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Dear Republican Voters,

I hope you don’t mind that I’m reaching out, but something crazy is going on in your party. It’s not really something, it’s more like someONE. That someone I’m talking about – Trump.

We are little over a year out until the next election and Donald Trump is picking up steam.  How is this even possible?

He’s running his campaign like a Comedy Central Roast. The more outrageous, the better his numbers.  He’s insulted just about everyone – minorities, the other candidates, journalists, etc.

Yes Aimee, but the appeal is he’s not a career politician. He’s not politically correct and we love it.

Here’s where a wake up call needs to happen. I’ve watched and wrote about A LOT of elections. Every election has what I like to call a “Christian One-Upper”. A Christian One-Upper is the time in the election when politicians like to out Christian each other.

Not only does your favorite book have to be the Bible, you need to be able to quote scripture, choke up when talking about it and show how every political platform you have is embedded with the Judeo-Christian values this country was founded on. You need to do this in such a way that you can out-Christian your competitor. This is the formula to win any Republican nomination and ultimately any election.

Here is where Republican voters have lost their mind – Trump will never win a Christian One-Upper. He’s been married three times. He met his second wife while married to his first wife. The other day he called Anthony Weiner a sleaze ball. This is a true pot and kettle scenario. The only difference between Trump and Weiner is that when Trump met his 2nd wife, phones didn’t have the technology to take pictures.

When asked about his favorite Bible verse he said it was “too personal.”

Oh really. It’s too personal?

We’re asking about the Bible not if you takes Viagra to get an erection.

What happens when all of the voters who equated the Republican party with the party of Christianity suddenly have a front-runner that is less than Christ-like? How do they reconcile that the party of family values has a family with two ex-wives who can’t quote his favorite Bible verse?

I have no doubt that as the campaign goes on, Donald Trump will be able to quote his favorite Bible verse. It may just be his 11th commandment, “The Donald shall make as much money as possible.”

Yours for an entertaining election,

*If you are a Republican and are planning to vote for Trump, let me know if you think his lack of religion will hurt him in the election.


One thought on “Trump is running his election like a Comedy Central Roast

  1. Robert Browning says:

    Hello Dear Readers,

    In this installment of “Let’s Rebut Aimee Patton’s Partisan Political Nonsense”, we won’t belabor her “roasting” of Donald Trump, as a thinking person will have recognized the serious flaws in his candidacy. Instead, we wish to highlight, once again, Ms. Patton’s obsessive fixation upon the negative attributes of Republicans, while remaining mute on the equally pernicious characteristics of Democrats. She’s a broken record, stuck in an endless loop of partisan attack politics. Poor dear, she’s stuck in a rut, worn deep, with canyon walls over her head shielding the light of day!

    Who is Donald Trump, and why is he running for President? Trump is a 69-year old New York billionaire, thrice married (it’s true) with five children. Donald was born the fourth of five children, to a Scottish immigrant mother and a father whose parents had emigrated from Germany (family name Drumpf). Donald attended a private prep school, then New York Military Academy for high school, Fordham University (NYC) and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (B.S. Economics). Following his education, Trump joined his father’s successful real estate business. One of his siblings is a U.S. federal judge. In recent years, The Donald has focused more on entertainment business than real estate. Self-promotion and branding is the name of the game.

    Personal history can be important as it provides a glimpse of an individual’s core. As the child/grandchild of immigrants to this country, why would Donald Trump be accused of prejudicial views toward new immigrants to this country? Perhaps Ms. Patton needs to review the distinction between legal and illegal immigration when placing his remarks in context, aside from the political spin attacks launched by Democrats.

    As for Ms. Patton’s infatuation with Trump’s three marriages, I would simply ask her to give equal blog space toward the critique of one Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, or other numerous Democrats. While Hillary Clinton is assumedly still legally married to former President Bill Clinton (serial drug abuser, rapist, and one of only two Presidents to face impeachment), she lives with her chief political aide Huma Abedin, whom she’s had a personal relationship with since serving as First Lady when Abedin was a White House intern. And you thought Bill was the only Clinton to boff young interns!
    Vice President Joe Biden (twice married), law school plagiarist and graduating 76th in a class of 85, his two surviving children have distinguished themselves as attorney/lobbyist/AshleyMadison adulterer and illicit drug use, respectively. So, you see Ms. Patton, there’s plenty of dirty laundry to be explored on both sides of the aisle, though you blindly ignore the left side.

    Now, as for your use of the phrase “Christian One-Upper”, you’re revealing a personal antipathy toward Judeo-Christian values. I care not what your religious views/practices may be, if any, but please don’t disrespect your readers who hold a personal faith based upon these principles. And excuse me, but how many times have you heard President Obama conclude a speech with “God Bless you…..and may God Bless the United States of America!”? If you want some classic comedy routines, go to YouTube and reference Obama or Hillary speaking to predominately Black church-going Southerners! Note the adopted, exaggerated Southern drawl, the fabrication of young Obama (growing up in Hawaii) being engrossed with the Civil Rights movement, or Hillary (Illinois upbringing) claiming sisterhood with the Freedom Riders! Come election time, if you’re a national candidate it’s amazing how many morph into the “pandering politician.”

    Here’s something you can count on, if Donald Trump remains popular among the sheeple come late Spring 2016, either of the two-party controlled political machines will unleash a manufactured “scandal” to take him down. It could be sex, drugs, money, illicit business practices, choose your poison. The U.S. Presidential elections could be more accurately named “Who Wants To Be America’s Next Top SpokesPuppet.” It’s largely a charade dear readers, and Ms. Patton is either playing along for entertainment or perhaps truly a naive unsuspecting political pawn in this contrived world of Right versus Left.

    Pied Piper

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