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Update – The House was at it again last night.  This time they pulled an all nighter.  A “modified” tax bill was debated and finally voted on.  I think the only modifications made to the bill was language to clarify that a pack of cigarettes for the sin tax included 20 cigarettes.  Seriously – the biggest change was no more reduction in sales tax for food.  Run to the store and stock up on Ramen and Bugles now folks –  they are going to get more expensive.  

The House finally voted and the total count was 3 short of the 63 needed.  Weird how the night before this bill was TOTALLY unacceptable.  What a difference a day and a long, long night makes.  Anyhoo, the House locked it down again and turned 3 House member votes to yes.  The final vote was cast by Rep. Carpenter and in the end Kansas got Carpentered.

Today, the bill goes to the Senate…..

Happy Friday,

A very sleepy Aimee


This is an update on the drama from last night. Sorry it’s has to be short and sweet, but I have something called my life to get back to and this KS tax drama is taking up far too much of my time. My roots are growing out, my laundry hasn’t been done in weeks and oy… do I need a pedicure. The problem is I can’t pull myself away from the audio feed and the Twitter hashtag #ksleg to get anything done. The only thing that has been productive in my life has been the appearance of a huge wrinkle between my eyes from my “are you freaking kidding me” face that I make every time I read a new Tweet about this mess.


Here’s the latest from last night.


A few days ago the Senate passed a tax bill that would have raised the sales tax, but dropped the sales tax on food – translation potato chips are good, but shoe sales are bad. Sin taxes would have gone up meaning smok’em if you got ’em because cigs are going to cost you more. Oh then there was that part about taxing non-profits, but not businesses.


Did I actually read the bill? Hell no. Turns out, nobody really did either, because by the time this puppy made it to the House everyone was scrambling to read the 600 million page bill in about 2.5 seconds.


The House didn’t like the bill as it was presented so they attached a trailer to the bill (insert White Trash joke here). The House voted on the trailer FIRST which makes perfect sense…(shaking head no), because the trailer would only apply if the bill passed. Nobody knew if the bill was going to pass, but they did this anyway, because in Topeka these things are rational.


The trailer passed the House – confetti and balloons fell from the ceiling! Everyone danced and rejoiced – strike that, the GOP danced and rejoiced and everyone was excited for round 2.


Round 2 – the mega-tax bill a.k.a. THE MONSTER


“This is the last train out of here,” House Speaker Ray Merrick, R-Stilwell, had told House Republicans earlier, before debate on a tax plan designed to fix the state’s $400 million budget deficit. “There’s not another bill coming. This is it.”


Read more here:


I jumped aboard the crazy train for the ride! And what a ride it was…..


The ping-pong game of speeches were thrilling. Here are some of the standout quotes – “It’s a great bill.” “It’s the best bill we are going to have.” “Did anyone even read the bill?” “I laughed, I cried, it was better than CATS.” “This bill is going to destroy KS.” “Did anyone order pizza?” *Maybe I took just a little creative liberty with these quotes.


Then the vote and they ended up 19 votes short of passing the bill.


That’s when the Capitol turned into Breakout KC


They locked the doors Breakout style to see if they could force, I mean “convince” people to change their votes.  Now I’m no math wiz, but even  I realized that these tactics weren’t going to change the fact that they didn’t have enough votes.  But math is hard.  Hell bad math is why we are in this mess.  I had to applaud them for their optimism.  It’s like the little engine that could. but in this case the engine on the last train out never would.


Adele “Rumor Has It” says that there is a group that wants the whole thing to tank and apply S2’s 6.2% cuts across the board to force smaller government.  Then there is the group that won’t vote for a tax increase, because they know their political career will be o-v-e-r.  Then there is a group that wants a tax increase, but not THOSE tax increases.  I guess we have many more hot summer days and nights to figure this whole thing out.


That is when I logged out and went to bed.  They say sleep can help wrinkles.  At this rate and with this mess, it’s going to take me hundreds of hours of sleep to fix the great divide between my eyes.


Yours for short  blogs and lots of sleep,




7 thoughts on “Friday update with the latest info: #ksleg drama – Day number….oh who the hell knows anymore

  1. Heather says:

    I am fiercely behind the camp that wants taxes but not “those” taxes. I want the 2012 taxes on the LLC’s that caused this whole mess in the first place to go back and then we can actually fund our schools. For the record my husbands business is an LLC. I directly benefit from the 2012 Brownback tax plan and even in that, I know it was a horrible idea.

  2. Jeff Russell says:

    Well done.

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Rick Cooley says:

    Kansas taxes food? Never heard of such a thing. Next they’ll tax you by the breath, unless you’re a rich job creator…

    Seriously, could you explain that food tax to me?

  4. Richard Erickson says:

    Isn’t there something about no taxation without representation? Just who are the circus clowns in Topeka representing because it is not the residents of the KS I know. Maybe we could find an attorney in DC or CA (where a little more sanity prevails, LMAO) to represent us “normal” citizens of KS with a class action lawsuit against EVERY representative, AND Brownback, and also include a restraining order to prevent any further action and more damage to the state, until they pull their head out of their ass and get realistic and responsible. Maybe the ACLU could help figure out how to do an in mass recall election and return to the state coffers all compensation paid out for nothing getting done. Anywhere else you don’t get paid unless you perform the function you agreed to do. These people were sworn in by law to do a job they are not doing, in my opinion they are borderline at criminal embezzlement of state funds. Everyone is accountable for their actions, or non action, and it is past time for these bozos to pay the piper! In the old days you didn’t kill because you didn’t want to hang. Where is the incentive for not playing these BS games, pointing fingers, or just being there to fill your pocket. You go to prison for smoking a joint, why can’t you go to prison for wreaking a state?

  5. Richard Erickson says:

    It is funny how some things never change. I remember a bumper sticker when Brownback ran for the US Senate to represent the state of KS that said “If Brownback wins, We all lose.”
    That statement was so true then and is also so true now. What is even worse now is that same Brownback sickness has now become an epidemic in the state legislature. It used to be that BOTH parties would cross the isle and get something done for the betterment of the whole state working together. Also if another state or the whole country wanted to remember what common sense politics was, and should be like, they just looked to KS and how they did it in Topeka.
    As a direct descendant (both sides of my family) of the real pioneers of this great state, way back when it was the western frontier and who fought to keep it a free state, I have always felt proud to call KS my home. I JUST DON’T KNOW WHAT TO THINK OF IT NOW! There is no policy sanity in, or coming out of Topeka. It is like the people that are supposed to be representing the rest of us are not from KS and have no sense of good ole KS reality.
    My ancestors fought for what was right and I will too.

  6. I think you missed the best part of the entire show, Annie! The performance at the podium by a rather floridly weeping Rep. John Whitmer was truly Oscar-worthy. Just the proper amount of sobbing, dramatic pauses while his shoulders shook, and then a properly composed wretched face lifted to deliver the lines about how he knew what he was doing was wrong, but he just had to do it, because it was…right.

    It was all I could do not to leap to my feet an applaud such a stellar performance. How very rarely has the craft of cognitive dissonance been so perfectly executed in such a public and intimate way.

    I mean you could practically hear the quiet, wet sound of someone’s brain yanking away its own conscience.

    Overall…a four-star show by the GOP. It took them 90 days to set the stage, rehearse, practice their lines and set up the entire state. And they’re so modest. They’ll deny that any of the work was theres. Instead, I’m sure they’ll bashfully surrender some of the limelight to their Director, Sam Brownback, and allow the Democrats to shuffle on-stage and take a bow as well.

    And from what I understand, they’re trying to thank President Obama on the stage bill as well. I think they feel like none of this would have been possible without him.

  7. Barney Botox says:


    “My roots are growing out, my laundry hasn’t been done in weeks and oy… do I need a pedicure.”
    Translation = STINKY hair…..STINKY clothes……STINKY feet!!

    “The only thing that has been productive in my life has been the appearance of a huge wrinkle between my eyes.”
    Translation = Aimee has a case of spastic corrugator…..not to be confused with her college nickname, “the spastic colonator.”

    “At this rate and with this mess, it’s going to take me hundreds of hours of sleep to fix the great divide between my ears.”
    Translation = Due to “liberal” brain damage, Aimee will formally enter into a vegetative state (succotash) in hopes of salvaging some grey matter. Only problem? Nurse Ratched on the Obamacare Ward is apt to plug her plug!

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