undocumented?
I thought that was the whole point. They are undocumented meaning there is no documentation as to when they arrived. What’s stopping anyone from showing up and saying, “yep I’ve been here for 5 years,” as they just arrived via snow tunnel from Canada yesterday?
Before I get too picky on Obama’s plan, let’s turn to the Republicans who are already ripping it to shreds when they’ve got…..wait for it…..NOTHING! In Spanish it’s also known as nada.
Obama at least has something, while the Republicans have nothing as in crickets as in echo…echo!
Ok. I think you get my point.
I could continue to analyze the nuts and bolts of Obama’s plan, but there are people way smarter than me who are doing it all over the place and getting paid for it. I’m going to focus on the part of the speech that I found really fascinating.
From this week in God, President Obama quoted Scripture in his speech.
Not only do the Republicans lack an immigration plan, but then Obama quotes from the big guy upstairs.
BOOM! There’s nothing like stealing right from the Republican playbook.
As he quoted from Scripture, I waited for the ceiling to open up and a huge lightning bolt from God to strike him down.
Nothing happened.
The world kept spinning. If anything it was a gentle reminder that Republicans haven’t cornered the market on Christianity and it was brilliant. The political climate in this country tells us that right or wrong people want their religion mixed in with their politics. It’s about time that the Democrats realized this and started to play the same game. When it comes to programs like immigrations, helping the poor, raising the minimum wage, respecting the environment, there is nothing more Christian. It’s time the Democrats start reminding people of that.
All of this coming from a nice Jewish girl who is in charge of the 2nd grade winter party. Heck we might as well call it what it really is….the Christmas party.


3 thoughts on “Obama’s immigration speech quotes Scripture and it’s brilliant.

  1. Rob says:

    Did you intentionally use the phrase “color commentary” to see if I was paying attention or so I could add it to my growing list of oxymorons?

    For your Winter party … how about:

    Find some obscure Guinness World Record in the ‘2nd Grade’ class party category and try to BREak it! …

    … Build the tallest ‘craft snowman made out of dryer lint?

    … Using just white styrofoam balls and coffee stirrers, try to build the molecule for Eggnog.”

    … Using a LARGE map of the United States, in just 60-seconds, identify as many city names (as possible) that relate to Winter!

    If any of these (Pike’s) Peak you interest, please write for more details.

    You’re welcome.

    (I was one of the 4th Grade ‘Room Mothers’ back in the late 1980s!

    Disclaimer: These are original ideas and remain my property until we can discuss over a cup of Egg Nog.

  2. Greg says:

    Good luck with Thanksgiving!! and the winter party!!
    Good point – about if they are undocumented -how do we know how long they have been here!! But that is typical of our presidents comments
    – I think he puts very little thought in to them!!
    Honestly his speech sounded like more BS that he has dished out for the last 6 years!! and what he said really does not change anything!! I didn’t hear him say anything about amnesty – only that if they have children and aren’t causing legal problems- he isn’t going to send then home!!
    And at this point I am not sure of why the republicans are so upset about what he said except – he is not following his oath of office to follow the constitution!! and he really has no right by pass congress like he does!! And honestly – what he said was so broad and just in general BS – I would not give him credit for having a policy for dealing with Illegal immigrants !! We do have an immigration policy for all that have followed it -legally!!
    Maybe now that Harry is out of control in the senate – maybe now the republicans might come with a policy on immigration!! along with securing the border – so we do have a better idea of who has been here for ?? whatever amount of time!! Greg

  3. Steve says:

    That the President was against this before he was for it is an old and repetitious story. It is a waste of time debating this President when he is on every side of an issue. There aren’t many issues he has not evolved on.

    We could document every single undocumented person in the country today and still be facing the same issues tomorrow, next week and next year. Namely, is it a crime to enter this country without adhering to the laws currently on the books? If so, what is the penalty?

    If it is not against the law or there is no penalty, then let’s repeal the laws. Let us then quickly extend an invitation and send planes to gather engineers, doctors, physicists, and other highly skilled people to get here ahead of hordes that will have to walk to reach us.

    A side note on documenting people. Can you imagine the political storm that will ensue as to how we actually issue a document to the undocumented? Will it require a picture, be in English, or have to be produced to vote?

    Regarding the religious tone. I think he has figured out what good sales people have know for a long time. The best sales approach is sincerity and once you learn how to fake that, you can close almost anyone.

    Regarding the Christmas party. Do a manger scene but have the 3 wise men be Mohammad, Gandhi, and Netanyahu.

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