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Everything is so great in Kansas that our lawmakers in Topeka are looking for things to keep them busy these days.  Education is strong, our budget is balanced and new businesses are flooding to Kansas.  That is why our lawmakers are spending two days, yes TWO days having a hearing on strengthening Kansas marriages.

Hang on an important bulletin was just handed to me….

Well this is awkward.  Turns out education funding is in crisis, our budget is far from balanced and new business….well flooding here isn’t exactly a phrase that I would use.

Regardless of these outstanding issues, our lawmakers are still making time and spending taxpayer dollars debating how to strengthen marriage in Kansas.

Kansas marriages are in crisis.  Evidently, it is super easy to get a divorce in this state, because we are a no-fault divorce state and that is a HUGE problem for our lawmakers.  In full disclosure, I am divorced.  One would think that my divorce took over a year to complete and it was a very painful process.

You would be wrong!

One day I just woke up and decided I don’t want to be married anymore.  Once I said that statement the weirdest thing happened.  A divorce fairy showed up and waved her magic wand.  POOF!  I was suddenly divorced without a care in the world.

Thank God lawmakers are taking it into their hands to make this process harder.  Thank goodness we have them following along the GOP party line of more government in people’s lives.  Forcing people away from no-fault divorce and into marriage counseling and waiting periods is just the type of thing that people will appreciate when they think of government intruding in their private lives.

“The impact of family strength and decline is not just a moral issue or a traditional issue. It is a civil well-being issue,” Stanton said.

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I don’t know about you, but I love to look to my government when it comes to improving my civil well-being.

Another urgent bulletin was just handed to me.  Evidently, more government in people’s lives is a complaint with the Democrats NOT with the Republicans.  Dang, I’m really off tonight.  Maybe that bulletin should go to the Republican lawmakers in Topeka.  Looks like they forgot.

Anyhoo…when I was researching divorce in Kansas the weirdest thing came up.  Evidently, Governor Brownback submitted a grant with the Obama administration in 2011 for $6.6 million dollars to strengthen marriage in the state of Kansas.  I’m guessing the outcome of that grant wasn’t so great since we now need a hearing four years later.

That leads us to where we are now spending even more tax dollars on the hearing on strengthening marriage and ultimately getting rid of no-fault divorce in Kansas.  You can add waiting periods if you want or take away no-fault divorce in Kansas, however I will leave you with this little nugget that hopefully you will consider in your hearing:

Even during the initial period when divorce rates were increasing, several positive trends accompanied the transition to no-fault. The economists Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers of the University of Pennsylvania report that states that adopted no-fault divorce experienced a decrease of 8 to 16 percent in wives’ suicide rates and a 30 percent decline in domestic violence.

I’m sure Focus on the Family who is providing testimony at the hearing won’t be reporting on that.  I hope you enjoy day two of the hearing.  I’m sure the other pressing issues in Kansas can wait.  Please continue to spend our tax dollars.  We’ve got plenty (wink, wink).




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