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You might have heard me this morning.  I dusted off my old pom poms and started my old cheers from back when I was a junior high cheerleader – “We’re #1, we can’t be #2, we’re going to kick the snot out of you! Gooooooo Kansas!”

Why am I so excited about being #1?

Kansas beat out the 49 other states at something.  It’s not often that happens, but when it does I want to grab my pom poms and cheer about it!

Was it for being #1 at education?  Ding.  Try again.dTreE6rXc

Was it for being #1 at job growth?  Ding. Try again.

Was it for being the healthiest state in the nation?  Ding. You are out!

It was because (cue up the marching band) all states showed falling uninsured rates but one -Kansas.

Who says when we put our minds to something we don’t succeed?

Kansas, of course, is one of more than 30 states that opted not to set up its own state exchange, or marketplace, under Obamacare. And it’s one of 22 states that have declined to expand Medicaid.


And now we are #1 in a rise of uninsured people in the country! Woohoo!!!  Tell me again why opting out of setting up our own exchange was a good idea and why not expanding Medicaid helps Kansas?

Staying in cheerleading mode, I’m moving on to Senate Bill 123 or as I like to call it – Gimme a M, Gimme an O, Gimme a N, Gimme an E, Gimme a Y – what’s that spell?  Money!  Money! Money! This bill would allow KanCare to decide what anti-psychotic medications could be prescribed to mentally ill patients.  Forget the doctor.  Forget what the patient needs.  It’s now between KanCare and….well KanCare.

I found this little nugget from the hearing,

The committee’s chairwoman, Sen. Mary Pilcher-Cook, a Republican from Shawnee, set aside 20 minutes for the bill’s proponents, 20 minutes for its opponents and 20 minutes for questions. The 15 opponents’ comments were each limited to about 90 seconds, while the five proponents were limited to four minutes. “I’m sorry, but we have so many people who’ve signed up to testify that’s all the time we have,” said Pilcher-Cook, addressing a packed hearing room. – See more at:

That seems about right.  The opponents get less time than the proponents, but she is sooooo sorry (wink wink).

I thought that lawmakers in Kansas were only in the role of playing doctor when it came to women’s lady parts, but turns out they also play doctor when it comes to knowing the what the right types of drugs are for the mentally ill in our state.

Since 2002, state law has guaranteed Medicaid patients access to whatever behavioral health drugs their physician or psychiatrist sees fit to prescribe. Senate Bill 123 would change that, allowing the state to develop policies for deciding how, after July 1, mental health drugs would be prescribed. The three managed care organizations in KanCare would implement the policies. According to Kansas Department of Health and Environment Acting Secretary Susan Mosier, tightening the prescription processes would improve beneficiaries’ health and likely save the state $8.3 million. – See more at:

The state wants to get involved in prescribing drugs to the mentally ill so they can save a buck?  Gimme a B!  Gimme a R…..Oh hell Gimme a freaking break.  This is beyond outrageous.  It’s just plain wrong.

Welcome to Kansas – we’re #1 in uninsured and #1 in not treating our mentally ill with respect! Goooooo Kansas!



10 thoughts on “My Kansas cheer for the week! Gimme a B…Gimme a R….Oh hell…Gimme a Break!

  1. Oh, that’s scary. I worked at a community mental health facility for a little over two years, and one of the most important things I learned is that all patients react differently to different drugs, and what works for one absolutely may not work for another. Our most severely mentally ill aren’t in a position to pay for the best drug out of pocket, either.

    Can you point me to a news story about our #1 status? I’ve seen other people post the detail, but I can’t find a legitimate news article making that announcement.

      1. Thanks! I’ve seen people posting about this today, but no one had posted the link!

  2. Jeff Russell says:

    One of your best Kiddo.

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Aimee Patton says:

    Thanks Jeff! I appreciate it 🙂

  4. darla says:

    I’m grab my pom poms and join you but A. I have no pom poms and B. all that cheering gives me a headache. You make me laugh even when I cheerfully disagree.

  5. Yell Leader says:

    RE: This bill would allow KanCare to decide what anti-psychotic medications could be prescribed to mentally ill patients.

    Kind of hit close to home, and touched a nerve, huh Aimee? (Readers please reference previous blog comment concerning Aimee’s hearing voices emanating from 1729 Grand, KCMO)

    For those wholly unfamiliar with the concept of free enterprise/free markets, there does exist the phenomenon commonly known as “you get what you pay for.” And specifically, those who don’t pay for their own merchandise/services should not find it surprising that they have a restricted menu of options. A dining analogy is perhaps in order: If you’re personally footing the bill for dinner, then by all means select anything you wish and as much as you like. On the other hand, if you’re dining on the taxpayer’s dime, then no steak and lobster for you, but rather soup and sandwiches are apropos.

    Gimme a F….gimme a R…..gimme a U…..gimme a G……gimme a A……gimme a L
    That’s right, Team FRUGAL is not fancy, but they get the job done.

    Aimee, you can put away your gold lame pom poms now.

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