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This past week Kansas passed SB 45 and it’s on its way to the Governor Brownback’s desk for signing.


What is Senate Bill 45?  SB 45 allows new drivers the ability to start driving a car without any training and without a driver’s test.  All a new driver has to do is buy a car, jump in the driver’s seat and drive way.  New driver’s should just instinctively know how to drive a car and SB 45 trusts them to do just that.


“Driving a car is a lifestyle,” said a Kansas lawmaker and supporter of the bill. “The government should trust its citizens.”


That’s just crazy talk Aimee!  Think of all the accidents and deaths that would occur if people were operating cars without any proper training?


Oh snap! You caught me!  SB 45  isn’t about driving a car and the Kansas lawmaker didn’t say that.


Swap out the word “car” for “gun” and that is really what SB 45 is all about.  SB 45 does away with any required training when obtaining a firearm.  The bill also allows for conceal and carry in the state of Kansas without a permit.


Of course, the NRA  backs the bill saying, “SB 45 is a necessary update to concealed carry in Kansas, allowing law-abiding gun owners the ability to better protect themselves and their loved ones.”


Better protect their loved ones?  How exactly does a permit stand in the way of someone protecting their families?  As we all ponder that for a moment, here is the real quote from the Kansas lawmaker….


“Carrying a gun is a lifestyle,” said Rep. Travis Couture-Lovelady, R-Palco. “The government should trust its citizens.”

Read more here

Carrying a gun is a lifestyle?  These same lawmakers say being gay is a lifestyle.   I’m curious what else is a lifestyle?  Who knows – maybe being a snarky blog writer is a lifestyle?  I’m living an exciting lifestyle – typing a blog on a Saturday night.


Now, I’m still laughing over the part where the government should just TRUST  its citizens to know how to use guns. Kiss gun accidents goodbye!  I’m suuurrreee a weekend watching Tom Cruise movies and shooting at old tin cans will be p-l-e-n-t-y to get new gun owners up to speed.


Now before you fire up your 140 characters on twitter with the hashtag #2ndamendment – we’ve been to this rodeo before.   I’m not debating your right to own a gun.   I challenge you to tell me why it’s unreasonable to ask that a gun owner be properly trained.  And saying, “just cause the 2nd amendment” isn’t a reasonable answer.


This is an issue that should unite gun control advocates and gun rights advocates.  Reach out to Governor Brownback.  Tell him not to pass this bill without reasonable gun training added to it.

Governor Sam Brownback
(877) 579-6757


15 thoughts on “SB 45 – send message to Brownback that KS should require training to own a gun

  1. bobarmi says:

    Your ignorance of the gun laws in Kansas is embarrassing. Any responsible journalist would do a minimum of research in to the subject, but then again you’re just a blogger. My be you should stick to naked statues in the park.

    1. Aimee Patton says:

      Hi Bob! It’s been a while. Hope your well. Aimee

  2. galfromkansas says:

    Thanks for another insightful arguement. Great job!

    1. Aimee Patton says:

      Thank you and thanks for reading!

  3. ed says:

    Arkansas has had this same law since 2013. Anybody hear of any massacres involving guns? No, me either. Vermont has this gun law and gay rights laws. Are the Liberals complaining up there?

    In Missouri its been legal to carry a loaded firearm in your vehicle for ages without a permit.

  4. alm81 says:

    Your ignorance on gun laws is amazing. Just so you know. Anyone who is of a certain age can purchase a firearm pending an FBI background check. There has never been any training required to purchase a firearm. Bill SB45 in no way will male it easier to obtain a gun. All this does is allow the concealed carry of a firearm without a licence in a state where open carry without a license is already allowed.

    1. Aimee Patton says:

      Gee…thanks for the warm fuzzies! if I’m so stupid then why lawmaker outrage that the bill didn’t include 8 hours of training?

      1. Greg says:

        well I dont recall you being terribly impressed with our lawmakers before either!! hah

  5. Siggy says:

    Seems whenever I check out this witty blogger’s musings, I go from “amber waves of grain” to “ample waves of pain” in the span of minutes!

    Today, it appears that Ms. Patton has returned to her favorite whipping boy, Governor Brownback, fulfilling the Democrat adage “when in doubt, blame a Republican!”

    And what has Aimee’s goat this time you ask? Well, it seems she’s fretting over Kansas SB 45….I “kid” you not! So, is SB 45 some Bloombergian 45 ounce limit on single beverage containers? An Obamacare death panel upper age limit for patients in need of chemotherapy? No, and no. Kansas SB 45 has been described by some as: “SB 45 is a necessary update to concealed carry in Kansas, allowing law-abiding gun owners the ability to better protect themselves and their loved ones.” Oh my! Brace yourself Dorothy! You know how those law-abiding folks can be!

    Now, in her opening remarks, Ms. Patton enjoyed a little game of word substitution with her readers. But turnabout is fair play, so let’s turn the table on Ms. Smarty Pants, and following her lead we’ll substitute “parenthood” in place of “driving a car”!!

    Now continuing with our game of substitution, let’s repeat Ms. Fancy Pant’s argument, shall we?
    “SB 45 allows new parents the ability to start parenting without any training and without a parent test. All a new parent has to do is make a baby, jump in the parent’s seat and lead the way. New parent’s should just instinctively know how to parent a child and SB 45 trusts them to do just that.”

    Wowee!! I think we just made a mockery of Ms. Patton’s legislative logic.

    Furthermore, Ms. Leaning Tower of Liberalism laughingly equates others comments on “lifestyle” asking the reader, “I’m curious what else is a lifestyle?” Well perhaps Ms. Patton, choosing to be a parent is a lifestyle decision. Just a thought.

    Just to drive home the core viewpoint of this Snarky Sunflower, allow me to lift a passage slightly out of context (thank you, dear reader)….it goes like this: “I’m still laughing over the part where the government should just TRUST its citizens.” Do you see now who we’re dealing with? The maniacal machinations of a madwoman!!

    At this time dear reader, I’d like to broach the subject of “Liberal Lunacy” and ask a small favor of you. This is an issue that should unite both mental health advocates and individual rights advocates. Reach out to Governor Brownback. Tell him not to pick on liberals who haven’t received the proper mental health training. “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

    Governor Sam Brownback
    (877) 579-6757

    (we thank Ms. Patton for being a snarky good sport, and hope she receives the appropriate help)

  6. Larry Graham says:

    instead of comparing it to a car compare it to walking do you still need a licenseor government training

  7. neilaplin says:

    If you play with fire, expect to get burnt now and then. If you don’t value your childrens safety and lives, don’t worry about gun ownership and use, accidents will happen and you just have to accept the consequences. Foolish people do foolish things and people get hurt – that’s life. Some Americans are prepared to take these risks, and obviously don’t value their children’s lives. I guess they’ll all be taken out of the gene pool in the end. Such a shame we have to leave these things to natural selection and evolution, instead of critical thinking and the use of things like logic and intelligence.

  8. Joe says:

    There is a reason why most mass shootings occur in “safe gun free zones”. Creating these zones creates a giant target for armed criminals with no fear of return fire. If you want to live somewhere like that then leave Kansas and move to Chicago. Their firearms related crime has skyrocketed since they have removed firearms from the law abiding citizens hands. Legal gun owners have been carrying openly for years in Kansas without issue and without a permit requirement. This bill allows those same people to put a jacket over the same gun that they have been carrying for years. I dont see any issue at all. The states who have passed it before us have had reduced crime rates since the law has been in place. It makes it a hostile environment for would be criminals.

    1. Greg says:

      And I believe the crime rate has dropped since the Chicago area has changed it stance on people owning guns in that city!! Great example!!

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