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This comment was posted by a reader a few days ago.  With all the news breaking the last few days, I haven’t been able to address it…..






Dear Ms. Patton,


Today is Friday June 26, and I’m hoping to reach you before your next posting.


You see, I have this sense of clairvoyance, and it’s telling me that you’re about to post your thoughts on why we should ban the Confederate flag, etc., just as so many other left extremist liberals have been doing over this past week. Now, far be it from me to prevent you from expressing your opinion, but if I’m correct, it would be only fair to forewarn you that I will roast you with a factual rebuttal.
Have a pleasantly eccentric weekend and please know your American history before commenting on the faux controversy concerning the Confederate flag.
Thank you


Dear Mr. Mental Illness,


First, thank you for reading my blog and taking the time to respond.  I love when people take the time to comment on my blog whether they agree or disagree with me.  Second, I wasn’t sure how to address you based on  your name.  I wasn’t sure if it was Mr. Illness or Mr. MentalIllness or if we were casual enough that I could just address you as an Issue.  Either way I appreciate your formality so I will respect you and address you the same way.   I’m also not sure of your gender, but for the sake of this post, I’m going to assume you are male.

I’m also going to take the liberty of picturing you this way (see picture to the right) when you wrote this comment since you have such a “big” commitment to getting ready to “roast me with a factual rebuttal” on the Confederate Flag.  You are welcome.


Now I, like most Americans, have an opinion on how state governments use the Confederate Flag.  It does not extend itself to private business or personal property.  To me that falls under the protection of the 1st Amendment.  It doesn’t mean that I support waving the flag or what it stands for.  Now I’ll warn you as well, I was an American history major in college and the only good that degree has done me is kick some serious ass in Jeopardy.  I am fully aware of how the Confederate Battle Flag came to be.  I’m also fully aware of how it was used during the Civil Rights era.  Before I launch into a snooze-fest history blog post, I thought I would do something you would find extra helpful.


Lean in real close Mental Illness….instead of writing roasting threats to bloggers that you don’t agree with, you can start your own blog and write what ever flies your own flag.  It’s a huge secret that thousands upon thousands of bloggers know about.  Blogging is free.  It takes time…lots and lots of time.  It takes a strong commitment, but you can start your own blog and roast people you don’t agree with all day long.  You don’t have to wait for “leftist extremist liberals” like me to take our own sweet time posting our crazy ideas.  Here are some easy steps to get started:



Be sure to include me on your link so I can see your new creation.  I promise to post comments that will provide you with good material if you promise to keep reading and commenting on mine.  We will consider it a constructive sharing of ideas from one leftist extremist liberal to a radical conservative fundamentalist.  Sound good?
Best of luck on your new venture!


Happy fourth of July!

11 thoughts on “MUST READ! My response to a warning from one of my blog commenters about the Confederate Flag

  1. Heather says:

    Love you Aimee! I have been pretty much keeping my mouth shut on the flag thing because I think it is a distraction from the real issue which is hate but because I think you will relate, I am going to share my thoughts. I was raised by a grandmother whose maiden name was Lee. She grew up in Kentucky and although she raised me in Southeast Kansas, there were definitely a lot of “southern” in my midwestern upbringing. My grandmother was raised in Crab Orchard, KY on a tobacco farm as a proud Daughter of the American Revolution. She was a direct descendant of the two Lee brothers who signed the Declaration of Independence and would gladly pull out her genealogy map and tell you all about it. She was 100% proud southern women. She passed away last fall at 90 years of age and in the 42 years that my life overlapped hers, I never saw her in possession of a confederate flag. Never heard her mention the south rising again or heard her sing a Lynard Skynard song. She did tell me dozens of stories about her father making extraordinary efforts during the depression to keep all his tenant farmers in their rental houses during the depression and her observations about hard working “colored” men who worked all day on their farms and then would come do extra work at her father’s farm to help pay off their debt late into the night. She taught me to judge a person based on their personal efforts and character and never make judgments based on race, class or family. She was a proud southerner who also was completely and totally accepting of everyone.

  2. Jean Runge says:

    I think Mr. Mental Illness forgot to mention “conspiracy of liberals.” Maybe that’s a new counting term like gaggle of geese or a covey of quail but I keep hearing the term as if people on the “other side” seek to deprive conservatives of their rights and they are RIGHT you know.. It wasn’t THE confederate flag, it was a battle flag from one group in Virginia to be precise. Hoping to join you in a game of history trivia pursuit or jeopardy.

  3. William Stueve says:

    Feel the burn!

  4. Dr. Ernest Evans says:

    Dear Ms. Aimee: Thanks for the post!! I agree that the Confederate flag should not be flown on state property, but that if people want to fly it at their homes that is their right under the Constitution. Personally, I am a little annoyed by all of the attention the flag issue is getting–it distracts from some really much more important concerns. The controversy over the “Dukes of Hazard” has, for example, gotten much more attention in the media than the ongoing bloodbaths in the black neighborhoods of Saint Louis, Baltimore and Chicago. If “Black Lives Matter” so much to the nation’s journalists, why are they ignoring these crime disasters in black neighborhoods while giving massive coverage to a TV show? Take care!! Sincerely, Respectfully and In Christ, Ernest Evans (Big Fan of Your Blog!!)

  5. Roman Candle says:

    Dear Ms. Patton,

    I’d like to thank you, yet again, for helping me win a wager!! You see, you’re SO predictable, that I bet a colleague I could post a comment to which you’d surely reply with your unique brand of inane liberal-minded snarkiness. We sometimes read your blog while on break and offer diagnostic opinions concerning your mental state.

    When you write–“With all the news breaking the last few days, I haven’t been able to address it…..”–I suppose you must be referring to your personal time constraints wherein you have the time to talk about your latest hair coloring but not national news! Ah, the life of a pampered blogger! Did you hear about the new Whole Foods location? You simply must visit and try their organic chicken! And don’t even get me started on Starbucks summer flavors!!

    As to your query of how you may address me…….I’ve given this some thought, and because you’re not currently under my psychiatric care, let’s keep it professional, and you may refer to me as Dr. Compassion, Emeritus Professor of WildLife Management. And I shall refer to you either as Pampered Blogger of Jewell (PBJ), Barack’s Liberal Transcriptionist (BLT), or Chick-fil-A Load………is it lunch time yet?

    And as to the question of my gender, and your biased attribution of maleness to my writing, shame on you Aimee Patton!!! Hopefully, in this day and age, just like choosing a public restroom, a writer should be free to select a gender identity based on their present mood. Please see Obama Administration’s mandate to require all public facilities transition to unisex bathrooms.

    Ms. Patton (PBJ), while you’re certainly free to fantasize about my “cannonballs”, “saber”, and “breech loader”, please be aware that I am not accepting any additional slaves-in-training at this time. Check back soon though!

    “Now I, like most Americans, have an opinion on how state governments use the Confederate Flag.” And…..what would that opinion be? At least you recognize the overzealous politically-correct actions of retailers such as Amazon and WalMart refusing to sell the Confederate flag while continuing to sell guns and ammunition. Only because you’ve warned me of your degree in American History (was that a B.S?) I’ll cease my planned rebuttal of your remarks. If you still insist on being “rebutted”, you may call Dr. Compassion’s Late Night Crisis Hotline.

    When you write–“Lean in real close..”–it makes me feel like I’m reading a Sheryl Sandberg book!! So exciting!! Everyone needs to take advice from a liberal Facebook billionaire who knows about the struggles of the working class. Amen.

    And when you add–“instead of writing roasting threats to bloggers that you don’t agree with, you can start your own blog”–GEE!! You mean, I could start a blog…like yours…where you constantly write roasting threats and sarcastic remarks to people that you don’t agree with? Is that what you mean? I could be like YOU? Wow! Who could resist an invitation like that! Aimee (BLT), your so………(what’s the word?)….SNARKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ah, yeah, that’s it.

    Well, I’ve exceeded my lunch break, so let me leave you with this tentative blog title “Dr. Compassion’s Confederation of Conservative Clinicians”……too cliche?

    It’s a full-moon tonight, so we’ll be swamped at the clinic with the usual loons lamenting lethargic liberalism’s love lost libido.

    And a Happy Fourth of July to Ms. Patton! (little Miss Firecracker….Miss Sparkler…..but never a dud)

    Diagnostically Yours,
    Roman Candle (flaming balls and sparks………formerly known as IssueIsMentalIllness)

    1. Aimee Patton says:

      Mr. Candle,

      I’m good at helping you win wagers! I’m not falling for the fact that you and Mr. MentalIllness are the same guy. Nice try! Every time my blog goes up on Tony’s you respond. You have to get up pretty early in the morning to get one past me. I do like the fact that you wanted to take credit for that huge package.

      That you for my new nickname – little Miss Firecracker! I goes with my new hair color. I will be sure to always give you credit for that.

      Happy fourth. Let’s celebrate our great country by raising a glass of Old Milwaukee together.

      Your friend,

    2. Me@lilred says:

      Didn’t even bother reading Aimee’s post, who’s got the time to read another snarky blog from a left wing loon. Loved your response though. If you do start a blog illness the first to sign up!

      1. Aimee Patton says:

        Just an FYI-you were so busy not reading my post but somehow you managed to post the same comment twice. I deleted the 2nd one. I didn’t want you to look like an ass. You’re welcome.

        Have a great night!

  6. Jack Mayer says:

    Great as always!!! What would you do if there were not so many jerks in this world??!!

    best…Jack and Fran


    1. Aimee Patton says:

      Thanks friends! I appreciate your support!! Love you guys!

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