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Governor Brownback and I have something in common.  Just like the Go-Go’s song, vacation all I ever wanted, vacation had to get away…Brownback and I are both about to take a summer vaca!  Stop the gossip train – to clarify we are both about to take summer vacations  separately.  Geez people…that’s a super gross thought.  Anyhoo – it’s that time to pack the SPF  50 and get out of town for some much needed R&R.  I mean imploding our state’s economy is hard work people.  It certainly deserves a few days relaxing on a beach with an umbrella drink.


It just so happens this vaca coincides with an important announcement.  No the announcement isn’t that I’m getting my own E! reality show, although that would be super cool (hey Ryan Seacrest call me.) It’s that Kansas is faced with yet another round of epic budget cuts due to Brownback’s crappy tax plan or BCTP as I like to call it.


How much are we cutting this time you ask?


How about another $50,000,000.


That’s a whole lotta zeros.


Now Brownback could make this announcement from his vaca via skype or CNN hologram technology, but noooo he decided the best plan was to let his budget director Shawn Sullivan deliver that craptastic news.


“Yeah S2, I’m going to need you to clear your schedule on Friday.  I have this great opportunity for you to grow in your career.  Well, this is that time to step up.  Fridays are a great day to deliver news like this.  I’m sure that when President Trump is in office, he’s going to deliver the news that I’m the new Secretary of Finance and Sarah Palin is the new Secretary of State on a Friday.  Trust me – this news is going to go over swimmingly.  Did I say swimmingly?  Speaking of swimming – did I mention I’m leaving you with this while I go on vacation?”


The rumor is that K-12 education won’t be impacted by this new round of cuts.  That’s great news since after the last year, I’m worried that my child will go to school this year and show up in a classroom absent of the necessities.  By that I’m not talking about art and music class – I’m talking about a desk and a teacher.


Well S2 – may the force be with you.  I encourage those watching to leave the eggs, pies and any other objects that can thrown at my favorite budget director at home.  Remember, he is only the messenger.  The person really responsible for this mess will be enjoying himself somewhere nice and relaxing.



2 thoughts on “Perfect time for a vaca when KS announces $50 million in budget cuts

  1. Sam Iam says:

    Senora Patton,

    When you wrote—“Perfect time for a vaca when KS announces $50 million in budget cuts”—-I almost had a cow trying to figure out what you’re talking about!!

    Are you not a big meat eater? Did you mean that with all the budget cuts going on, that now you’ll have to be eating more hamburger rather than lobster and caviar? Such is life, we all must make sacrifices at times.

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