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We are all well aware that the state of Kansas has been undergoing major cuts to education as a result of the drastic Brownback tax cuts that left the state with a serious revenue problem. The state responded to the education funding crisis by implementing a block-grant funding bill that has still left Kansas schools underfunded.


“The Topeka Capital-Journal reported that a K-12 block grant bill, which cut about $50 million in operating and maintenance aid from the budgets of most school districts in the state, went into effect for the current school year.”


The result has been that some Kansas school districts have been forced to close Kansas schools early in an effort to deal with the budget cuts.


“Concordia Unified School District will finish up six days early, on May 15, and Twin Valley Unified School District will let students out 12 days early, on May 8, the Associated Press reports.”


The state of Kansas is filled with two parent homes where both parents work just to make ends meet. This  move puts working parents in the difficult position of figuring out what to do with their school-aged children in the time between the school year ending early in May and when summer camps start in June.  In an effort to combat the bad press that has resulted from the early school closings, the Kansas government has decided to put a positive spin on the closings by making a big announcement.


Drum roll please…..


Forget Take Your Child To Work DAY.  In Kansas, we will have Take Your Child To Work WEEK.  Lets just forget that this is a result of working parents having no other choice. We’ll just focus on all the benefits that KS employers will get out of having kids running around KS offices for a week while mom and dad attempt to get their work done.


The benefits include:

  1. Customers who will think that KS businesses are really embracing younger generations when they call  and a 10-year-old answers the phone.
  2. Forget highlighters and red pens editing your reports, the new look in edits will be crayons.
  3. The ability to put a 12 year girl in charge of your business social media account. Instantly you will see your Twitter followers skyrocket with tweets like, “Just heard Bieber on the elevator music at work. #BieberFever”, “OMG my highlights look fab under these fluorescent lights. #TaylorSwiftsuckit.”
  4. Expose your youngster to the benefits of office coffee at 8 years old.  Show him how to take the last pour with leaving just enough so you don’t have to make another pot.  It’s a skill that will last a lifetime.
  5. Your six-year-old will become a pro at muttering, “damn traffic” everything morning when fighting rush hour traffic with mom or dad.


The lesson here is when the Kansas government gives our kids lemons, lets just make lemonade! Well, that will have to wait until June when working parents send Kansas  kids to summer camp as scheduled before the tax cuts changed the school year.  So look for lemonade in June.  In May, look for stressed out parents who don’t have coverage for their children.  If you dare offer parents lemonade in May, be sure you add something stronger to help them deal with this crisis.


2 thoughts on “KS announces take your child to work WEEK as schools close early due to budget cuts.

  1. Rick Cooley says:

    Reblogged this on Rcooley123's Blog and commented:
    Looks like the priorities of the KS state legislature and Governor need to be revamped. Need to stop coddling the 1% and take care of education and other issues near and dear to the rest of us.

  2. William stueve says:

    This was a hilarious spin on an unmitigated tragedy.

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