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Dear Mr. Skiles, Dent County Commissioner,


Dent County is making a lot of news right now after you and the other commissioners in Dent County voted to lower the flags to half-staff.  I thought to myself, “did someone important die in Dent County?”




The lowering of the flag was out of “mourning” because of the Supreme Court decision to make gay marriage legal.  You and the commissioners were so struck by grief over the ruling that you had to make a protest statement and lowering the flag felt like the right choice.


“Skiles said the decision by the Supreme Court hurt him “deep down inside, like the death of a near and dear loved one,” leading to writing the letter and proposing the flag lowering.”  You forgot to add, just not a gay loved one, because that just ain’t right.


You could have protested by saying, “I just don’t agree with the decision,” (insert stern finger wagging) like other people who don’t agree and then moved on after realizing that this decision in no way impacts your life in Dent County.


But NOOOOOOO… and the other commissioners had to take that extra dramatic step and propose lowering the flag to show that you were in mourning.  (And people say gay men are dramatic. You showed them.)


And then add insult to injury, your decision to lower the flag was met with opposition so you decided to rethink your decision.  I understand this.  I got blonde highlights this summer and it wasn’t a smart decision.  They don’t look good.  In fact, I’m rethinking this decision right now so who am I to judge when someone changes their mind.  EXCEPT you aren’t changing your mind about lowering the flag, because the symbolism is an insult to LGBT Americans – strike that…all Americans, to our judicial process and to our Founding Fathers.  You are changing your mind, because it “disrespect veterans.”


So that leaves us to address your state of mourning.  I suggest if you are that torn up over gay marriage, you might think about taking a lot of time off to recover.  How can you possibly fulfill your duties as commissioner of Dent County in this kind of mental state of distress?  Gay marriage is happening in the United States.  #LoveWins isn’t just a hashtag, its reality in America.    I think you should probably submit your resignation letter and take some time to go through the stages of mourning.  It’s the best thing for you.  Who knows how close a married, gay couple could get to you and what kind of upset mindset that would put you in.  You may just need to cuddle up with some Kleenex and cry it out.  As you said the ruling was the “saddest day in American history”.  I’m sure the families of the victims of 9/11 don’t take any offense to that whatsoever.


Enjoy your time off and remember you have every right to disagree with something.  When you disagree, you can simply say, “I disagree with that.”  Trust me…I do it every day.


Yours for disagreeing in an agreeable manner that doesn’t insult most of America,





5 thoughts on “A Message to the Dent County Commissioner on Lowering and Then Raising the Flag

  1. Tom Mulligan says:

    Amy, you know I don’t post a lot of stuff, but I could not let this one go by. Flags at half staff is not his prerogative. It is a symbol of national mourning. I am profoundly insulted as an American for this man’s usurpation of and disregard for the suffering of my countrymen who have served and died or have been the target of our enemies . His resignation should be demanded. Anything short is not patriotic.

  2. cindy knoke says:

    Good for you. What idiots~

  3. Skittles=RainbowOfFlavor says:

    Dear Ms. Patton, Johnson County Kansas Blogger,

    You’re trying, but not making much news right now, after penning a diatribe against the fine people on the Dent County Missouri Commission. I thought, “did Ms. Patton grow up in Dent County?….did she get a speeding ticket there while passing through?….did she know Dent County even existed prior to last week?”


    The penning of her childish diatribe was out retribution for the Commissioners of Dent County daring to express an opinion on a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision. How ironic, seeing that Ms. Patton herself was very quick to publicly express her opinion on the very same court decision. More than anything else perhaps, this provides keen insight into the warped self-centered mind of a liberal Democrat. “What’s acceptable for me, is not acceptable for others!! I’m special!! I’m deserving of privilege!!”

    Yes, the special-privileged Johnson County blogger, could have a read a news item about the Dent County Commission and realized that it in no way impacted her life, but that would be too conservative of a reaction. The handbook of liberal Democrat activism clearly states in paragraph 666, line 69, that….”good and decent people expressing an opinion based upon traditional Judeo-Christian principles, must be slapped down and actively confronted with opposition.”

    And then to add insult to injury, at one point in her argument, Ms. Patton herself even loses track of the lunacy she’s espousing, when stating—-“And people say gay men are dramatic.” So, while purporting to stand in support of gay marriage, Ms. Patton isn’t above perpetuating a homosexual stereotype, as long as she can get a dig in on her target.

    So that leaves us to address Ms. Patton’s hypocrisy. I suggest that she suffers from severe emotional distress and uses her blog as a passive-aggressive method of venting her anger. She might want to think about taking a lot of time off to recover….I hear that Menninger’s is lovely in the Fall. I mean, how can you possibly fulfill your duties as Johnson County Liberal Blogger in this kind of mental state of distress?

    Enjoy your time off and remember you have every right to disagree with something. When you disagree, you can simply say, “I disagree with that.”

    Yours in good mental health,

    The Spirit of Dent County

  4. says:

    Love you, Aimee !!

    Sent from my LG Mobile

    Aimee Patt

  5. ERnest Evans says:

    Dear Ms. Aimee: With the murders in Charleston on June 17 and then the murders in Chattanoga on July 16 if there is one thing we do not need right now it is people promoting hatred. So, the behavior of the Commissioners in Dent County saddens me. In the words of a man (Rodney King) who made a lot of mistakes in life but who demonstrated a real streak of nobility when he pleaded with people to stop the LA riots of 1992: “Why can’t we all just get along?” Sincerely, Respectfully and in Christ, Ernest Evans “

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