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Governor Brownback did it today.  He signed SB 45 known as the Constitutional Carry Bill.  From Ammoland Sporting news (yes, I occasionally read Ammoland Sporting News),

“The bill restores second amendment rights in Kansas close to what they were when the Bill of Rights was ratified on December 15, 1791.”

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Woohoo! Here’s to restoring the second amendment rights to what they were back in the good old days of 1791.  Those were the days.  Women couldn’t vote or own property.  It was 79 years before blacks had the right to vote.  And the kicker in all of this is that a gun in 1791 is not what a gun is in 2015.  To load a gun in 1791, you could start the loading process take a break, have lunch and get back to loading the process and then after about three hours fire the darn thing.  You would likely miss your target and then have to start the whole thing over again. You could figure firing about 2-3 shots in a 24 hour period of time.

Fast forward to 2015.  Guns now fire 2-3 shots in a matter of seconds.  Why not dial back that constitutional clock and apply the same standards back then to today?  Forget training and permits.  It maker peerrrrfffeecctt sense.

Gov. Sam Brownback pledged to sign legislation Thursday allowing Kansas adults to carry concealed firearms without first obtaining a license or undergoing weapon training.

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After reading Ammoland about SB 45, the article pointed out that other states considered passing this same legislation, but decided it was too radical and decided not to pass it.

Kansas take a bow- you beat out other states like Montana, West Virginia and even Mississippi in radical gun legislation.  Think about that for a second – West Virginia decided that this gun bill was too radical even for their state. When I think of sensible, West Virginia isn’t a state that immediately comes to mind. .

But Kansas was like no worries.  We’re good with crazy and we’ll pass it.  No problem!

It’s a sad day in Kansas and one that we can only hope doesn’t end in more unnecessary, accidental gun deaths, but I won’t hold my breath.




18 thoughts on “Sad Day in KS – Gov Brownback Signs Gun Law SB 45

  1. Richard Conti says:

    Hi Aimee. I sincerely believe your hyperventilating for nothing. You don’t have to concern yourself with loosing your voting rights or loosing your right to own property and this law doesn’t apply to whites only. All Kansan’s will have their right to bear arms restored. It is too bad that we don’t live in a perfect world where lambs lie down with lions but it is what it is and we must live with the reality that there are bad guys out there that would prey on you and anyone else they put in their crosshairs. This law goes a long way to level the playing field. I carry a firearm not only to protect myself and property but also to protect others around me. Law enforcement can’t be everywhere all the time. There are a lot of us that are armed and if that makes you feel uncomfortable you might think about what it would be like to live in a part of this great country where law abiding citizens are disarmed and the bad guys are the ones that are.
    I do appreciate your position and thank you for voicing your opinion. This is just one of the things that makes this a great state and a great country.
    Be safe.

    1. Aimee Patton says:

      Thanks for commenting. My outrage stems mostly from the gun deaths of the children of poorly trained/not trained gun owners who will “accidentally kill their children because of stupid mistakes involving guns. I’m not worried about my safety. I’m worried about young lives taken early for no reason except to take reasonable measures like training out of gun laws. It is senseless to me.. Nobody advocates for these young people. I want to help give them a voice. Thanks again for commenting.

    2. Kade says:

      Their rights to bear arms restored? To what? What was given up and when?

  2. Kenny says:

    Aimee, let me first start by saying I grew up in a family that was against any kind of gun. It hasn’t been until this last year my mind has shifted on this whole issue. Our nation and world has changed to days that are different from the days that you and I grew up with based upon the age I assume you to be ( 29 right? 🙂 ) The popular social stance is guns are bad stay away. That is how I was raised but here are the facts. Guns are no worse then the person on the other end of them. Laws are not for those who obey but for those who don’t. I know many responsible persons who are or will carry guns to protect them and others. This law allows many responsible people to NOT be limited in response to what bad people do. The popular response is well many more bad people will get more guns now or people without training will be a problem. The truth is these people are problems without this law thus the purpose of this law is to level the playing field. Kansas is a great state and this Gov. is doing a great Job of aligning this state with common sense, no politics solutions to everyday problems. I know many won’t agree with me as we sit here today, however in the next few years as this nation is brought to its knees by corruption, fiscal responsibility, threats to America from many foreign nations etc. you might feel differently. Thanks for your time in reading this.

    1. Aimee Patton says:

      Thanks for taking the time to read and reply. I respectfully disagree with most of your points but agree that KS is a great state with people like you! Aimee

    2. Martin says:

      I find it hard to comprehend how anyone can say Brownback is “doing a great job of aligning this state with common sense, no politics solutions to everyday problems.”

      Since when was getting a permit an everyday problem. That was a political move if I have ever seen one. Tackling this has nothing to do with getting the state on the right track.

      How can there be a scenario where with more guns, there is less harm/death? Someone explain that equation.

      1. Kenny says:

        Martin the easiest way to comprehend is to understand the facts to help make or form an opinion. Here is the truth about the statistics of gun safety and accidents. These are provided by the FBI and the CDC. Based on your logic we should pass laws to eliminate cars due to drunk driving. over 32,000 deaths in 2013 (2014 stats not out yet) Is it the cars or the poor decisions of those behind the wheel of those cars? The leading cause of death is obesity in the US followed by smoking and heart disease. I don’t see outlawing big macs, french fries or pop anytime soon do you? what about cigarettes? What about bacon or GMO’s? What about pharmaceuticals that cause more deaths than guns in america? I hope this clears things up a little. Are forefathers implemented a great blueprint for our nation, that’s why we are the longest running democracy in world history. Why is it falling apart now? because we are trying to change it. Stick with what makes this nation great.

        Amiee thanks for your heart for children. I agree these are tragic. Consider how many parents smoke around their kids filling their lungs, parents not disciplining their kids turning them into an entitlement generation, feeding their kids junk food all the time leading to obesity, over stimulating their kids in sports with no down time leading them to drugs and alcohol to escape the pressures. All of these are harmful and can lead to suicide. The point here is this. Good parents do their job and bad parents don’t. Restrictions to freedom doesn’t help it hurts. Thanks again for your ear. Have a great day to you both. 🙂

  3. Robert Merritt says:

    Dont hold your breath Aimee. Check out these mortality fast facts.

  4. SinclairL says:

    Zenith resident and prolific liberal blogger, Aimee Patton, renounces her home state of Winnemac for the governor’s recent signing of SB 45, the Constitutional Carry Bill.

    As is her pattern, Ms. Patton has taken to the Main Street electronic square, to offer her soapbox soliloquy lamenting political progress.

    Unfortunately, by her second paragraph, she’s lost in space, hurtling through time to the year 1791!! After speeding down dead-end tangents like women’s suffrage and civil rights, Ms. Patton proceeds to offer a lesson in Musket Loading for Dummies. What these topics have to do with SB 45, the reader is left to imagine for themselves.

    Next, the blogging time-traveller lands in Kansas and finds the state of affairs decidedly too conservative for her liberal inner-child.


    KANSAS….Love It Or Leave It!!

    1. Inspector Callahan says:

      Exactly 100% Agree, Communist Liberals can’t stand anybody having special rights, but them !!!

      1. Aimee Patton says:

        Thanks for commenting inspector! What special rights to I have exactly?

  5. arasta says:

    “personal responsibility(..) its not something the government can mandate” says Brownback. yet a license is required (i.e. by governmental mandate) to drive a car, if not insurance for your vehicle as a point of personal responsibility. if restrictions to freedom dont help, but hurt, you must be perfectly fine with no driving tests and open slather on the roads?

    if you feel that a license to drive – i.e. a ‘restriction’ to freedom – is enforceable on the road why not for weapons? why is it helpful and not hurtful to regard vehicular operation – which can if improperly operated kill the driver or others around them – as something that should be controlled; and a weapon – which can also be improperly operated with the same results – as something that should be treated in the opposite manner?

    i am curious that the government already regards several behaviours as ‘special rights’ and regulates them – have done so for decades and by both parties. Am i to think they are all communists, then?

    1. Kenny says:

      Are you not aware that a young individual without a license can operate farming equipment, that’s a vehicle, so should the government not allow your kids to operate on a farm? Because they can get hurt? It’s called FREEDOM. People have choices, when they make those choices there will be consequences good or bad and it’s up to parents as adults to raise kids to be upstanding citizens. Funny how back then at 13 kids were married and lived productive lives and had hard work ethics because that’s how they were raised and you bring up liscenses and cars lol funny!

      1. arasta says:

        you have conflated a special circumstance – farmlands; offroad, with what i specifically identified i.e. on public roads. a completely different circumstance. you certainly do have freedom on private property; but if you wish to operate a vehicle on public property that freedom no longer applies; you must have a license or else be in legal jeopardy. all the fluff about past eras with kids married at 13 is really deflection and besides the point.

        quit living in the past; we are in the 21st century now.

  6. P. Shuman says:

    What would Wyatt Earp do?

  7. Barry says:

    Aimee, while you clearly have the right to your opinion, how about a little enlightenment:

    1. Your 1791 comparisons have virtually nothing to do with this modern day subject, and your musket loading description is false to a ridiculous level. You must know that the reloading description is false, so why even waste your time writing it? Oh, and regarding the 2-3 bullets in a matter of seconds, modern firearms can actually fire much faster than that.

    2. Your fears about children being shot when weapons are cleaned has ZERO relevance to the concealed carry subject, but if that’s all ya got – go for it.

    3. The states that enacted similar laws before us did NOT experience what you’ve predicted. It just hasn’t happened, anywhere – why do you ignore that?

    4. When will it finally become clear to you and those like you (you know, those who simply have an overwhelming fear of firearms in general and therefore throw all facts and logic out the window in exchange for your feelings) recognize the reality that all of your predictions of “people shooting each other over parking spaces and car accidents and at Chiefs games just because they can now carry a gun” NEVER END UP HAPPENING? If it never happens, why do you continue predicting it? (See answer above…).

    5. Whether you like it or not, the FACT is that while gun ownership and additional open carry and concealed carry have literally skyrocketed nationwide over the last several years, gun related deaths have continued to DROP during the same time period. People are SAFER, gun crimes have DROPPED, and gun deaths have DROPPED. These are FBI crime statistical FACTS, not OPINIONS. In the age of the ObamaGod, wouldn’t you think that if there’s any chance that the numbers have gone up, that they’d list them? But they’re NOT.

    6. Here’s another little FACT for you, (being that I’ll bet you trumpeted the “ban the Bushmaster” horn after Sandy Hook, even though Bushmasters are merely one of hundreds of AR-15 brands out there, and that AR-15s are but one out of thousands of types of rifles available in the US), you have a greater chance of being stomped or beaten to death than you do getting killed by someone using a rifle of ANY kind.

    So, in summary, your opinions on this subject are simply wrong. They’re WRONG, Aimee. They’re INCORRECT, based on the FACTS. And when you respond to people who are listing these facts that you “respectfully disagree” with them, it’s quite frankly very immature. You see, that’s the thing with facts – THEY’RE FACTS!!!

    Oh, one more thing, you’ve got “maker” up there vs. “makes” – please fix it….

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