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According to my favorite Budget Director S2 – Shawn Sullivan, Kansas is facing a 6.2% across the board budget cut if the House and Senate can’t pass a tax increase. This is in addition to the cuts in education funding the state already experienced earlier this year. I thought I would repost this blog from a while ago that still applies. I’m sure with all the great national press our state is receiving on our revenue drama, teachers are lining up to help shape young minds in Kansas. If you are thinking about becoming a teacher in Kansas, bring your own books, your own paper and be ready to spend your own money. Application lines form to the left….


Dear Future Teachers,education_just_ahead_resized


Springtime is here and soon you will be graduating and starting your new career as a teacher. I’m sure you have already started thinking about where you will go this fall to put down roots. I realize the whole country is an option -each state having great schools and lovely communities to choose from. Kansas also has great schools and beautiful communities, however, here is what sets Kansas apart from other states and why you should consider Kansas when making your decision on where to start teaching this fall.


1. In Kansas you will get to enjoy a school funding fight that will rival most reality television shows. Remember Real Housewives of New York when there was the epic fight that resulted in t-shirts that said Team Bethany or Team Jill? Here in Kansas, we have a school funding formula fight that has its own Twitter hashtag – #FundTheFormula. Love a challenge? As a teacher, you will be on the front lines of the battle where you will get to figure out how to do more with less – much less when the lawmakers continue to reduce funding to the schools to unconstitutional levels.


2. Are you generally lazy and not a big fan of advanced placement courses? No problem – so is Kansas! Kansas introduced HB 2292

House Bill 2292 would compel Kansas school districts to return to reading, math, science and other standards that were in place in 2010, before the state adopted its Common Core-inspired Kansas College and Career Ready Standards.


Instead of being progressive with curriculum, why not rollback the clock by getting rid of those AP classes? If you are like me and think being “career ready” is really overrated, then Kansas is for you! ;Think about it – as an AP teacher you have to be on top of your game. If Kansas gets rid of AP classes, less work for you! It’s a perfect fit!


3. Finally, I saved the best for last. Are you a teacher who likes to live on the edge? Are you an English teacher who teaches Toni Morrison, but likes a little risk in her life? Well Kansas is the place for you! Kansas just passed in the Senate SB 56 – a bill that can prosecute teachers for teaching “obscenity” to students. You read that right – prosecute, not discipline or reprimand, but prosecute.


Teachers question who would make the determination about what’s pornography. Earlier in the week, Rep. Joseph Scapa, R-Wichita, called a book by Toni Morrison, a Nobel Prize-winning author, pornographic.


Somebody might want to clue in Oprah that her movie Beloved is considered pornography here in Kansas. In other states, issues with required reading can be worked out between the teachers, the parents and the school district – but that’s just crazy talk here in Kansas! We love d-r-a-m-a (see point #1). This bill was introduced back in 2007, and everyone thought it was cray-cray back then. Leave it to Kansas to dust it off and bring it back from the past!


As you make your decision consider a few things – the children are wonderful and ready to learn. The parents are engaged and a trusted partner in their children’s education. The districts are doing everything they can with what they have. The lawmakers….well just log on Twitter and follow the hashtag.


Good luck with your new career and we hope to see you in Kansas this fall.








6 thoughts on “A letter to new teachers on why they should teach in Kansas! #ksleg

  1. Clearly, Kansas is jealous that Arizona is becoming the “crazy cat lady” of public district school funding. Our governor says he advocates “more dollars” to the classroom, a great sound bite, but his plan has no basis in the reality of public schools. No surprise since his kids go to private parochial school and all of his education advisors are from the for-profit charter school industry

  2. Steve Fetter says:

    A couple more thoughts for new teachers in Kansas.

    1. It is very difficult to get a job here. Despite all the negativity espoused in our local media, there is a waiting list of new teachers eager to join the local district.

    2. You will have the finest facilities supported by a healthy and ever growing bureaucracy, to guide you in your daily activities.

    3. Kansas will spend over $10,000 per student, exclusive of buildings and fixed capital costs, to educate your pupils. Smart boards, iPads, wifi, and almost every other hi tech device will be made available to you and you will not be expected to increase reading, writing, or math scores from the results achieved with chalk and erasers.

    4. It will be important to indoctrinate the youngsters in the intricacies of political correctness and sensativies towards an alphabet of victims. See the aforementioned # 2 for the details as they are apt to change.

    5. Once you clear the hurdles to become a teacher, you can expect continuous employment with favorable personnel reviews and a lot of vacation days, even in your 1st year of employment.

    Good luck with your new career and we do indeed hope to see you in Kansas this fall.

  3. bambijo says:

    Now with the new cuts that school districts are facing, it doesn’t sound like many people will have a choice of whether or not to become a teacher in Kansas.

    I have two years left before I have my degree in Early Childhood. I had never imagined that I would be thinking about leaving Kansas, because this is my home. Now I’m fairly certain that my family and I will be leaving the state after I graduate. I hate this. My kids were born here and love being close to friends and family. Now I’m just hoping that my university isn’t too badly hit by budget cuts and I can finish my education.

  4. Rick Cooley says:

    Everyday I seem to read something even worse coming from Topeka. Now they want to raise the most regressive taxes and keep cutting everything worth funding. Good luck to you all. Hopefully, you can at least replace your legislature next year.

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