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Last night was Governor Sam Brownback’s State of the State address to Kansas.  Sure enough the hot topic came up again – school funding.

Recently there was a ruling handed down by the courts that the state had to fund schools to the constitutional level.  That level is decided by a formula.
Regarding this decision, Brownback said,
“For decades now, Kansas has struggled under a school finance formula which is designed not to be understood, to frustrate efforts at accountability and efficiency,” he said. “A formula designed to lock in automatic, massive increases in spending unrelated to actual student populations or improved student achievement.”

Read more here:


Because math is hard.


Formulas are hard.


I know sweetie.  I struggled in math.  I’m more of a history girl.  History tells me that the state hasn’t been funding our schools to an “adequate” and constitutional level which has brought about these lawsuits in the first place.  Instead of funding our schools as the ruling states, the government is going to change the formula.


Because math is hard.


I bet you didn’t know that I am also psychic.  If this were a podcast, I would be doing this in my best Long Island accent just like Teresa Caputa TLC’s Long Island psychic.  I am now going to predict the future.


I see a formula change for funding Kansas schools dictated by the Kansas legislature.  I see that formula change coming out with less funding per student then the current formula-significantly less.  


You heard it here first folks.  If my prediction comes true in 2015, I will quit my day job and set up my own psychic hotline like Sly Stallone’s mom, Jackie Stallone.


I wonder if 800-Ask-Aimee is taken?



3 thoughts on “KS School Funding Formula 1+1=3

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    Thanks, Aimee – I’ve been enjoying your posts for quite some time now. And even tho I reside in that Left-coast bastion of communistic Liberals called California, I try to stay informed about what’s going on in the rest of this great country. It’s just SO amazing that these die-hard Rethuglicans absolutely refuse to admit that trickle-down economics don’t work, and are hell-bent on making the poor and middle-class pay for their mistakes, that sometimes I think my head might explode.

    But so far, that hasn’t happened, so while there’s breath, there’s hope. And you might recommend to the Hon. Gov. Brownback that he look into a certain medical procedure known as a “Complete Cranial Extraction from the Rectal Cavity.” Miracles DO happen, and you could also tell him that classes and support groups are available, to help prevent relapse/remission.

    (The medical professionals I’ve spoken to have told me that, even tho relapse/remission is quite common in these cases, the procedure can be repeated as often as necessary, with little or no deleterious side-effects.)

    Yours in truthiness, and please feel free to copy and paste, or quote me outright,

    Dennis C

  2. Brownback’s goal, as he admits, is a state with no income tax. The result should be people fleeing the state. If you have kids, you owe them this. RUN AWAY!

    1. themadkansan says:

      …there’s no money in the budget for moving. “Job Creators”, don’tchakno…


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