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Yesterday was Sam Brownback’s inaugural ball for his second term.  I didn’t attend.  I’1837 (1)_13m suuuurrrreee my invitation was lost in the mail.

One thing is for sure, pot must have suddenly become legal in the state of Kansas, because based on the quotes I am
reading from the event, people were definitely smoking something.

A perfect example is Susan Wagle, Kansas Senate President who praised Brownback’s aggressive tax reform policy and went on to say,

“I am proud to say I was one of the people that voted for that bill, and I thank God that Sam proposed lowering income taxes because I wonder where we would be today if he had not come into office with some grand reform ideas,” Wagle said.

She thanks God for this mess?  Meanwhile God is up there going, what the hell happened to Kansas?  I didn’t have anything to do with this.

Hang on God, I’ve got this.  Where would we be today? (tapping finger and thinking)  To be realistic we would probably be dealing with budget issues like most states, however, we probably wouldn’t be facing a budget cut of $279 million dollars and that’s just this go around.  Our schools wouldn’t be facing a funding crisis that is playing itself out in the courts.  We wouldn’t be in a position where our state is going to have to slash vital services hurting our most vulnerable.  These are just the first thoughts off the top of my head.  I could go on and on, but the Globes are on.

Brownback gave his speech at the ball and focused on faith, which is appropriate since we are unified in praying to God that we get out of this mess.

“We’re moving forward with a faith in God, a faith in our nation’s motto: In God We Trust. We believe in faith, family and freedom.”

Brownback gets officially sworn in tomorrow for his 2nd term as Governor.  One thing we can all agree on….God help us.



One thought on “Brownback Inauguration – Is Pot Suddenly Legal in KS?

  1. Joseph says:

    I want my free stuff, Governor Brownback. Tax the producers and give me my free stuff. I don’t want to have to work, educate my kids, pay for my food, make my rent payments and what about my free cell phone….!?

    Message to anyone upset about Governor Sam…. Get to work. It’s not the job of hard-working Kansans to pay for ANYTHING except perhaps roads. I’m tired of paying for your kids, your food, your cell phone, your rent etc. Get off my back.

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