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Dear Governor Brownback,


I was so busy on Friday celebrating the decision by the Supreme Court on gay marriage #LoveWins that I owe you an apology.   I should have taken a moment, put down the rainbow confetti and been more sensitive to the fact that you had a horrible week.  In fact,  if you google “worst week for an American politician” your name will come up as a top result. Ouch.


In case last week seemed like a fog, why don’t you and I review what happened?  Some say the best way to heal from a terrible time is to face your defeats head on.  Here they are in no particular losing order….


1. The Supreme Court decision on gay marriage.  Some would say KS has led the fight for traditional  marriage and you were the leader in this very dull parade, however, on Friday you lost. Your reaction was classic.


“Activist courts should not overrule the people of this state, who have clearly supported the Kansas Constitution’s definition of marriage as being between one man and one woman,” Brownback said.


Yes, KS voted for traditional marriage, but we can both agree that voter turnout in KS is about 10% on a perfect day and the average age of a KS voter is about 85.  It doesn’t exactly represent what most Kansans want.


2. Then there was the other ruling by the Supreme Court to uphold Obamacare….again.  This one had to sting like a mother since you have not exactly been quiet about the fact that you want Obamacare to fail.  Poor baby – looks like ACA isn’t going anywhere.  That must really hurt.


3.  Moving on to the stay on your latest abortion bill – we get it, you are pro-life and no matter what the pro-life bill says, you are signing it.  Turns out, the latest one went one step too far and the court said no go.  How quickly we forget that these pro-life bills cost our state money to defend and how our state is….what’s the word?  Begins with a “b” and ends with an “e”.  It just came to me! BROKE!


4.  Finally the kicker – the ruling A-G-A-I-N that our school funding is unconstitutionally too low.  Turns out the ping-pong match of fund the formula/change the formula that ended in your favor to change the formula has once again been found to be unfair.

Damn activist courts.


Whew…I’m exhausted just typing that many defeats.  I guess the only good thing is Kansas doesn’t fly the Confederate Flag so there’s that.


Well, I’ve got to run.  I have more celebrating to do.


Sincerely, but not really,




4 thoughts on “Poor Brownback – what a horrible week for our Governor

  1. Jill Quigley says:

    I’m still giggling and doing my happy dance over these progressive turns. Thank the Constitution for 3 separate branches of government and independent courts. May they always be so!

  2. Well written, I totally agree and appreciate your comments.

  3. Dan Rohrback says:

    Dear Aimee,
    There was another decision last week by the Federal Supreme Court that must have pained Brownback. The SCOTUS declined to overturn a district court ruling that invalidated Kansas law that required onerous “Proof of Citizenship” (i.e. a Birth Certificate) when registering to vote. The decision affected two states (Arizona and Kansas) that had imposed such requirements in a quixotic attempt to eliminate what was alleged to be massive “voter fraud”. Another issue yet to be determined in Kansas is on the constitutionality of a recent bill passed by the KS House of Representatives on funding for the KS Supreme Court. The bill, passed at the behest of Brownback, explicitly would eliminate funding for the KS Supreme Court if they continue to legally determine that the legislature has not met constitutional obligation to fund education in the state.

  4. William Stueve says:

    Not a good week for our senator, Pat Roberts, either. His views are in lockstep with governor Brownstain. I hope they can get together and have a pity party.

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