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Every year I post this article.  It’s the entry that won me a spot as a Midwest Voices Columnist for the Kansas City Star.  Before this column, I never really wrote anything besides a diary entry.  The contest in the KC Star changed my life.  The journey that started from this entry has been amazing and one that I still can’t believe to this day.  To all the people who have supported me by reading my blog and columns – thank you!  I love reading all your comments (even those who don’t agree with me).  A huge thank you to all the people who post my blogs on Facebook and retweet on Twitter!  Social media is huge to this success of this blog and my social media peeps rule!  To all those who have provided me the opportunity to express my snarky opinion – the KC Star,  KMBZ, KCPT, Crooks and Liars and the KC Post – a huge thank you and a giant hug!

Happy Holidays!



The War on Christmas – Don’t Shoot Until You See the Whites of Their Candy Canes


Every year there is a war declared, but it’s not the ones we are used to hearing.  It’s not the war in Afghanistan, the war on terror, or even the ongoing war on drugs.  This war is declared on talk radio, on public discussion boards and in letters to the editors in newspapers around the country.  What war are you asking?  The War on Christmas!


I am sure you have noticed it.  Walk in any mall, past all of the decorated store fronts, the Santa photo ops, mute your ears from the Christmas Carols playing over the loud speakers and you will find it, those retailers who say the dreaded Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas.  Every year this is always outrage that a City Hall somewhere in America calls a Christmas tree a “Holiday Tree”.    There you have it, the first shot fired in the “War on Christmas”.


I am one of a small minority who do not celebrate Christmas.  I am not one who declares a “War on Christmas”.  I like Christmas, my child celebrates Christmas, as a child myself I was very jealous of those who celebrated Christmas.  I mean what’s not to love? I love the lights, the Christmas carols, the Christmas cookies.  I do not want a nation whose Christian citizens do not acknowledge Christmas.  I just do not think Christmas or any other religious holiday needs to be acknowledged on public property.  That is correct, you read that right, no lights, trees or any other holiday decoration in City Hall, outside of City Hall or displayed on government property.


We have separation of Church and State for a reason in our Constitution.  I value our Constitution and by valuing it I believe we could do without all the decorating of public property.  First, it is tax payer money that goes to decorate public property so there is a savings here in this troubled economy.  Second, it is not like we will be void of all displays of Christmas.  There are houses, retail stores, Churches, private businesses all decorated for Christmas.  Why do we need to blur the lines of our Constitution for a string of lights?  Tradition you say?  I highly doubt our Founding Fathers had a pine tree, some lights and a blow up Santa in a snow globe in mind when they celebrated their season.  I believe they would have been fine if we decided not to put Christmas decorations on public property.  Some traditions are fine to break and we move on.  Save ourselves the headache of this Constitutional debate year after year and just do not do it.  Encourage our Christian citizens to knock themselves out by stepping up their decorating.  Clark Griswald yourselves out this year, bring in live camels and donkeys for your recreation of the Nativity scene if you want. Just keep it off public property.  Trust me; no one will forget its Christmas time.


I officially declare this war over.  Everyone lay down their tinsel and return your candy canes to your trees.  Regardless of what holiday you celebrate or if you choose to not celebrate remember this is a giving season.  Be kind to each other; acknowledge we are all Americans united by our Constitution.  If City Hall lacks decorations life will go on.  Now who is going to send me some delicious Christmas cookies?


13 thoughts on “The War on Christmas – Don’t Shoot Until You See the Whites of Their Candy Canes

  1. David Murphy says:

    “City Hall” is a little vague. What you really mean is schools, right? No Santa Claus, no Merry Christmas in public schools. Is that what you really meant? I think it’s nice to show Hanukkah and Christmas decorations and for kids to enjoy the run up to those celebrations. Why should you get to decide to limit that? Especially if 99% of the students celebrate one of those. Is it 99%? is it 94% What is it exactly? Worth researching I’d bet. Again, if you literally meant only City Halls… or government offices.. I guess you can have that, if it makes you happy.

    When you throw in some heavy emphasis on the commercialized aspects (blow up Santa snow globes, annoying music, cookies) I detect a strong hatred of Christmas there on your part! Why the hate? It’s a politically correct war on Christmas that you are furthering with that piece. You are exuding what you profess to condemn!

    Merry Christmas!

    1. Aimee Patton says:

      Hi Dave,

      I mean everything that is public property – city halls, government buildings, public parks and even public schools. Anything that receives government funding does not need a holiday display of any kind – commercialized or otherwise. Do away with it all. Trust me, we won’t forget that it’s Christmas time. Think of the money we will save (a Republican argument) and there isn’t really a need for it any way. I’m saying that then we should ask our Churches to go crazy and show their Christmas spirit! There is a church on every corner. Trust me, no one would forget it’s Christmas time if we do away with Christmas trees at city hall.

      Happy Holidays,

  2. David Murphy says:

    I think you won your battle! I can’t believe in 2014 there is a public-owned building anywhere that would dare put anything up anymore thanks to all the whining of politically correct purveyors for the past 20 years. I drove past a few churches this morning and I don’t believe even they had any decorations up whatsoever at least on the outside. The City Of Prairie Village has important business to conduct – such as trying to be the bellwether of municipalities for plastic bag banning in the State to prevent Man-Made Global Warming and landfill shortages (oops, those 2 things don’t actually exist!) ! If that’s even on the agenda.. can you believe any person at public-owned place in Prairie Village dare utter the words “Merry Christmas!?” The way you lump churches with a gaudy lawn displays again, check yourself, isn’t grounded in reality. Go easy on that. You come off as leering at any and all church-going folk. Have you actually ever seen a church with a Chevy Chase styled decorative approach? I never have once! So what are you really angry about? I can’t really generalize.. but I have to say, churches are generally not gaudy. I highly recommend you watch the Charlie Brown Christmas Special (award winning in the distant past!)…. doesn’t Linus’s speech give even you goosebumps like it does me? And your efforts might be better spent speaking out against 24 hour a day Christmas song radio stations and the over commercialization of Christmas. Always a worthy discussion.
    Seasons Greetings!

  3. Dail Blake says:


    Thank you for remaining true to your faith with your signature “Happy Holidays.” “Holy” being the basis of the word, wishing “Happy Holidays” to someone is indeed wishing someone a, “Happy Holy-day.”

    Merry Christmas.


    1. Aimee Patton says:

      No problem Dail – I like that, because it doesn’t indicate which holy day I’m indicating meaning I”m being inclusive of all holy days of December! Most of all, Happy Holidays to you! Best wishes….Aimee

  4. Maribeth says:

    Love this article!! Yep, there are plenty of places for the over zealous and even the tasteful decorations. Leave them out of our public spaces, including schools! Keep writing, Aimee! We need more folks like you.

  5. David Murphy says:

    I can read between the lines Aimee. Y o u H A T E Christmas! We get it! Funny your piece makes fun of Righties for starting the “War” when really you and your ilk started it! And just a quick reminder – Christmas is a federal holiday! Or do you want that changed too? Too much church and state mixed there?

    HA HA HA! HO HO HO. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE – even the Christmas haters!!

    1. Aimee Patton says:

      Oh Dave, I suggest you get your eyes checked, because your ability read between the lines kind of sucks. I DON’T hate Christmas. In fact, I love Christmas. I love everything about Christmas – I just don’t think that Christmas should be celebrated by decorating public property. It’s that simple.

      I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas,

  6. David Murphy says:

    The funniest thing is.. I defy you to find any public property today that has any decorations. Post the offensive photo(s) here and then let’s talk. Make your case. Otherwise.. you are just a wet blanket (posing as a “pleasantly eccentric blanket”) on something that harms nobody. Of all the things in the world to be a Debbie Downer about.. this is an odd choice! You may think you are being witty, but to many it comes across as just pissing on Christmas. Why do you think that public employees shouldn’t be allowed to decorate their cubes or the hallway to the water fountain or the receptionist desk or the front door of the building? Who really doesn’t like fun holiday bunting? Life is too short. I question your motivation? Maybe you should plan an annual trip away during the middle of December if you find it all so offensive. All of it should be gone by the weekend after Christmas. You obviously struck a nerve with me. You are Aimee The StayPuft Marshmallow Woman and you are stepping on Christmas! I’m trying to cross the streams on you!

    Season’s Best To You and Yours!

    1. Aimee Patton says:

      Again Dave – I wish you a happy holiday and a healthy New Year.

  7. Steve Fetter says:

    One of my fondest memories is playing the triangle in the Christmas play at my grade school. It was the only instrument I achieved any profiency in my entire life.

    For better or worse, those days are gone.

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and enjoy the Winter Solstice. I will light a candle for all at the Midnight Mass.

  8. Aimee Patton says:

    Merry Christmas Steve. Best wishes for a happy holiday and a healthy New Year! Thanks for commenting and I bet you played a mean triangle!

  9. Dutch says:

    I am curious to read your version of the Constitution, to learn in which Article–or Amendment–“separation of church and state” is stated.

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