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Dear Clay,14354454_0

I had to reach out to you.  It is rare that you and I have something in common, but we did the other day when we both read the story about the Topeka waitress who served Governor Brownback at the Boss Hawg restaurant. The waitress crossed out the tip line and wrote, “Tip the Schools” on the receipt in reference to the education crisis that Kansas is dealing with.


I think you and I both had the same reaction:


1. I have to go to Topeka pronto and eat at a restaurant named Boss Hawg’s (said only in the deepest southern accent with an emphasis on the word hhhaaawwwgg)

2. The restaurant has the best tagline in the world – Terrifying Vegetarians since 1995


As excellent as these two points are, that’s not what we are focusing on here today.  We are focused on the waitress and her political statement when all our Governor wanted to do was eat his dinner.  The receipt has gone viral and various news stations around Kansas have posted this story to their Facebook page.


As the Executive Director of the Kansas Republican Party, you took the brave stance and replied to one of the station’s Facebook post with this comment, “So you are publicizing her arrogant stupidity and utter ignorance. Typical liberal KS media.”


I couldn’t agree with you more Clay.  Waitresses at local Bar-b-Que joints are often THE most arrogant people around.  I mean who does she think she is?  She’s acting like she’s the Executive Director of the Republican Party.  The nerve of some people….


And don’t get me started on her utter ignorance! How dare she ask for more funding for our schools.  She just needs to get used to schools closing early for the summer due to lack of funding.  I mean you and the other Republicans are sleeping like babies at night as a result of the education cuts even if it does hurt Kansas kids.


I loved, loved, loved how you pushed back on the local media when they questioned you about the Facebook post,


“And yes it is perfectly in line with the party’s role – we get to say what everyone is thinking,” Barker said. “Why would the Kansas media, well-known for its frequent liberal, anti-Brownback disposition, go to such lengths to highlight a rude comment from a single individual?”

Barker concluded: “Where are the stories of the thousands of people who have said complimentary things about the governor?”


Snap!  You say it like it is.  That comment was rude.  I just think the rude part where she calls Brownback a bastard was written in invisible ink, but it was there!  You and I both know it was there.


I’m so glad you and your party are there to say what everyone else is thinking, because we were all thinking how rude it was for this woman to ask that Kansas children get a quality education funded appropriately by our Kansas government.


You are correct in saying that there are thousands of Kansans who say good things about our Governor every day.  I went to Twitter and asked fellow Kansans to say nice things about our Governor.  Here are some of the responses,


“Governor Sam Brownback has a good head of hair.”

as far as I know, he’s never built a Death Star”

“He always has well-clipped nose hair.”

“He hasn’t blocked me on Twitter yet”

The list goes on and on.


Now if you could help me figure out who to name as my jerk of the week.  I’m having trouble figuring out who to pick.  For some reason the name Clay keeps popping up in my mind.







6 thoughts on “Ooooh Snap! Clay Barker – KS GOP calls out the waitress asking for more education funding

  1. Kansaswoman says:

    Did she spit in his food? THAT would be rude.

  2. I love a good sarcastic smack-down of an arrogant political wanker who isn’t qualified for a real job, so has some gig called “party chairman”, whatever the hell they do. Maybe he should get a real job, contributing to the economy – you know like waiting tables.

  3. nedhamson says:

    Reblogged this on Ned Hamson Second Line View of the News and commented:
    You said it well!

  4. Wade Honey says:

    Oh, Lort…this made me blow lemonade out my nose. Now THAT’S rude! Seriously, though…this whole thing was spot on. She was ever so much nicer than I’d have been had I been forced to wait on Brownback (and yes, I would had to have been forced to).

  5. bclaymoore says:


  6. Mary Bean says:

    Clay is a good name to put to of the Jerk list !! This guy is unbelievable !!

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