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It wasn’t long ago that here in Kansas we had a problem with welfare recipients taking cruises on the tax payer dime.  The welfare checks would come out and like clockwork, our most disadvantaged would grab their iPhone 6s, dial-up Carnival Cruise Lines pushing each button with their freshly manicured nails.  That’s when our lawmakers had NO CHOICE, but to step in and say, “oh no you don’t” and put out the some of the most restrictive welfare spending language in the country.  Read more here.


Our lawmakers were looked on as heroes as they made rules to save our taxpayer dollars from being spent on luxuries in places like:


  • Fortune Tellers
  • Tattoo Parlors
  • Liquor Stores
  • Swimming Pools

Oh don’t even get me started on the evils of swimming pools.  Anyhoo….the point of the brave lawmakers was to prove the point, that government assistance should ONLY be used for basic needs.  The Kansas lawmakers took it one step further and said that poor people should only be allowed to withdraw $25 at one time.  The point being that anything more than $25 could only lead to bad things.  A limit like this would mean people would have to take the time necessary to research their needs, understand what they wanted to spend their money on and then carefully decide when the right time was to withdraw their money.


Yes there would be additional bank fees incurred by this new limit, but it didn’t matter to the lawmakers.  The lesson learned by the limit outweighed any additional penalty.


The point was clear – take your time and research before you get yourself into trouble.  The was the valuable lesson the lawmakers needed to teach poor people.  Think about all the trouble not taking your time and understanding the full scope of what you’re doing can get yourself into.  Let say you withdraw $50 instead of $25 for the week.  Anything can happen with that additional $25.  You could be the victim of impulsive spending and then what?  You could be left broke for the rest of the week.  The Kansas lawmakers couldn’t allow that to happen.


Again, the point is to STOP and research, because your actions have consequences.


As a poor person you should always do three things:

1. Research

2. Understand all the consequences of your actions

3. Don’t do anything that would jeopardize the bigger picture


Now that we are clear on what poor people should do, we will just kindly excuse what the lawmakers didn’t do – these same three things.  By enacting the $25 withdraw maximum, the lawmakers may have overstepped (polite way of saying broke) the Federal TANF law.


“The Social Security Act requires states to ensure that recipients of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families “have adequate access to their cash assistance” and can withdraw money “with minimal fees or charges.”

At stake is about $102 million in TANF block grant funds that Kansas receives every year from the federal government.

Read more here from the Kansas City Star.
That’s right – the lawmakers imposed a law that makes it impossible for people on assistance to withdraw a reasonable amount of money to pay for things like car payments, rent and utilities without incurring a ridiculous amount of bank fees.  Maybe if the lawmakers would have 1. researched the federal law, 2. understood that they were imposing unnecessary bank fees on people and 3. that they were jeopardizing the bigger picture of the overall TANF funding of the Social Security Act they would have stopped and thought about this first.
Oh but I forgot – it’s about poor people being dumb and irresponsible.






7 thoughts on “KS Lawmakers teach the poor a valuable lesson or do they?

  1. Dave Kaup says:

    Right on the mark Aimee…just like always.

  2. Mike Miller says:

    This is the year for payback and flexing muscle against those on the outside. The words, “We’re going to teach them” can be applied to others who have been zapped this session. Nice touch of irony.

  3. ritawade says:

    And, kind lawmakers and honorable Governor, how about looking at this legislation and maybe applying it to our own lives: what would happen if we cut taxes on the 2% of the wealthiest people in Kansas and then, how about not taxing LLCs. And how about reducing the income taxes enough that the State goes broke. Yes, research, plan ahead, check out the consequences before leaping into this ‘experiment’. and we thought the poor are uneducated, (maybe) and that they are impulsive (not the only ones) and that they can’t anticipate consequences! Yes, esteemed lawmakers, let’s look at this legislation and maybe learn a lesson!!!

    1. Fred Zimmerman says:

      The ALEC Republicans remind me of the human centipede: They have cut off their arms by signing the Grover Norquist pledge, then consume/shit out the ALEC-fill-in-the-blank legislation. Wisconsin just shit out the same anti-poor laws. Sharpen the pitchforks.

  4. nedhamson says:

    Reblogged this on Ned Hamson's Second Line View of the News and commented:
    Kansas trying to be more up to date in looking foolish and meaner than Indiana!

  5. Each week the right-wing governors do something more ridiculous and mean-spirited. They over-play their hand. Surely, even the most conservative voters will grow to despise them and vote them out.

  6. Kade says:

    Before the recipients start living large on $25 a day from an ATM, they need to find ATMs that stock the $5 bill.

    End result? That $25 really is $20 in many, many places.

    Insult to injury.

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